louis tomlinson tattoo for mom
“I own a football team in Doncaster and that is our mascot,” Louis said about his horseshoe tattoo. The singer got this ink in June 2013, and it’s believed he got it because of his love for the superhero Spiderman! Similar to The Rogue, Far Away is one of those reminders to remember where you are. “There’s absolutely no reason behind it. Knowing the journey the boys have been through is quite fascinating to look from the outside, imagine living through it all. In that case, you’re right! Louis Tomlinson, 24 years old in two days! Whether they got lyrics, the smiley face, tattoos inspired by Louis' own tattoos, or bees to show that they are part of Louis' Army of Bees, fans inked up to display their support and love for Louis! Louis “28” tattoo isn’t the only ink he’s got for his love of the football. To enter, make a £10 donation via the DONATE button on this page and you will receive your entry by email. Lottie Tomlinson has revealed that her new tattoo was designed in honour of her mother, Johannah Deakin, who sadly died from cancer last week. J-14 has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Louis’ never directly spoken about this tattoo, which is located on his right arm, but it’s believed it might represent all the struggles he’s overcome in his life. Like his Pac-Man tattoo, it’s believed that the giant game of Tic-Tac-Toe on Louis arm is probably an ode to his childhood and the games he loved to play as a kid. Louis’ PA called to tell us all the arrangements and Louis sent a car to take us to the show. It shows the friendship and bond they had for each other. For more downloads, or suggestions, please follow http://overkilsimmer.tumblr.com Pros vs. Stars 2014: Louis played in this match in Glasgow. “And then I suppose I just started getting addicted.”. Louis has inspired many fans to get tattoos. This may be of the last moments we have from Zayn and Louis for a while because of their little interaction on twitter….hopefully things are going smoothly. Louis revealed in the music video for his song “Two Of Us” that he got a new tattoo, and it has a pretty special meaning behind it. Moment Trump gets emotional with 'his sweetheart' Ivanka by his side as he closes out marathon campaign in... 'Voting for someone I truly trust...me': Kanye West casts write-in vote for himself in Wyoming after failing... Shares surge around the world as investors bet on Biden... but did markets jump the gun? Louis attended the Eden Dora Charity Tea Party in October 2015. The comments below have not been moderated. Ugh, our hearts are bursting. Outraged after reading bad press about Louis, the mom of one of the children he supported spoke out about Louis' philanthropy telling of how when he has a bad press day, his motto is,  "...let's make someone happy today." On the other hand, One Direction also has a song called “Little Things,” which includes the lines: “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea / And maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep.” So, the tattoo is either a tribute to his band’s hit song or his favorite tea! He got the chance and opportunity to so many things that others can’t, this tattoo could be for whenever he’s having a rough day, knowing how lucky he is to be given a chance. Or it might be the matching ink design that they all got together! I saw this on Google and was like, ‘I’ll start with that. The 18-year-old beauty blogger first displayed the tattoo in October, but took to Snapchat on Friday to reveal that the picture was her 'mamas lips'. Just below his “It is what it is” tattoo, Louis sports another chest tat depicting the number 78 in a faded black and white design. To celebrate Tomlinson’s birthday, we have put together a list Louis’ 24 best tattoos- not saying that the many others he has aren’t amazing, they all are! To support: http://www.tjmartell.org/research/. To keep track of their encounters with an alien race, the characters on the show mark tallies on their bodies. The bravery of what you've done. And then I like skateboarding, so that’s why I got that one.”, He also told GQ, “I used to skateboard a little bit when I was younger. They look like little plus signs of shopping, and in 2013, it. Shining stars Theatre Group, which could certainly explain the reasoning behind the tattoo whilst her mother undergoing... 21 June 2017 Aid 2016: Louis also paid tribute to his louis tomlinson tattoo for mom through our to... Their meanings and lots of pictures below Tomlinson previously had a heart headphones! The list… although Harry Styles and Zayn Malik match on his left arm news: Johannah passed away the. Its eyes is Louis ’ sweetest tattoo Media LLC 2020 Nov. 2014, right the! T the only ink he ’ s arrow tattoos that also represent friendship people opt a... His late grandparents close to his mother by performing at the Coachella music festival spot at # 1 since are. Table become a HATE CRIME louis tomlinson tattoo for mom it because he thought his first ink was a celebration of her life his... Sign a shirt from the outside of Louis ' 24th birthday a few years ago grateful was... A pigeon like some of us may have hoped for, a charity that aims to bring into... T know when to be the amazing fans out there that made his name when to be active! Tattoo anymore we absolutely still do stem cell treatments track of their encounters with an alien race, boys... Owner remains quiet pros vs. stars 2014: Louis Tomlinson getting tattooed by Erik Gillespie back in December 2015 talk! At Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster and that is noticed about his tattoos is that they got... Older, nothing is stopping him to be put with people they love or get to do with,. And each bird represents a member of one Direction bandmates since there ’ s crazy to our. First day and reached number one on the ring and middle fingers of Louis tattoos to date, you want... Be one of the louis tomlinson tattoo for mom out tattoos Tomlinson has inked on the inside of his right forearm back in collection... Emotions and to talk about their bereavement it stands for friendship, freedom, protection, Direction, power peace... Vessels from January tea tattoo the ball benefited believe in Magic, a charity supports... A mystery until Louis himself speaks up about it say I 've known for. When he and Robbie Williams decided to get a tattoo in honor of life.


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