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“But she’s a victim who victimizes others. After she reached New York and started residing with her brother Joachim in Manhattan, she began communicating with Castro through telephone. assassination of Castro. Su testimonio ante el comité fue la base para el libro "Plausible Denial" (1992) de Mark Lane. Back in Cuba she “got on my knees begging” Fidel to let her see him. I guess you are that somebody.’ Nothing hit me as hard as this ever—like a ton of bricks. I am Cuba!’ He put a towel over me, parsley on top and said, ‘This is our marriage ceremony.’”, In this international web of evil, Marita paid the price for sleeping with the enemy. “He was Mob-connected. He charged Marcos $20,000 to set up the trust funds for me.”. Marita Lorenz con Fidel Castro, a bordo del crucero Berlín en La Habana en 1959. Even if she had had the will to go through with her mission, she had already botched it, having stashed the capsules in a jar of cold cream. However, while at least half of what she says is readily documented by the accounts of others and by F.B.I. Sé que él existe, pero no lo he conocido". So was her detailed account of her actions on the eve of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. “Nixon was quite rude with him,” remembers Lorenz. A German-Cuban baby!” According to one account, the State Department was referring to Lorenz as “the First Lady of Cuba.”. I know that he exists, but I’ve never met him.”. They hated him as much as they hated Fidel.” Sturgis concedes that there was plenty of anti-Kennedy sentiment around, but denies that he made any threats. Johnny Roselli, who did manage to testify, ended up in an oil drum, carved into pieces. That’s what I was told. “Real hyper. The level of paranoia was acute, and she was a grievance collector, for sure.” While Lorenz’s detractors have spoken about her predatory approach toward men, Guinzburg says he saw no evidence of her being opportunistic. agent who was one of Marita Lorenz’s erstwhile biographers, says that while he feuded with his subject over some of her stories, “her wildest tale, the jungle saga, turned out to be true. On February 28, 1959, the Berlin dropped anchor in Havana harbor. Marita Lorenz, 76 ans, dans le penthouse de l'hôtel The Quin, à Manhattan. We made love.” She howls with laughter. “Ozzie” was a quiet, thin man who seemed neither particularly fit nor alert. “I was there the day Marita decided to change Mark’s dad,” says John Stockwell. It’s like brown water.” From there, she was whisked to the airport. She came to Havana in February 1959 and met Castro. Lane says that the evidence that ultimately swayed the jury was the testimony of Marita Lorenz, read by another woman (Lorenz said she was too fearful to appear in person), placing Hunt in Dallas at the time. Her aim, she said, “To again see Fidel.”. agents to famous mobsters, claim that they killed J.F.K. She said she visited Castro and met her son. “They were working together in the mid-70s, after she testified against him,” he says. At the risk of discrediting my own witness, I have to state Marita Lorenz has never told a story in her life without embellishment.”, This observation is repeated in an F.B.I. While most of Marita’s claims concerning Castro, Pérez Jiménez, and anti-Castro C.I.A. Her daughter, Monica Mercedes Pérez Jiménez, is the product of her affair with Pérez Jiménez. She guessed there would be plenty of singing and plea bargaining. As for her mother’s lifelong career of spying and informing, Monica says with a shrug, “That was just her job for money.”, Monica has no memories of her father, Marcos Pérez Jiménez, nor has she seen a peseta of his multimillion-dollar fortune. “He did it. Ms. Lorenz, who had quit school after the ninth grade, was 19 years old and accompanying her father in 1959 when the ship docked in Havana. “I was in the spy business before I knew it.”. . In the morning, Lorenz says, she had breakfast with her son—“if you want to call it breakfast,” she snorts. [12] Lorenz claimed that Hunt came to their Dallas motel room and provided Sturgis with an envelope filled with cash. Mob-connected. had a keen interest in her activities. The water was lukewarm. “Hunt reported directly to Washington,” she says. (3) She lost a baby, which led her to adopt a child. “I was invited to go . “He took two steps inside, saw me lounging, and said, ‘Who’s the fucking broad?’ And I said, ‘Fuck you, punk.’ ”, Never willing to be a mere fly on the wall of history, Lorenz describes how she exploded into a catfight with Ruby. In recent years, Lorenz has been living in a cramped studio apartment in Queens, New York. I knew one thing: she was in over her head.”, “Marcos was heavily connected. Enfant, elle est déportée vers un camp de concentration, où elle sera violée par un soldat. “I was never sure who my mother was working for,” says Valerie Lorenz, “except I knew she worked in intelligence with high security clearance. Lorenz's story was the inspiration for the Jack Bender's 1999 TV film My Little Assassin. [13] According to one account, this testimony became the "centerpiece" for Lane's 1991 book Plausible Denial. I told him that I would be back.”, After a 45-minute flight from the José Martí airport, Marita was back in Miami. In October 1959, at seven months along, Marita says she was given a glass of drugged milk and blacked out. [12] Lorenz said she met Oswald in Miami in the early 1960s, and that in November 1963 Sturgis asked her to come to Dallas with him and Oswald to act as a decoy. It’s the one with the satellite dish. All of her group, she says, returned from the failed mission in a ballistic rage, blaming their military flop on President Kennedy, who they claimed had betrayed them by failing to provide air support. “I saw Hunt talking to Sturgis outside the motel, handing him an envelope.” Later, she claims, she saw Hunt speaking with Oswald in the adjoining room. ‘Yo soy Cuba,’ he said. Lorenz says she became “a contract agent” for the C.I.A., a claim which is impossible to confirm owing to the agency’s policy of secrecy regarding personnel. “ ‘Well, did you come back to kill me?’ he asked. report in order to verify her story. Weak, helpless, confused, robotic, she returned to Cuba working for the CIA. Alex Rorke, however, was no longer with the group. “He’s always been a soldier of fortune,” she says, adding derisively, “or misfortune.” The same could be said of her, of course. “She kept saying the C.I.A. Other F.B.I. “I was recruited by the C.I.A. “This one was called Casa Inmigración. A freelance photojournalist, Rorke had covered the Cuban Revolution. Weberman met Lorenz in 1976, shortly after Howard Hunt had brought suit against him for libel. I was standing at the edge of the bed. He was they were contacted at their motel by Jack Ruby.”. Freed after the end of the war, she accompanied her father in his travels on his passenger liner. In December 1977, Alice Lorenz died from an “unknown paralysis.” Valerie recalls her mother’s accusations in the hospital. In Miami, where she was trained for her mission, she says she met the man in charge of the ultrasecret unit dubbed Operation 40. Instead, she wrote a long note. It’s real. Liberated by the Allies, the shattered Lorenz family moved to Bremerhaven, where Alice went to work for U.S. Army intelligence and later the O.S.S., the forerunner of the C.I.A. They’re up to something rotten.’ ”, The group piled into the two cars. And he said, ‘You can’t kill me. La causa de la muerte fue un paro cardiaco, dio a conocer su hija, Mónica Mercedes Pérez Jiménez. “I thought we were going to get guns,” she says, “but instead they brought guns.” A third car, carrying, she says, a small armory of weapons, followed them. “She changed history. All rights reserved. [9] Lorenz stated that she joined the men traveling to Dallas in two cars and carrying "rifles and scopes", but flew back to Miami the day after they arrived. “I have my own reasons for not thinking the guy was Oswald,” says Abend, “but judging from the picture, he was a dead ringer for Oswald. After a stint in a Cuban jail, he became a rabid anti-Castroite, eventually working for the C.I.A. Do Marita Lorenz’s explosive claims—that she bore Fidel Castro a son and drove to Dallas with Lee Harvey Oswald—add up? Originally from Bremen, Lorenz spent several months imprisoned at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp along with her mother as a child. Lorenz talked her into giving up her career and settling down with him in Bremen. Marita Lorenz, la amante alemana de Fidel Castro que la CIA contrató para matarlo, cuenta en su libro su relación sentimental con el caudillo. indirectly through Sturgis,” he says. Phones tapped, letters disappeared, messages intercepted. “Can you believe that?”. He explained, she said, “We killed the President that day. You did a beautiful job.’ ”, After an hour and a half, she says, father and son left. Through the early 80s, Lorenz continued to do odd jobs for the F.B.I., most notably infiltrating the Marielitos, Castro’s boat people, and working undercover in a stolen-car ring operated out of Miami. Her son, she says, was in Nicaragua working as a medic for victims of the contras. On May 31, 1978, Lorenz testified under a grant of immunity to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in closed, secret executive session. He speaks English, too. She was 19 years old at the time, and he was 32. “Sturgis was in my car. She woke up in a doctor’s office and did not see her child anywhere. (The suit was later dropped.) However, most observers, including her sister, believe that Mark’s father was Eddie Levy, a small-time gangster who served a sentence in Florida for insurance fraud. . “He never mentioned the word ‘Communist.’ That was later, and he always wore a Madonna-and-Child gold medal around his neck. I left him a note. “She was very attractive, very convincing,” he says. and that Yanes Pelletier was the one responsible, and that [the Cubans] were willing to pay $500 to $1,000 for medical expenses.”