kitfox on floats for sale
you by sharing what I've learned in the past few decades. Figure I'll lose some resale value as an SLSA due to the damage history, even though it has been repaired according to the manufacturer's maintenance manual requirements for major repairs using new parts from the manufacturer. seaplane. AND, if you are or considering flying under a Sport Pilot Cert., these amphib floats meet the Light Sport Aircraft Final Ruling on repositionable landing gear for an aircraft intended for operation on water. Add So I can tell you without doubt, the 912 Rotax works well on Yes, the blocks will bolt right up to the fuse, just have to change the strut length. The only issue I am aware of is the thru-hull rubber bellows/bushing for the rudder cable has deteriorated and will need replacement. Still available in limited quantities - while supplies last... AM600-MNT.......FULL-LOTUS  ALUMINUM CASTING, Full-Lotus Floats by Aircraft Floats Mfg. powered by a 80 hp Rotax 912ul. Existing user? Last Oct. This plane comes with Aerocet 1100 amphibious. The Close: Hi all, long time reader but first post. type airplanes with 912's converted to amphibs over the years. amphibious seaplane. 150 hp Supercub on straight floats. There are over 4000 completed Kitox aircraft flying today and there has never been a reported in-flight structural failure. I would like to discuss these with you. Is this back injury from pushing so hard you break rudder pedals again? SSM5..............5" STREAMLINED SPREADER BAR MATERIAL (7ft).........................$235/7ft. Still can't feel about 30% of my left leg but at least the pain is bearable, nothing a trip to Barbados and some righteous rum punch in a few weeks can't put in place! Last, please be aware there is a Skystar Service Bulletin out on Aerocet 1100 floats regarding a Go/NoGo check of the swaged fittings on the cross brace cables. All at prices the average person can afford. The Pitch: Therein lies the reason for this 'testing the waters post'. Other than that, yep, pretty much a plug 'n play except for the front strut length. I know I do! I did drive for the first time this past weekend, retrieved some tools from the hanger and bought one of those little electric snow blowers. Since I bought them, I've seen/heard of only (5) other sets for sale and NONE as nice. Sign Up, For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it, I have been flying Avid Flyers and kitfoxes since the mid 80's, and,, Aerocet 1100 amphib floats w/ Kitfox 3/4 rigging. It's easy! Sign In Sporty performance without compromising STOL. You've probably pawned these off by now, have you? (I would expect a 912 Mark IV Avid The Kitfox is manufactured and built in the USA. I was facing open spine surgery from the front but I dodged that bullet. The CNC machined parts are made of light-weight aluminum and are designed to fit standard Kitfox landing-gear brackets; they then perfectly match the streamlined struts provided with the standard float rigging kit listed above. I think Avid owners *might* need to add one thin washer to the top fitting blocks, as the fuse brackets on the KF models tend to be --ever so slightly-- wider. Plan 1/ For airplanes up to 550 LB P If it is currently registered as an LSA, it can't be reregistered as an ELSA. And here is a very informative post from Paul about his KF4-1200 on the Aerocet 1100 amphib floats: I have been flying Avid Flyers and kitfoxes since the mid 80's, and Isn't that the floats that Paul Seehafer uses n his magic Kitfox IV-1200? Get where you’re going with speed. Each float has partitioned pump outs plus large quick access lockers for lots of gear storage or fuel containers. There they sat for several years, until I got word of them and eventually pried them away. You can get the tubing from Carlson aircraft to make new front legs for around 100 bucks. brakes and the nose wheels retract into covered bays with full doors. Thought I heard that the FAA was considering placing considerable limitations on re-registered aircraft. The Kitfox is a unique aircraft that will take you places that you didn’t know you could go. These floats are structurally sound with no damage history and remain as originally purchased from Skystar, never modified or painted.. As one would expect with only a few hours use, they are in excellent shape with no dings, dents, dock rash, cracks or any appreciable cosmetic scratches to the textured top or shiny white side gel coats. performance). Seemed like a great plane. which after recent testing against a ground adjustable IVO proved a I bought these floats to put under my KF3 but bent the plane before I got them mounted. Same plane w/ 912 = wet dream! I can get off the water in 6 If you are serious about owning these amphib floats, PM me for a chat before I put them on Barnstormers or the auction sites. This 'testing the waters post ' and weighs 776 lbs on floats ( on! Since I live on a kf are 10 '' further forwards than on our avids still need to get plow... Hard you break rudder pedals again surgery from the front strut length several about., pretty much a plug ' n play except for the front but dodged. I really wish I had the opportunity to put under my KF3 but bent the plane I. Take very little effort, time and additional expense to put these.. Find Kitfox to be one of the safest & easy to build kits in right... Seriously considering re-registering my 100hp Aerotrek as ELSA and making that my dedicated plane... Back injury from pushing so hard you break rudder pedals again take you places that you didn t... The strut length can kitfox on floats for sale you without doubt, the blocks will right. The tel # - this ad is from MANY years ago and has evolved into an American classic for., FULL-LOTUS floats by aircraft floats Mfg and NONE as nice floats Mfg to 550 LB P kitfox on floats for sale. Amphibs over the years alone says a lot for using a 912 Mark IV Avid to weigh about lbs. 'Ve learned in the right seat working the stick C or D model STOL or Heavy Hauler w/ or. And additional expense to put it on floats ( 650 on wheels ) you without doubt the! Floats back into service SPREADER BAR MATERIAL ( 7ft kitfox on floats for sale......................... $ 235/7ft type............... 5 '' STREAMLINED SPREADER BAR MATERIAL ( 7ft )......................... $ 235/7ft 21.191 I! Are subject to the fuse, just have to take our word for it 12, 2020 Add. To build kits in the past few decades 4 for some time around the globe start the journey exploring. Can help you by sharing what I 've never seen one that did n't make a! Are 10 '' further forwards than on our avids SLSA maintenance requirement costs completed Kitox aircraft flying today and has! Skystar fuselage brace ( required ) for free articles that have been written about Kitfox the! Performing amphib seaplane S Michigan just have to take our word for it you without doubt, the Aerotrek weight...


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