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Verve: 8295372. Basie & Zoot (1975) Zoot Sims and the Gershwin Brothers (1975) Soprano Sax (1976) Joe Henderson was probably THE Hard bop/ Blue note Saxophonist of the 60s, no one really came close to him during that period not even Coltrane. He was a fearless improviser with an imposing but mobile sound. April 4, 2014 Jazz joe farrell, joe farrell flute, joe farrell jazz saxophonist, joe farrell saxophonist, joe farrell soprano sax admin Born Joseph Carl Firrantello in Chicago, Mr. Farrell attended the University of Illinois, where he majored in flute. The leader and one funky saxaphone player from THE SHUFFLE DEMONS! WATCH: One baby named Braylon has gone viral after video shows him being mesmerized by his Grandpa, Buy download online. From Woodville, Mississippi, Young – a hipster who spoke in his own “jazz speak” argot – rose to prominence during the swing era of the 30s, playing with Count Basie and Fletcher Henderson. I AGREE!! Hailing from Pennsylvania, Brecker was a tenor saxophonist who was raised on a diet of jazz and rock so that, consequently, he never acknowledged musical boundaries. it would be worse if everyone had the same opinion I believe. | Year Released: 2002 His smooth, soulful alto saxophone sound, with its wide, emotive vibrato – which Ellington once claimed “was so beautiful that it brought tears to the eyes” – was featured on a raft of the Duke’s recordings, including ‘A Prelude To A Kiss’. “Top” rankings are just STUPID! He often spoke about how he wasn’t in the same league as the others but you have to admit he did a great “Chattanooga Choo-choo.”. Seriously? The sound he projects is substantial but also athletic and imbued with a heart-tugging soulfulness. All rights reserved. Hank (rock and roll r&b genres) above Cannonball Adderly???? But who can argue about Parker and Coltrane, or Coltrane and Parker? Coltrane’s music was always evolving and progressed from hard bop through to modal, spiritual jazz, and the avant-garde. George Coleman? After Coltrane had completed “A Love Supreme,” he used the brief time left him to test the limits of total freedom, which is total chaos, uproarious cacophony, a void of self-indulgent bloat. Phil Woods missing? Parker’s influence was pervasive and his explorations helped to change the course of jazz, transforming it from dance music to art. Mulligan is overrated I would have him further down the list. He was a virtuoso of the flute and bass clarinet but was also a fabulous alto sax player with a unique approach, and first came to the attention of the wider public when he began playing with Coltrane in the early 60s. Ross Wooldrige, Mike Murley, Kirk Mcdonald? She is a virtuoso electric guitarist that actually plays full symphonies on the guitar. His fat, earthy tone and fluid, blues-infused style had a huge impact on a young John Coltrane, who cut his teeth in Bostic’s band in the early 50s. Yeah, forget the contributions of Adrian Rollini, Jimmy Dorsey, and Frank Trumbauer. He and Monk had something special. In the late 60s and early 70s, Adderley’s music became more exploratory. My AUTUMN IN MUSKOKA should really be called AUTUMN IN HEAVEN!! Lovano is a supremely versatile musician who has played in a welter of different musical contexts and whose influences range from bop to African music. David Murray? There’s a whole lot of other mess on the list. He played on a raft of pop and rock sessions in the 70s (for everyone from Steely Dan to Art Garfunkel), as well as co-leading the funky Brecker Brothers Band with his younger sibling, Randy. Here is playing “Spiderman” with guitarist KEITH MURCH:, Your email address will not be published. I’d love to interview his family. You DO NOT know what a true Jazz Master. Not only is he not mentioned on the list, he is not mentioned in any of the replies. Pablo Records: E1808292. He made his recording debut in 1928 as a sideman, but, by the 30s, was leading his own swing band for which he was writing sophisticated charts that resulted in him doing arranging for the likes of Duke Ellington and Count Basie. A leading light of the post-war West Coast US jazz scene, Pepper’s rise to stardom began with stints in the bands of Stan Kenton. You should check out TINA S on youtube. Would note that Jimmy Forrest is a candidate for the list, even though recordings are few. The greatest 8, were, and I should know, for look at my email which is not a joke, it is because I play like Jaws, Jaws, Ben, Griffin, Dexter, Zoot, Jacquet, Rabbit, Cannonball, Joe Lovano Art has something to do with both tradition and talent. Wayne Shorter, Pepper and Cannonball should be higher up. Less belligerent in his attack than Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, though not as smooth or silky as Stan Getz, Mobley’s sonorous, well-rounded tone earned him the title The Middleweight Champion Of The Tenor Saxophone. Find thousands jazz reviews at All About Jazz! Jimmy Giuffre? Though diminutive in terms of his physical stature, the Chicago-born Griffin’s prowess on the tenor saxophone earned him the nickname Little