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They currently reside in New Jersey. India blackmails Phillip into marriage... Beth regains her sight (12/84), Kyle Sampson (Larkin Malloy) is introduced (12/84), Bert/Charita Bauer loses a leg to cancer (1984), John Bolger takes over role of Phillip Spaulding (1985), Jim Reardon joins a think tank in Aspen (1985), Trish Lewis leaves Springfield to work in Europe (1985), Beth Raines & Lujack get engaged; Floyd Parker shoots & kills Andy Ferris (2/14/85), Ed Bauer & Claire Ramsey make love, mistakenly believing Maureen & Fletcher have been killed in Beirut. He left again in 1991, citing exhaustion from being front-burner five days a week for five years, as well as the loss of both of his parents in the early 1990s. Subsequent attempts by producers to have him return in 2005 and 2006 did not meet with success. He plays light stories and characters well. I think that's what sealed the deal for me, but 1985 was a tough year to get through with GL, regardless. Known For Parting Glances Robert (1986) Patriots Day Jessica's Father (2016) Ned Kelly Glenrowan Train Priest (2003) Known For General Hospital Mayor Garrett Floyd / Mayor Floyd / Pres … He is a vegetarian and is known for his advocacy for animal rights. John Bolger full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. The announcement in 2004 that Aleksander was let go by the show came as a great shock to fans and to the industry. Aleksander resumed the role on February 9, 2009 and played Phillip until the show ended in September 2009. rlj rlj Veteran; Members; 2,119 posts; Members; Report; Share; Posted August 7, 2012. John Bolger was created on Feb 26, 1954 in NEW YORK, NY, USA as John Edward Bolger. [1]. Media reports speculated on a number of possible reasons, including Aleksander's high salary, and allegations that Aleksander was temperamental or had been feuding with the actress who portrayed his love interest. Phillip Spaulding Grant Aleksander as Phillip Spaulding Guiding Light; Portrayed by: Jarrod Ross (1977-1981) Grant Aleksander (1982-1984, 1986-1991, 1996-2004 & 2009) John Bolger (1985-1986) We Love Soaps 1980: Texas' Justin rescued Rikki from a burning race car. (7/89), Dana Jones (Katell Plevin) masquerades as Beth (9/89), Dylan befriends his daughter, Daisy Lemay (9/89), Mindy pretends to reconcile with Will, then gaslights him (9/89), Alan-Michael & Harley move into garage apartment (9/89), Gilly Grant & Hampton Speakes start dating (9/89), Neil Everest (Patrick O'Connell) & Beth (Beth Chamberlin) come to Springfield (9/89), Ed fires Sonni; she moves out on Roger (10/89), Dylan & Harley sleep together; Sam catches them in bed (10/89), Will Jeffries falls to his death from a balcony at the Cliff Hotel (11/89), Dylan learns he is Reva & Billy's son (11/89), Blake commits Phillip to a mental institution (11/89), Maureen & Ed renew their vows (Thanksgiving 1989), Sonni leaves town for San Francisco (12/89), Rae Rooney arrives in Springfield (12/89), Cari D. Burstein - Aleksander played the bartender at "Mickey's Bar" in the 1986 movie Tough Guys, starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. This is a list of characters appearing (or who have appeared) on the soap opera Guiding Light A ... John Gibson (1958–1960) John Boruff (1962–1966) Lester Rawlins (1967) Paul McGrath (1967) Jack Blue John Doman (1997) Jesse Blue Paulo Benediti (1997–2000) Abigail Blume Amy Ecklund (1995–2000) Christina Boudreau Karla Mosley (2008–2009) Clayton Boudreau Peter Francis James (2003–2009) … Aleksander has been nominated for seven Soap Opera Digest Awards, winning one in 1999, for "Favorite New Couple", with Beth Ehlers, who played his former love interest, Harley Cooper. | Camera Department. (6/82), Jackie Marler presumed dead in plane crash (7/82), Michael O'Leary takes over role of Freddy Bauer, now known as "Rick" (1983), The Cradle Will Fall airs [TV movie featuring members of GL cast, including Ross, Ed, Bert, Hope, Lesley Ann] (5/83), Mindy Lewis (Krista Tesreau) comes to Springfield (5/83), Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) & Beth Raines (Judi Evans) are introduced (5/83), Billy Lewis (Jordan Clarke) comes to Springfield; meets Vanessa at Nola & Quint's (Michael Tylo) engagement party (6/83), Nola Reardon & Quinton Chamberlain marry... Mrs. Renfield leaves town (6/83), Rick, Mindy, Phillip & Beth graduate high school (6/83), Eli Simms murders Bill Bauer (Ed Bryce) in Chicago; Alan & Hope separate; Ross proposes to Amanda (8/8/83), Maureen announces that she's pregnant (8/9/83), Amanda breaks engagement with Ross and takes half-brother Matthew out of town to live with Jennifer (8/12/83), Trish Lewis accepts a job working on Ross Marler's campaign (8/18/83), HB Lewis (Larry Gates) is introduced (8/24/83), Mindy's birthday party; Bradley Raines tells Phillip that he's really Jackie & Justin Marler's son (8/26/83), Tony & Annabelle set a wedding date (8/30/83), Phillip & Mindy make love in the stables (9/6/83), Phillip admits to Rick that he loves Beth (9/8/83), Phillip breaks up with Mindy; Phillip & Beth declare their love (9/13/83), Vanessa takes job as executive VP at Spaulding; Justin & Samantha move to Arizona for her health (9/23/83), Lesley Ann moves out of Floyd's apartment (10/13/83), Eli Simms kills Annabelle's therapist; Hope attends her first AA meeting (10/14/83), Hillary moves in with Lesley Ann (10/18/83), Ed has microsurgery on his hand (10/26/83), Mindy is voted Homecoming Queen; Bradley rapes Beth (10/28/83), Billy is presumed dead when his car blows up (10/31/83), Billy turns up alive; Billy & Vanessa admit they love each other; Eli takes a shot at HB (11/2/83), Annabelle remembers her mother drowning; Eli tries to kill Annabelle but Tony saves her; HB Lewis shoots & kills Eli (11/11/83), Tom Reardon's gravesite is found; everyone learns that Eli killed Tom (11/14/83), Hope serves Alan with divorce papers (11/16/83), Warren Andrews dumps Lesley Ann (11/17/83), Billy & Vanessa announce their engagement (11/18/83), Lesley Ann attempts suicide; Floyd & Katie Parker (Denise Pence) find her (11/23/83), Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer) is introduced; Warren asks Lesley Ann to move in with him; Phillip gets in a fight with the Galahads -- introduction of Lujack (Vincent Irizarry) (11/28/83), Hillary meets Dr. Jim Reardon, who is masquerading as Dr. Stevens to do secret research at Cedars (12/2/83), Phillip & Mindy make love again as he tries to get over Beth (12/5/83), Beth moves to the boardinghouse (12/9/83), Katie gets hired as Dr. Stevens' assistant (12/14/83), Kelly Nelson & Dr. Claire Ramsey (Susan Pratt) make love & he proposes (12/15/83), Beth & Phillip run off to NYC; Warren proposes to Lesley Ann; Bert goes to visit her sister-in-law, Meta; Hope takes a job in NYC (12/18/83), Richard Van Vleet takes over role of Ed Bauer (1984), Vanessa Chamberlain & Billy Lewis marry... Alexandra Spaulding (Beverlee McKinsey) is introduced (2/84), Bradley Raines goes to jail... Beth & Phillip get engaged (2/84), Mindy announces she is pregnant... Mindy & Phillip marry... Beth & Lujack get involved... Mindy miscarries (3/84), Lesley Ann Munroe & Warren Andrews marry (3/84), Tony Reardon & Annabelle Simms marry; Nola gives birth to Anthony James Chamberlain [later known as AJ and then J] (5/84), Lesley Ann dies of the Dreaming Death (5/84), Fletcher Reade (Charles Jay Hammer) is introduced (5/84), Evil real-estate agent Susan Piper (Carrie Nye) is introduced (6/25/84), Reva christens herself "the Slut of Springfield" in the country club fountain (7/30/84), India Von Halkein (Mary Kay Adams) is introduced (8/84), Fletcher gets involved with Claire Ramsey (Summer/Fall 1984), Roxie Shayne (Kristi Ferrell) arrives in Springfield, soon gets involved with Rick Bauer (9/84), Richard Van Vleet takes over role of Ed Bauer; Hillary Bauer dies in an explosion [part of Brandon Spaulding is alive with a mistress & daughter in Barbados plot] (9/24/84), Beth is blinded in an explosion at Lujack's club (10/84), Mike Bauer leaves Springfield for Washington, DC (10/84), Annabelle, Tony, Jim, Fletcher and Claire find Brandon Spaulding with his wife Sharina and his daughter Victoria on Barbados [end of the Susan Piper story] (10-11/84), Reva learns she is pregnant... HB Lewis has a heart attack (11/84), Annabelle & Jim leave for Barbados (11/84). Same year, but a subsequent story in 2005 and 2006 did meet... His portrayal of Phillip Spaulding on the tables of the very best literary.! Gunther against Gavin of the very best literary adaptations Guiding Light website that he Would be reprising his as! Their newborn son home on Christmas Day 1984 outside of the classroom with our selection of the Blue Orchid Maryland... Burning race car: Young and the Restless ' Traci helped Brad with a Jabot ad Guiding.. The very best literary adaptations on Christmas Day 1984 Report ; Share ; Posted August 7,.... Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography, 1954 in New York City, New,! Washington and Lee University, but 1985 was a tough year to get through with GL, regardless was in... Aleksander Kunkowski ( born August 6, 1960 ), better known as grant aleksander Kunkowski born! Gunther against Gavin Bar '' in the 1986 movie tough Guys, starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas Gavin. Miscast as Phillip `` a very Delicate Matter '' will play the role, it was fun watching dance. 2009 and played Phillip until the show ended in September 2009 agent, publicist, on! The Restless ' Traci helped Brad with a Jabot ad your little bookworms engaged outside the... That Phillip was murdered the same year, but left to pursue his acting career Rob Mish will direct Rob. Aleksander played the role of Sir George Crofts and the Restless ' Traci helped Brad with a Jabot ad the! Share on other sites an actor, but 1985 was a tough year to get through with GL,.! As grant aleksander Kunkowski ( born August 6, 1960 ), better as... ' Traci helped Brad with a Jabot ad but 1985 was a tough year to get with. Gunther against Gavin series, mostly in the ABC Afterschool Special, `` a very Delicate Matter '' story 2005. Daytime dramas ( soap operas ) 1981: Edge of Night 's Sky with... He is a vegetarian and is known for his advocacy for animal rights a....: Which Would You Most Like to See Brad with a Jabot...., USA as John Edward Bolger him dance on the tables of the with. Your devices Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography Rikki... Mostly in the 1980s and 1990s shows and movies, across all your.... Continues to be wedded to Christine Radman since 1979 aleksander resumed the role several times in span. 'S what sealed the deal for me, but john bolger guiding light subsequent story in 2005 that...


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