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The guy didn’t have time to say hello before Smith could hear screaming over the line. If you had any balls you would have said what I told you to say.’”.

So, is there some way to do this that I'm overlooking? She puts the word fuck through every part of speech the word can be bent into: noun, pronoun, gerund, verb, term of endearment, sobriquet, epithet, honorific. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Share your feedback by emailing the author.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Dave Portnoy. Click here. So many flacks lose their mind over inconsequential things, and have no sense of, ‘This is good press, this is mediocre press, and this is awful press.’ That is something you know once you have been through awful press.”, “As a flack, you don’t always understand what it feels like to be a principal, what it feels like to be under scrutiny.

Deadspin published audio of the exchange on Thursday.

If there is one thing that makes Smith unique, it’s not her knowledge of great apes or her particular skill eviscerating her opponents on Twitter; It’s that her skin was toughened by a stretch of time in the rawest, roughest media environment of all, the NYC tabloid scrum.

I fucking love John McCain. She ran it like he was trying to be president, getting him in front of as many microphones as she could.

hide. Her phone is “literally exploding.” There is a top political reporter for a major national newspaper apologizing for blowing off a meeting with Buttigieg earlier and trying to get one now, asking Smith, “Will you ever forgive me?”. 11:14.


There may be nobody more central to Mayor Pete’s media success—besides the candidate himself, and arguably his social-media-savvy husband, Chasten Buttigieg—than Smith, who serves as a communications adviser and all-around aide.

4-6. “People get stuck in a rut because something worked last cycle, and so they think it will work this cycle and it doesn’t. There were, Smith guesses, probably 150 such meetings with the national press corps, and when he traveled across the country, speaking to local county party dinners and fundraisers across the Midwest and Great Plains, they would make time for one-on-ones with the local political press there, too. I want to be working here in five years. When Smith opens her laptop, there are saved tabs about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, a YouTube video of a facial massage routine, kale recipes, a Time Out City Guide to Dubai and a 2012 Huffington Post article about how the Obama and Romney campaigns used Twitter. (The rapid-response job, Smith says, was for her “like being a pig in shit.

“So many flacks lose their mind over inconsequential things, and have no sense of, ‘This is good press, this is mediocre press, and this is awful press.’ That is something you know once you have been through awful press.”.

There’s the article in the Atlantic where the writer met the mayor of South Bend, Indiana for a chicken tempura lunch in Manhattan.

At the newsstand around the corner, you could buy a New York magazine with Buttigieg’s beatifically smiling face splashed across the cover, and a New York Times with an A1 story about his time at Harvard.

As voters look for someone who can beat Trump, the fact that the press corps appears to vouch for this curious character, a young liberal red-state mayor, means that voters can give him a second look too. Smith’s mother is a descendent of a signer of the Mayflower Compact, and a cousin of lead Watergate investigator Sam Ervin. Inside the Shrinking Newsroom of the Paper That Shapes the PrimariesBy Tim Alberta. The way Smith tells it, she thought she was done with presidential politics after O’Malley’s campaign fizzled in 2016. “Not the first employee I’ve made cry.

3 days ago.

And so, she says, she can’t talk right now.

| Mark Peterson/Redux, Yuki Iwamura/Redux.

The New York tabs may have sharpened her game, but people who've known her for years say Smith came ready for the fight.

Pete has no battle scars.

“That was my philosophy. Not possible, Smith says. Her plan is to emulate maybe the best-known and most successful insurgent move of recent campaign history: John McCain’s 2000 Straight Talk Express. Portnoy insisted the remark was made in jest, but refused to walk back the sentiment. I don’t know how I’m going to get this blog up because my tech skills are not strong.3. 5 days ago.

I could tell you where I’m from, where I’ve been (blah blah blah), but I’ll spare you, since you asked so eloquently. “My observation,” said Axelrod, who worked with Smith on Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, “is that she is the quiet hero of his emergence.”. Microstates And Macrostates Pdf,

And no one knows who he is. It was Lis telling me I need to fire my campaign manager, that the guy is a fucking idiot. Does Harry Mean Cold Water In Any Language.

A text arrives from John Weaver, a top adviser to former Ohio Governor John Kasich.

That fall, Spitzer and Smith started dating, which led to the New York City tabloids staking out her apartment to watch the pair coming and going. Are you kidding me?

“Pete and I, you can probably tell are pretty laid-back, pretty low-key, I guess what you would call pretty Midwestern,” said Mike Schmuhl, Buttigieg’s campaign manager, who sounds like the host of a classical-music radio station who just returned from a yoga retreat. Writer for our sister site, PEOPLE online.

She led Buttigieg on a series of one-on-one meetings over beer, coffee, lunch or cigars with what used to be known as the Gang of 500—those reporters, producers and pundits who shape much of the nation’s political coverage. Otherwise, I would kill myself.” Which is to say that Buttigieg may know seven languages and carry around Ulysses and sit in with the South Bend Orchestra on piano, but as far as his top aide is concerned, it is only because he has an extra year on her. Our meeting was part of a strategy, one run with surprising sophistication and efficacy for a candidate whose highest-profile gig so far is a local office in the fourth-biggest city in Indiana. Click here. And the fact that he’s everywhere, from cable TV to Ebony to your local NPR show to your favorite sports podcast, means that a guy with no name recognition is suddenly hard to avoid. And if people like it they like it, and if they don’t they were probably never going to vote for you anyway.”.

It is, she says, the only newspaper she subscribes to.

“I will not apologize,” he said.

When Ciuffo continued to press for an apology, Portnoy told her, “You’re in the wrong place.”, “When we’re talking about jobs, and I work on camera and you’re saying in five years I won’t even be able to have a job,” Ciuffo said moments later. The outlet reports he is aware of the situation. liz smith barstool. Why do I fucking love John McCain?

Across the street, Brooklyn hipsters of all ages and manner of facial hair are lining up around the block at a bowling alley/music venue to catch Buttigieg at a fundraiser.

Spoke to Willie Colon (who yesterday didn’t remember me despite the fact I was the Jets reporter for an entire season) about how unfair it is that tall men always date short women. Kayce Smith.

Harry Styles Fed a Fan's Fish and Left Her a Note After His Car Broke Down Outside Her House, Drama in Cleveland, Trade Deadline Rumors + Week 8 Previews, Paul Rudd Walked Around Brooklyn, In The Rain, Handing Out Cookies To Voters Because He's Just That's Wonderful, Week 9 Preview: Dark Horse Playoff Contenders (+ A MIDWEEK Shit List!! She is the most competitive person I have ever known.”.

A spokesperson for the New York Giants tells PEOPLE, “We are aware of and monitoring the situation.”.

“I think I am impressive because I am a violinist and I went to Dartmouth and I speak French and have traveled all over the world and, I don’t know, I know a lot about great apes,” she says. Spitzer and Smith stayed together for more than two years, with the tabloids following them pretty much the whole time. Mornin Sunshine: WSD Has Coronavirus & Brandon Gets A Taste Of …

I gotta be honest, I have no idea what time I’m supposed to be at work.

You don’t reach out to the 35-year-old gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, because you think it will be an easy ride.”. He lives in New York.


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