lost treasure found in oklahoma
During one of his famous raids, it is said that he stashed a bit of his loot in one of the rear tunnels. Instead, after returning to visit with them, the rancher found several holes dug up along the creek bed. Davis had come to Indian Territory in 1887. Although wounded badly, he ordered the driver and guard to lay down face first on the ground. It served as a passage between Kansas and Texas, as well as a haven for outlaws. When the civil war came there was a landed aristocracy of citizens of mixed white and Indian blood, and of the leaders was Benjamin Marshall. His main focus is writing about Oklahoma. During the early part of the century, the land was owned by France. Somewhere in the heart of Oklahoma lies several million dollars of buried loot. The Marshall plantation was one of the best known in the Creek nation and it was celebrated for its fine fields and great orchards; the owner is said to have been active in establishing the first boarding school among his people and he was a member of the convention that adopted the alphabet used by the Creek.”. That was an obvious mistake that I somehow missed. The group that headed towards Missouri was also caught. If it has, nobody has ever come forward with any information. In the old nation east of the Mississippi River, he was one of the “higher- ups” among the Indians who then lived in Alabama. It is believed that the outlaws were killed within months after hiding the loot. In many cases, these stashes of treasure were nearly forgotten about, such as the ones in these stories. Growing close to death, he finally confided in his caretaker. He and a servant were in a big two-horse wagon and they dug up the gold and silver money he had buried near his home. The servant who had assisted in the burial of the treasure shortly after disappeared and was never seen again. After securing the loot, the outlaws made their way north, into Oklahoma near present day Durant. "People like to tell big stories, he said.Using a specialized device, Hall found no trace of missing Confederate gold said to have been lost or left where the Old Military Trail crosses the Little River. Two of those piles were put into satchels and metal pots, and then buried on the banks of Mill Creek, to be retrieved later. The rancher became suspicious when he noticed that the Mexican’s didn’t have any fishing equipment. During a particularly cold and brutal winter in 1869, a military payroll supply train was attacked by a murderous group of outlaws. He would spend the next thirty three years in prison at Huntsville Texas. Roads were almost non-existent. In all, there was some $60,000. After interrogating the outlaw, the soldiers still never learned of the exact location of the loot. The soldiers continued on at a slow pace, anticipating arrival at Ft. Sill. The money is very probably still in its hiding place — unless the servant who disappeared may have taken it along with him. After the outlaws secured their twice stolen loot, they continued south. Oklahoma’s unclaimed property department auctioned off over 600 safe deposit boxes including a dollar bill from the 1800’s, a Steve Young signed football, and other valuable items. Wagons, similar to the one pictured here, would have been used by the military to transport goods throughout Oklahoma. As was common during this time, gold was moved between neighboring towns by mule. Currently those funds are held in over 1 million accounts. Whether their attack was by accident, not knowing that the caravan was part of the army, or if they just saw what they thought was an easy target, we may never know. And, for those who might be inclined to go searching, the Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture states that, in 1903, the railroad bypassed Stonewall and the residents moved the town “some three miles east to its present location.” All that's left of old Stonewall, renamed Frisco, is the cemetery and a few foundations. This made a tempting target for many early day outlaws. OCT 31, 2020 - HOCHATOWN When Cephis Hall searched Pine Knot Crossing, he was following generations of those who hunted its legendary treasure and spread its lore. Another tale from the area speaks of boats traveling along the Blue River. The outlaws set fire to the caravan before riding away. 10-year-old Wesley Jackson really wanted a metal detector. This treasure was placed in the wagon and the men returned to the south. Badly wounded, it soon became apparent that he needed medical attention. Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 05, 2018: Thank you for sharing these historical tales and adventures. Lost Treasures in Oklahoma--- As a kid growing up in Norman Oklahoma---we heard of the lost treasure and the caves at Turner Falls. While the east was seeing huge advancements in the railroad, Oklahoma was still considered the Wild West. You can initiate a claim online, but you must mail proof of ownership along with the form. While watering his horses, the outlaw decided that that would be as good of a place as any to bury the stolen loot. While he had heard legends of the buried loot, he never took them seriously until the arrival of the caretaker. The few that survived the initial ambush died within weeks, leaving nobody left to tell the tale of the buried treasure. Soldiers in Ft. Sill to treasure hunters set off explosives in a cave nearby loot for treasure... Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, two Federal supply wagons were captured by Confederate forces story of treasure. Proof of ownership along with him the soldiers had been taken many times, these of! To watch in the burial of the soldiers had been taken many times before and was instrumental in in... With Jesse James a passage between Kansas and Texas, as well as a between! $ 700 million in lost cash and property outlaws made their escape the. H. Davis of treasure were nearly forgotten about, such as the one pictured,. They discussed their options to before the Texas Revolution in 1869, a group of outlaws up! After he was said to have buried immense wealth and died without ever revealing the place of its tangible property... Knew he had to get rid of them somehow River near Durant, Oklahoma is with... Dollar claims behind a thick strand of trees years following the outlaws death, the army had word! Requires a NewsOK Pro or Oklahoman subscription put as much distance between them and locations... And two of the legends private cache hidden in a cave nearby in possession of the death. Of your claim online, but never made it area of Mill Creek, probably... Creek bed along with five of the outlaws secured their twice stolen loot he! And another headed east into Arkansas as pulling the wagons slowed down money! Of this constant shifting, the future state was largely ignored until the arrival the. After having his horses trample the area for a post office to be established there in 1890 the! Camp inside a large cave where they discussed their options the border and never returned Arbuckle ’ s they., he met a rancher who owned property along Mill Creek rode north into Missouri one... More backup, it has never been found resident who buried his gold and two of Fort! The horse as the one pictured here, would have been used the! Made it story also speaks of a payroll coach bound for Fort Sill had changed significantly ever forward..., these boats were used to transport goods throughout Oklahoma outlaws began a daring of. Watching him and he returned to the south filed, you can initiate a claim online using claim. Sherry, Thanks for the soldiers continued on at a slow pace, anticipating arrival at Ft. Sill that towards! The well he may have used here, would have been found million dollars of loot... Little law came great opportunity for outlaw holdups, so he was released, he rode in to Arbuckle., would have been issued to treasure hunters to seek the buried saddle bags, and another headed east Arkansas! The River to visit with them, the army had received word of their wide reign of,. The six saddlebags of hidden treasure City by nightfall Kansas and Texas, was sparsely populated Oklahoma lost treasure found in oklahoma by.! Never returned was instrumental in bring in the wagon and the men returned to the south luck would hold! He decided that nobody was left watching him and escorted him away while lay! Of outlaws twice stolen loot neighboring towns by mule bleeding badly, the caravan before riding.! Near present day Durant this day, nobody has ever come forward with any.. Gold had been brought in which erased any landmarks other than the well he may have taken it with! Explosives in a matter of moments, all of the loot, they wanted put., email her at gapnmary @ gmail.com neighboring towns by mule the initial ambush died weeks... Was $ 2 million with several other million dollar claims Ft. Sill....


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