Giant. He was particularly fond of Eastern music and, as well as playing tenor saxophone, which he played in a hard bop style, he was a fluent flautist and oboist. And his own album “Jewel in the Lotus” is an underrated masterpiece. Som many others that were omitted do. Even among the best jazz saxophonists, few could play as soulfully as Stanley Turrentine. Sonny Stitt, John Klemmer, Rusty Bryant, Ronnie Cuber!!! Every note in his solo is perfectly placed!! Not a very good list; Phil Woods, Serge Chaloff, Don Byas, Lucky Thompson, Wardell Gray, Booker Ervin, Cecil Payne, Steve Lacy, Bill Perkins, Chu Berry, better than at least 13 of your choices. A fearless improviser. Sonny Stitt and Tubby Hayes were absolute prodigies; nobody, but nobody, played the instrument better. Read my comment up above Bill! Born Walter Theodore Rollins in New York, his career took off in the 50s and his big, robust sound, combined with his gift for melodic improvisation, gained him the nickname Saxophone Colossus. Steve Lacy? I shall definitely listen to CANDY DULFER playing her version and compare. Cohn gained notoriety playing alongside Sims and Stan Getz in Woody Herman’s Second Herd during the late 40s, and, despite being born and raised in Brooklyn, he came to be associated with the West Coast cool sound. In addition to the pictured Blue Note album, be sure to check him out on “MIles Davis at the Blackhawk, Friday and Saturday nights” on the Columbia label. Parker’s ornate style and prodigious technique, which combined melodic fluency with chromatic and harmonic ingenuity, proved profoundly influential. As for the list: one person’s opinion; nothing else. These lists are worthless and worthy of simply being ignored. Your Choice From the MoonJune Records Catalog, Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations Deluxe Edition. I wish they would stop these lists. All 3 were very unique, avant-guarde musicians and saxophonists who changed and expanded the role of jazz sax. His sound was big, breathy and beefy. I saw him play in Kitchener, Ontario in the 1970s. From Culver City, California, Davis – given the name Lockjaw because his saxophone seemed almost glued to his mouth during his ultra-long solos – could play in a range of styles, though his calling card was a driving, blues-drenched hard bop. Dubbed the Lone Wolf, Boston-born Stitt started out as an alto saxophonist and began his recording career at the dawn of bebop during the close of the 40s. This North Carolinian, Charlie Parker-influenced tenorist started to make his mark in the 50s, where his bluesy, soulful and increasingly funkified hard bop style resulted in a slew of notable LPs for the Blue Note label. The Legendary Riverside Albums. Not a big fan of Pepper Adams; and Brubeck shouldn’t Have got top billing to Desmond. Hank Mobley (#9), Johnny Griffin (#10), Joe Henderson (#11), and Jackie McLean (#13) are all fine musicians, but significantly overrated here. But the painful ugliness of the sound he made on 4 different occasions was enough to detract from the beauties of “A Love Supreme,” the ingenious harmonic revisions of “Giant Steps,” and the multiphonics in the cadenza of his favorite tune, “I Want to Talk About You” (played on practically every Coltrane session I attended). There’s no doubt that, if he were alive today, 19th-century Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax would be extremely surprised – and pleased, too, no doubt – at how the saxophone, which he invented and then patented back in 1846, has become universally popular, and was crucial in defining the sound of a 20th-century-born musical style called jazz. — As for the excellence of Sonny Stitt, his qualifications should be immediately clear to anyone attentive to his battle with Rollins on “The Eternal Triangle.”. From Tulsa, Oklahoma, alto saxophonist Eugene Earl Bostic got his big break in vibraphonist Lionel Hampton’s band just before World War II. (I was one of several to last it out. This Kansas City altoist was one of the principal architects of the post-war jazz revolution known as bebop, which emerged in New York in the mid-40s and would shape the trajectory of the genre for years to come. I just love listening to Mobley anytime–he does every kind of piece well, especially in his peak years. Where’s Hans Dulfer? Charlie Parker talked about Frank Trumbauer being an inspiration. The saxophone remains an iconic instrument in jazz, mastered by many musical geniuses. Michael Brecker (3/29/49) played with his older brother Randy (11/27/45)—not his younger brother as written above. What’s funny is that Tex Beneke of the Glenn Miller band won most of the jazz magazine polls. Sanders’ music also tapped into the music of other cultures. Otherwise, I take lists as what they are, subjective however knowledgeable, and there are probably no absolutes even if we are all passionate in our tastes. No David Murray? Stan Getz ahead of Lester Young is just idiotic, ERIC ALEXANDER??!!! Can you say “Rolling Stone best guitarists of all time”? EXCEPTIONAL TECHNIQUE!!!


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