juiced scrambler vs super 73
In the brief time I had with the bike, the dual-suspension system combined with the fat, 20-by-4-inch tires really made Manhattan’s omnipresent bumps and potholes just melt away. I ride my S2 hard and if it breaks then I will worry about it then and get it fixed under warranty. Ariel Rider is using a breathable material which will help you not accumulate lot of heat on hot summer days. The Scorpion is a Class 2 e-bike, which means it offers both pedal- and throttle-assisted speeds of up to 20 mph. A high end hydraulic fork will cost something around 800$ such as Rock Shox, Fox or Marzocchi. There are a number of different factors to consider when comparing different e-bikes from Juiced Bikes. I want to purchase an ebike for errands and to cruise around town. Yes. Most of the saddles here provide enough space except super 73 S series. With so much information here, it may be a little overwhelming to pick out the details that are most important to you. Specs seem to be lower than Ariel Rider and it only has one motor compared to two motors of Ariel Rider D-Class. This will bring the “Adventurer” in your soul. So far no problems at all with motor, controller or forks and about 200 miles in after 1 week of having it. Ariel Rider D-Class has a rigid fork in standard model but offers suspension fork in new models as option. This kind of saddle is something similar to a electric scooter saddle or electric motor bike saddle. Great bike. My one complaint is about the size of the bike. Here are some comments from customers of Super 73 and Juiced that I find on facebook, reddit and other online media. Shitty seating position with no adjustability. Have you seen the Zugo bike? But Juiced is really leaning into the style, and that’s either going to turn customers off or tickle their fancy, depending on their secret desire to draw looks from passersby. When checked those three different motor systems Ariel Rider has a better motor system with a big gap. Shame the D Class is not road legal in the UK without licensing requirements. I am only waiting to get the Super73.....so I can sell it and wash my hands of them. Super 73 has one of the smallest saddles among bikes we cover here. When I saw Juiced Scrambler, I fall in love as it resembled Ducati Scrambler but cheaper and electrified version. Going somewhere off-road, though, particularly on gravel or some uneven surfaces, would be the real test. I didn’t read warranty terms apparently you accept no returns or responsibility. Super73 is a lite bike, that’s what attracted me to them, and the horse shoe style piggy back swing arm, aluminum frame and a few other things. And I bought my e-bike. Also suspension forks will need more maintenance compared to rigid forks. The bike looks awesome but that is a bad e-bike. All of those saddles here offer foam cushioning which is still comfortable. But for me I consider it a useless toy and enjoy it for that. The base model Scorpion includes a 7-speed Freewheel gear shifter, while the high-spec version comes with a Shimano 8-speed cassette. 4×4 experience on bike; You can ride your fat bike on snow, sand, mud, asphalt, rocks, gravel. If you happen to not receive a response on here, be sure to join our Discord server! Large volume and low pressure tires are natural shock absoerbers. Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. Most e-bike motor torque will have zero torque at speeds over 20 mph. They have pedal assist mode like regular electric bikes so you can ride them like a normal e-bike. The LG-made batteries look huge and boxy from their perch on the downtube of the bike, which is not my favorite look, but I understand the necessity of it. You can ride your e-bike on any soft and unstable terrain effortlessly. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. How come a replacement controller I order for my Juiced scrambler hasn’t arrived for 9 weeks after I made full payment. The advantages of having a dual motor Scrambler e-bike are; Dual Motor has disadvantages too such as adding extra weight or consuming your battery charge quicker than single motors. I purchased both, just bought the HyperScram2...been waiting for the Super73 for 4 months, I am seriously pissed at Super73. Getting good feed back on both. After that special expires, the prices go up to $1,499 and $2,499, respectively. Ariel Rider and Juiced are using memory foam technology which is something between gel and foam in terms of comfort but also don’t get compacted as easy as gel. I made worst decision of my life by buying Super 73. Our first suggestion is Ariel Rider D-Class. One of the standout features of the Scorpion is the dual-suspension: coil suspension with a hydraulic lockout on the front fork and a spring-loaded swingarm — typically found on motorcycles — on the rear wheel. To name some of them are brake pads, rotors, controllers, tire and battery. Please read FAQ Pinned post before posting! Large tires give you a better balance and road handling. Or maybe you’re at the trailhead, with sheer rock cliffs looming up ahead, and the smell of pine in the air. I am currently shopping for an ebike. I agree Super 73 is just over hyped and over priced. The long, comfy banana-style seat allows you to lean back while you ride, which can be more comfortable than the typical head-forward position of most bikes. With the problems 73 is having I wouldn’t consider it. I tried to cancel my order which hasn’t even arrived to USA and they ask me to pay for $200 and restocking fee. The Scorpion’s low-riding design would definitely take some getting used to, but it wasn’t deal-breaker. The frame flexes like crazy since it’s not a normal frame. I had chance to try D-Class and among all it seems the most powerful one. I had chance to test several Scrambler style electric bikes such as Super 73, Super 73 S1 , Juiced, Ariel Rider D-Class. Rigid forks have a simple design of two metal bars mounted to bike in order to keep the wheel in position. I live in NYC and I've been riding Boosted Boards for over 5 years in the city. Extra traction that you will have with the additional motor help you pull out of a hole or mud pit. There are two versions: the base model Scorpion with a 750-watt motor and a 672Wh (52V, 13Ah) battery, and the Hyper Scorpion with a 1,000-watt motor and a 998.4Wh (52V, 19.2Ah) battery.


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