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Sullivan replied that “immigration is beyond” Trump because the issue has “been around for a long time” and “the most important factor” cited in western polling. Well, Nance has spent years declaring the President and his allies are treasonous and willing Russian agents who colluded to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. To take on the liberal media, expose their toxic bias, and April 16, 2019 ANDREW SULLIVAN: He's going to run on this country doesn't exist anymore because there was an entirely open border at the south and no Democrat wants to stop uncontrolled immigration and that is why he will win, if he wins. Moreover, he holds an American nationality and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity. As of now, Malcolm directs a think tank which he founded, the Terror Asymmetric Projects on Radical Ideologies, Strategy, and tactics that studies counterterrorism. Though he has not revealed his wife identity, in an interview, he said that his wife is an American. The media is using whatever crisis it can to swing the upcoming election—they have an agenda and the truth is not It’s being created by mass immigration and you either have to choose between mass immigration or liberal democracy. It’s bringing neo-fascist governments to — to power in Europe. On 18th April 2018, he announced that his wife battled stage 4 cancer through an article published in Philadelphia Magazine. Let’s dominate the bookstore wars. Why? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. He is married to his beautiful wife, Maryse Beliveau-Nance. Additionally, he was also an instructor in peacetime Survival and wartime, Resistance and Escape, Evasion, training Navy, as well as Marine Corps pilots and aircrew how to survive as a prisoner of war. BUY NOW: @Plot2Destroy Democracy: How Putin’s Spies are Underming America and Dismantling the West. Now back to work! In 2001, Malcolm retired from the Navy. A Fox News Hack has just launched “The Russia Hoax”Its getting prominent display but liberal books are sidelined. We are part of the only organization purely dedicated to this critical mission and we Later ten days, he tweeted that he and his family received over fifty death threats including raping his wife and daughters in twenty-four hours, due to suspect of being ISIS. Nance, of course, was one of the more deranged individuals MSNBC has on their payroll. Moreover, he holds a degree in bachelor of arts through New York’s Excelsior College. All Rights Reserved. This guy is going to be worse for you.


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