laura les interview
Later, when we were halfway through the first song, I was like: ‘Cool. [Laughter]. Thursday's announcement that the U.S. GDP grew at an annualized pace by more than 33% in the third quarter shows President Trump has overseen an economic recovery from COVID-19, Laura … And seeing that people could live for 200 years and it not being a weird thing. We made a whole trip out to actually sign the deal and they were like: ‘Whatever you guys want for lunch, we’re down.’ I was like: ‘I want caviar, ‘cos I’ve never had it before and this seems like the perfect time.’ So I had caviar and champagne.”, Laura: “That we are deeply ironic people.”, Dylan: “Oh yeah, that’s true. She sings, “I’m never gonna pass / I should stay home / Why did I make plans? On an average day, she gets up, drinks some coffee or Monster, cleans her room, works on music, and then clocks eight hours at a small empanada restaurant near her home in Chicago. It’s amazing, the creativity that kicks in when I’m walking. You should, of course, seek to hire people from all kinds of backgrounds and look for those who think differently from you, but it's important that, at the core, everyone shares similar values. Laura Les: It’s a mixed bag. Les does the majority of the speaking for the pair, who look like bottle-bleach blond twin siblings in band shirts – Brady interjecting mostly to confirm her statements with the word “true” – but they often head off on tangents incomprehensible to outsiders. It sucks how easily money will fuck up a good idea. There are times when—I’m of two minds. Laura remixed it twice herself. If you have those nailed down, you're bound to make a great hire. It’s nice because I can afford to eat and live somewhere, but it sucks because I work full time, so it cuts a lot into the time I have to make music. Laura: Work. “We both have really similar tastes, so it’s like working with a second version of yourself,” Laura grins as she points to a smiling Dylan, “Except this second version of myself is really fucking good at music.”, Laura admits, “We both thought 1000 gecs would be a really good project that was maybe slept on.” They both laugh, “It was not slept on at all.” After a fan account Tweeted, “What if we accidentally got 1000 gecs to trend on Twitter by Tweeting #1000gecs on Wednesday the 19th at 6pm PST,” the hashtag did in fact trend in the United States. You get the CDs, you get the ‘White Album’ CD: pop that shit on while your dad’s sleeping, listen to it on his headphones. The only time that I would consider failure, is going against myself. I’m like: ‘Nobody can do that!’ Who’s a parody artist who makes music similar to ours? When it’s slow, I still try to plan and write lyrics and make little beats on my pocket synths as much as possible. “I was so intimidated by how good he was,” Laura remembers of their first encounter. One Hundred Years of Solitude. It comes from someone feeling connected to the impact they're making on others and in the world.If someone can tell you what provides meaning for them, you'll know immediately if that impact if feasible in this role or not. But I think probably just laughing with my friends. You know, just being very vague, and we were like: ‘Yeah, yeah, totally — we’re both fans.’ And then, just days later, we got a text message with a .Zip folder of Patrick Stump vocals and we were like: ‘Beautiful. Many contributors to the remix album showed up, including Charli XCX, whose recent album featured two raved-about tracks that were produced by Brady. '”, Dylan: “Really crazy. I really love that idea though. While fans search for clues on the remix album, Gecs will write new music for rescheduled 2021 shows. In 2017, she dropped i just dont wanna name it anything with “beach” in the title. It’s turning out very good. Laura: Yeah, I think that’s probably the best thing. I think it’s important to just be truthful over being overly poetic, but when you’re being truthful and nuanced the result just ends up resonating like poetry. Me: I’ve asked a lot of people this question and I haven’t heard it framed that way. “It honestly all feels like a dream,” Laura describes of the album’s reception, “I still work at my full time job in a restaurant, so I’ll be standing next to the oven checking my phone, and something will happen like ‘Oh, the Needle Drop reviewed your album.’” Both Dylan and Laura say that 100 gecs is what the two are focusing on for the immediate future. I just need the space for reflection and if I don’t take it, I’ll get a cold. Why did you decide to call back an older style of yours? Their distorted and poppy lead single, “money machine,” opens up with a taunting, copypasta-like monologue from Laura: “Hey, you lil’ piss baby / You think you’re so fucking cool? Thomas Jefferson wrote about it in a letter to his nephew and one of the things he said something like every morning take a walk for an hour and don’t do anything except walk. This fervent fan base is best attributed to the idiosyncratic sound of Laura and Dylan’s dual project, 100 gecs. Bur, for the electronic duo. As Osno1, Laura collaborated with Night Lovell, Lil West, Umru, and more.


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