lothar louis pike
Weighing in at a whopping 36 pounds, the catch not only earned Pacchiarini the new men’s 16-pound tippet class record, but it also earned him the bragging rights of having caught the largest northern ever recorded by the IGFA on fly tackle. In short, Les Anderson has set the bar high with his record king — the heaviest salmon ever recorded by the IGFA. Certainly a desperate move, given the serious dentition of the northern pike, but with a fish like that on the line, can you blame him? record weight: 43 lb. have this monster pike stuffed either. However, the fish’s massive length of 51.5 inches and a girth of 31 inches, leave little doubt to its incredible size. Although they can be caught in brackish water, the larger specimens are usually found in landlocked freshwater lakes, ponds, and reservoirs where they are not exposed to as many natural pressures. record weight: 23 KG After a short fight on 16-pound tackle, Lindwall had the fish in the boat and was on the way back to the dock to get an official weight reading on the fish that has held the men’s 16-pound line class record for 25 years. Gockel was casting a Rooster V-Tail lure when he hooked into the 120 cm pike that he battled for 10 minutes before landing the fish. Field-proven big-game arrows for lethal hunting results. Furthermore, if you look that photo and imagine the length of those arms, he would be able to scratch his ankle while standing straight. was caught in Lake of Greffern (Germany) by Lothar Louis in 16 October, 1986. Yet, despite their immense following, Les Anderson's 44.11 kg (97 pound, 14 ounce) king has held the highly coveted All-Tackle title for nearly 30 years. Jon and I have seen first hand the huge pike northern Ontario has to offer. Arno Wilhelm and measured 57" and weighed 67 lbs. Although it was originally founded as a saltwater angling organization in 1939, the IGFA is proud of its rich 36 year history in the world of freshwater fishing. Angler: Maurizio Rossini Presently, the IGFA maintains over 2,000 approved freshwater world records from 67 different countries. So it is no surprise that David Hayes' celebrated 5.41 kg (11 pound, 15 ounce) smallmouth has seen its share of controversy over the years. In this video, outdoor writer and tackle specialist Shane Beilue breaks down the difference between a rod blank’s action and power and discusses what the various ratings of each mean. If you look it carefully, you see that the hands and the fish doesn’t belong in that photo at all. http://www.gameandfishmag.com/world-...#ixzz3jUcWK5vB, Shout out to the guys at the public range. Could it be just me or does it look like a few of the comments come across like they are left by brain dead folks? Jon and I have seen first hand the huge pike northern Ontario has to offer. From reviewing Pinotti’s record application, it appears he knew big pike were a possibility, as he reported using a large, live whitefish for bait. In the world of freshwater fishing, especially in North America, there are few species more heavily targeted than the smallmouth bass. monster pike Only three days later, on August 8, 1996, lightning struck the second time with Befus landing a 27-pound pike on the same river, but this time on light tippet. However, Louis, like many of us anglers, was an optimist. Pettersson was casting a black and silver Zalt plug from a small boat when the record pike hit. Lindwall was trolling a Swim Whizz lure from his small boat when the record pike piled on. What do you […], a truly great pike but personally i’m certain I caught a bigger pike around 60 pound pike in canada and easy landing it but had alot of trouble on the bank, hi i cautht a norther pike it was 70 ilbs in canada Certainly a desperate move, given the serious dentition of the northern pike, but with a fish like that on the line, can you blame him? Equipped with ultra-light tackle and casting a Mepp’s spoon, Townsend hooked into what he immediately knew was a quality fish. Who needs live bait when the big 'gills are so eager to strike these lures? All Game & Fish subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Give a Gift   And they ate the evidence. Subscriber Services. World Captor Lothar Louis. Subscriber Services. Celebrated for their aggressive strikes, rugged fights, and beautiful coloration, it is no surprise that peacock bass are the target of millions of anglers around the world. Unable to net the fish due to its tremendous size, and worried that he would lose the fish, Lothar had no choice but to plunge his hands inside the gill covers to land the fish. Mud Hole MHX Rod Building Kits: Field-Tested, Baitfish for Bass: Search, Suspend or Sink Crankbaits, Amazing Kayak Power and Control: Hobie's MirageDrive 360 Propulsion System, 10 Recipes for Your Backyard Get Together, Bow Angler Sets Missouri White Sucker Record, World-Record Paddlefish Déjà Vu - Oklahoma Gives Up Another Weighing 151.9 Pounds, Monster Fish: Connecticut Woman Ties State Northern Pike Record, Top 10 Biggest Pike World Records of All Time, Understanding Reel Retrieve Ratios and How it Affects Lure Presentations, Catch More Bass on a Jerkbait in the Cooler Months, Action and Power Ratings- How to Choose the Right Bass Rod, Hobie MirageDrive 360 Kayak Propulsion: Amazing Control and Power. Weight: 46lb 13oz These rumors, coupled with an affidavit stating that the dock owner added lead weight to the catch (unbeknownst to Hayes), resulted in the temporary ousting of Hayes' record. Length: 138 cm This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. shawn why are talking rubbish? With plenty of virgin water left to be discovered in the Amazon, it certainly seems possible. Harper's fish was submitted for record consideration, and was quickly approved by Field & Stream as the new world record walleye. 55.1lbs caught in Lake of Grefeern, Germany Oct. 16, 1986 It's easier than you think — and will put more big bass in your boat. Pinotti’s approach of “big bait = big fish” paid off that morning, as Pinotti ended up landing a huge 43-pound, 3-ounce pike, after an incredible hour and a half long fight on 8-pound test! When Louis arrived at his local fishing hole on the morning of October 16, 1986, his plan was to target carp and roach -- not northern pike. northern pike ever caught in Manitoba (Canada). Swedish angler Benny Pettersson barely missed the elusive 40-pound mark with his trophy, but the 39-pound, 14-ounce northern pike he pulled from Osthammer, Sweden on November 20, 1993 was plenty big enough to earn him a world record. The vast Amazon rainforest is home to some of the most unique and mysterious species of flora and fauna in the world. In an interview after the catch, Lothar is quoted as saying that he "was so excited he did not feel the pain as the huge teeth sank into both hands as he lifted her up on the bank.".


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