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They clearly love their kids and want the best for them. The two of them combined would be getting less than $9k/mo, or about their monthly rent. How long before we get a high kick sponsor post? I grew up Catholic and I remember being shocked that it is really one of the few religions that ban all birth control (other than the rhythm method.) Naomi is a terrible writer, and I found her Snapchat to be appallingly immature/invasive. Actually, I don’t see either one of them passing up the opportunity to both work from home. Their parents are technically employing them and accepting the payment on their behalf. And the people there get really rabid, assuming that everyone else who reads the blog obsesses over their every move and sifts every comment through some GOMI truth-filter. They want to be part of Taza’s life, so they will stick around.. Also, there is no authenticity - let's not forget the recent post, which Josh posted as Naomi (just checked Feedly, there are two post by Josh disguised as Naomi). I don't think it's a big deal. And even then, one of them apparently woke up and threw a tantrum about it in the middle of the night. save hide report. Since the blog is their single source of income and all of the blog content revolves around the kids I've become less concerned about the issues GOMI brings up (school, privacy, long-term psych effects, etc) and more concerned about their well-being as working children. Their videos get millions of views, they could afford to compensate children as guest actors. The timing of the virus couldn’t be worse. My husband didn’t even want to take our 2.5 year old out alone because what if she fell in somehow... even going slow and in a small, calm lake it would be scary for her. They are essentially using their kids as advertisements for various products that sponsor their blog. Like, no way would they get as many sponsorships/as much attention without the kids. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. As we’ve discussed before they only make shallow comments about things being hard, but I do think they’ve found it stressful with five. A week since their last post. This is a good point and precisely why I find it objectionable even though they don't share too much about the kids' private lives. And I'm like Ohmygodcanyounotreadthefreakingtagonallofthemmmm. Naomi co-slept and nursed the other kids until they were each about three years old. I'm Naomi (but sometimes known as Taza) and this is where I share bits and pieces of life's adventures - celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food and the simple joy's. I think Naomi hate Josh working; she complained about it constantly after they started having kids. What is your opinion of Love Taza? That said, Taza didn't wait to move when restrictions lessened and it was safer to move about the country. I just look in from time to time on the latest obsessive complaints on GOMI. They didn’t see a moose? Maybe in like 4 or 5 years. 74. Press J to jump to the feed. This thread is archived. Since these kids are working, I believe bloggers' kids should have the same protections child actors have, but only time will tell if those laws will catch-up. Do you think what they're doing (blogging about their children and family life for a living) is a bad thing necessarily? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm definitely concerned that their apartment is way too small for their family, and why aren't the kids in school? Will anyone else be subjected to baby bangs? She did it at the worse possible time, barely even lasting two weeks in NYC. Camping with two babies only recently sleep trained? I go back and forth on this. A scroll through any influencer's feed will show them attempting to grapple with the fact they can't go out to make content and that some of their followers might be sick or be key workers who put themselves at risk of infection every day. I am at home with little kiddos and if we can get out and about some this summer, I will be the happiest girl on Reddit. Can't bloody stand them. They might have a soccer mom from Topeka that snaps a cell phone pic when she spots them while in NYC. "The feeling in the influencer community has been one of intense worry and confusion. We had an agent who arranged things and we would go along to photoshoots etc for random things like washing powder, stuff like that. Yeah, it was exceptionally clear during all of that that Naomi froze Nat out and managed to get all her little friends to do it, too. Will anyone else be subjected to baby bangs? I might be not remembering this right, but I have a feeling that when he left work she alluded vaguely to the blog ( which was at its height) making as much if not more than he was earning so it made more sense for him to be at home working with her on it and helping with the kids. Holy shit, watch this video of a family of 8 living in quarantine in an apartment in the Bronx: 94% Upvoted. Look at the size of their online footprints! She probably felt she couldn’t do it all with 3, and I’m sure they crunched the numbers and decided with his help at home/with the blog, they could make more money then at his job. How long before we get a high kick sponsor post? what if they have the virus? I am of 2 minds about this. Not even in the culture. So it puzzles me as to why they are cool with making their living off them. Thank you for posting that. I dunno, I just read this article, and I kinda think the Taza brand is fucked. Press J to jump to the feed. How cold does it get at night at Wyoming? I'm disappointed that Naomi and Josh use their kids to bring in money, but I don't doubt that they're great parents. Might as well be Kate Gosselin. I maybe wouldn't care so much if Josh still worked his old job. This poor mama’s headspace probably needs some help but she understands something basic.... it’s not!!! save hide report. Close. No thanks. 206 comments . The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Love Taza: The Great Outdoors (7/22-7/18) Taza. Edited to add: just saw that went to Yellowstone.Should have saved her high kicks for a geyser. Him columbia, so him signed all the paperwork. Writers have always written about their families/family life. Close. Before that it seemed Naomi was able to run the blog, take the photos and still look aspirational. ", "Both brands and influencers are at high risk of looking crass in the current climate. Like, gosh darn it where would they be without blah blah blah, and then you never see the product again or they start promoting something else (WHERE'S LET'S PLAYGROUND). They can't boat #asafamily? I’m surprised they haven’t moved there already. r/blogsnark: Swipe up to snark on your favorite bloggers, influencers, and everything else on the internet. All!!! What could go wrong? So, I think a lot of city people will be heading out to the country and suburbs. She's good at making their lives sound fun but when you really think about what it must entail, it sounds kind of awful to me. Is it safer for every adult to wear a life jacket? How many more crafts and embroidered easter baskets did she pack before sneaking out west? PP had made a front page post, but took video portion down before I saw it, yet reading about it changed my whole opinion on these people. Love Taza: The Great Outdoors (7/22-7/18) Taza. At least have one parent take turns with the older kids if they really wanted to boat. Thanks for sharing. I posted an interview with Naomi below where she says definitively that they're done with kids- do Mormons low key use birth control? I think it would be more up their alley than California or Utah, but on the other hand it’s far from family and their main sponsors/market is in the US so it probably wouldn’t work. 26. Do you think they were contractually obligated to only show the camping part of the trip? The only context I think it's okay in (and even so, ehhh idk), is if it's treated essentially as an extracurricular like soccer or pottery class. They can’t make the most of it with five small kids. It's ok. Maybe I’m in the minority but I don’t think they’ll have a 6th child any time soon. They could go to a four or five star resort on their own dime and not have to film any of it. It is a little gross. Like if she were saying, we love this LL BEAN tent/jackets/beanie but not disclosing sponsorship that’s illegal. That was when they had only 2 kids I think. I personally find the blog incredibly dull and the people involved not especially attractive, so I never look at it. She was getting such little sleep with the twins she weaned them and put them in their own room at one year. Conservative mormon my whole life and I’ve never heard it being frowned upon.


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