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Ein Colt für hundert Särge (Originaltitel: Una pistola per cento bare) ist ein Italowestern aus der Blütezeit des Genres, 1968. Billy usually appears on a TV screen when talking to victims, but sometimes appears in person. April 2020 um 17:29 Uhr bearbeitet. Tribeca Film Festival to Debut Online Programming as Films Are Judged Remotely. Februar 2007 aufgehoben. He reprised the latter role for the film sequel Sex and the City 2 (2010). Both were chained at the neck to a winch and Art's mouth was sewn shut, as were Trevor's eyes, rendering communication impossible. Jeff learns of her kidnapping upon killing Jigsaw, revealing that to get Corbett back he would have to play another game. When Hoffman demands to know who else is aware of his secret, she says "everyone" before dying. Mallick, an arsonist and heroin addict, is one of five victims in the main game in Saw V. Suspicious of the other victims, Mallick managed to survive the first trap, and is saved by Luba in the second test at the expense of Charles' life, but she turns on him in the third trap. Corbett has a brief appearance in Saw V where she is seen with the stuffed animal being carried out of the warehouse and given to a police officer by Hoffman. He was Amanda Young's drug dealer and cellmate. He appears in Saw: The Video Game and watches over Detective Tapp's game. Following the miscarriage of his son caused by Cecil Adams and Amanda Young, John became distraught and later learned he had an aggressive inoperable brain tumor. Jonas appears in Saw II as a victim of the Nerve Gas House. At the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, Cale is blindfolded, with a noose attached to a winch, standing at one end of a hallway with no floor, only the support beams and a few loose planks. Bobby throws the key to Cale, who misses catching it and dies when the winch lifts him off his feet. Rigg suspected Rex of abusing his wife and their daughter Jane but is unable to arrest him as Morgan and Jane refused to testify against him. Since Timothy did not get the punishment he deserved, Jeff becomes vengeful, which is why he is tested in Saw III. Pamela, Tara, and Brent watch in horror as he is dissolved from the inside out. He is told that he must put his hands into two presses and push buttons to crush them in order to avoid being killed by a swinging pendulum blade. Pighead is a masked person who works for Jigsaw. The timer starts and Bobby repeatedly stops to quiet Nina's screams before he finally retrieves the key, but he is too late and the trap kills her. During the events of Saw II: Flesh & Blood, it is revealed that two days after Jeff escaped from the asylum, he committed suicide. The films focus primarily on the character of John Kramer (Tobin Bell), the "Jigsaw Killer", who seeks out those he considers to be wasting their lives and subjects them to torturous and lethal traps, referred to as "tests" and "games", in an attempt to make them appreciate being alive. In Saw II she worked with Detective Eric Matthews and Officer Daniel Rigg in order to try to save Eric's son. William Easton is an insurance executive at Umbrella Health who is tested in Saw VI. Informed by Detective Allison Kerry that two officers might be in danger, she and Strahm investigate the disappearances of Daniel Rigg and Mark Hoffman. Jeff Corbett is senior vice president, Energy Delivery Carolinas. Tapp blamed himself for Sing's death, which ultimately caused him to obsess over capturing Jigsaw. Jigsaw arrived shortly after and activated the device when the officers exposed themselves, forcing them to choose between arresting him or saving Jeff. Strahm conducts his own investigation, now suspicious of Hoffman. [47] In 2008, Corbett was featured in Trisha Yearwood's music video for her single "This Is Me You're Talking To". In 2019, Corbett starred in John R. Leonetti's film adaptation of Tim Lebbon's horror novel The Silence, with Miranda Otto and Stanley Tucci. Cecil[10] was a drug addict who played a large role in John Kramer's transformation into The Jigsaw Killer. Timothy Young is the drunk driver who killed Jeff Denlon's son, Dylan. Luba, a city planner, was a victim in the main game of Saw V, alongside four other people. As he is about to plug in the cords, the hooks tear through his flesh and he drops to the floor, and he watches helplessly as a large metal capsule slams shut around Joyce and she is incinerated within it. Tracy Rigg, the wife of Daniel Rigg, is often home alone because he spends so much time at his job. When she does, showing Mark Hoffman as the real Jigsaw accomplice, he goes berserk and uses Sachi as a human shield, with Agent Perez accidentally shooting her in the back. He appeared again in a flashback in Saw IV exiting Jill's health clinic with Paul Leahy. Gli imbroglioni | [26] Corbett was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in June 2011. Jeff learns of her kidnapping upon killing Jigsaw, revealing that to get Corbett back he would have to play another game. The five victims believe that one person will have to die in each room in order for the others to move ahead; Brit fatally stabs Luba through the neck with an electrical screwdriver in the third room. In order to move on, he has to drop one chain and let that person die. After failing to complete their respective tasks by the deadline they were confronted by Zep Hindle, an orderly from Dr. Gordon hospital. Through her own admission, it is revealed that she had feelings for Tapp. [40] Corbett starred in God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (2018), as lawyer Pearce Hill. Es stellt sich heraus, dass Scott Toms leiblicher Vater ist und auch der wahre Absender des Briefes. Sachi later calls the agents and Hoffman to see her restore the tape.


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