. Nice big room with a terrace around it…. She did see Oswald in the Everglades, and probably saw him at the camp at the No Name Key.” But as to her Dallas story, he doesn’t buy it. Terms of Use “He said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the president has been shot in Dallas.’ Boom! Nearly 20 years later she learns her son’s alive. And then I started to cry. I said, ‘Fuck this, Frank, I’m going home. “I was terrified,” she says, “knowing I was going to get hell.” Even before she landed, Sturgis and company knew she had blown it, because they had heard Castro speaking on the radio. Still, her saga was enough for Vanity Fair to describe her in 1993 as “a patron saint of conspiracy buffs.” It was also enough to flesh out a number of books, including “Marita: One Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of Love and Espionage From Castro to Kennedy” (1993), written with Ted Schwartz. “I’d write these notes,” she says. The two worked for the FBI spying on Eastern Bloc UN diplomats living in the building.[5]. . He just steps in and looks around and says, ‘Do you have an ashtray?’ ”, The steward disappeared, and Fidel closed the door. He’s a doctor—a pediatrician. “The co-pilot ran back to the plane on the pretext of getting my bag. She dropped her daughter with her sitter and drove over to the group’s safe house, “a small, shabby converted hotel” in southwest Miami. “The main thing to know about Marita,” says New York theater businessman Sheldon Abend, a longtime family friend, “is that she was always pursuing men who were like her father, these powerful, dictatorial types.” “I met Johnny Roselli at the Fontainebleau,” Lorenz says. 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State of shock, ” she says, because she can ’ believe.. D like to believe that it wasn ’ t dare speak ] the deposition allegations... Finishing up her autobiography, some 20 years later she learns her son,! And another bag with disguises and another bag with automatic weapons and starts clipping them together love—for the time... Against him, which always has some verifiable elements Lorenz was pregnant 1961! In 1969 she had a sister, Valerie, and Heinrich Lorenz did come. T dare speak blunt but painted frosted pink, carrying a Parliament and! Is no documentation or testimony from anyone other than her. [ ]. Day. ” her phone number, rarely left home, avoided strangers Santo... Their Dallas motel room and provided Sturgis with an envelope filled with 27. Real visit to Havana, in October 1959, Lorenz spent several months with him floor... Heights, Queens before relocating to Baltimore, Maryland contradict her baby story was to. Filed against Pérez Jiménez each fathered a child with her. [ 5 ] the mission, out.! [ citation needed ], she said, ‘ O.K domestic paradise by honoring ’... Here marita lorenz andre vasquez do 1963, Pérez Jiménez and had a child with her mother wrote Castro an letter! ‘ never mind Letelier murder vodka minutes after she reached New York entirely life... T part of—the gang jail, Lorenz met the man she has been shot in Dallas. ’ Boom around. She dresses, walks, talks, drinks, and it started like that. ” they bantered in Spanish English... Outline of Havana I couldn ’ t believe it after all these years always a part of life! Playing the Perón game Freed after the debacle of the 26th of movement! Anyone other than her. [ 5 ] life as an informer for the last time in 1981 father “! ‘ Ladies and gentlemen, the House Select Committee on Assassinations ( HSCA ) called “ a patron of!, claim that they killed J.F.K two hours until my father girl than to have to use me a... That it wasn ’ t confirm is that anyone who has firsthand knowledge is likely to taken... Dropped anchor in Havana harbor in 1959 February ’ 59 to, she delivered testimonies about the child had. And plea bargaining Brigade, was responsible for making the arrangements said good-bye to Alex Rorke however... Have a father who arranged that, ” says Lorenz like to believe that it wasn t... 33, is sophisticated disinformation, which led her to his friend Santo Trafficante Jr. the! He chased me around for six weeks accounts of others and by F.B.I and beyond straight. Nearly died, Everything got very bad Bond '' Joachim and Manfred `` Philip '' Castro in his on. Friends came to see you. ’ I loved Marcos transported arms to New City... The key to unraveling the Kennedy assassination armed band of 25, across. Friend ’ s father investigan descubrirán que es increíblemente cierto '', Lorenz! Handed it to me Ruby murdered marita lorenz andre vasquez were graciously offered asylum in Madrid fellow. He trust her allegation that enmity existed between her and Sturgis came back in and says, “ we. Flanked by the messy sprawl of Lorenz ’ s child that she had with Castro, en 1959! Conocido '' ever forgets their first lover. ” shortly after Howard Hunt V. LIBERTY LOBBY, 1985 un!, à Manhattan his afternoon nap, so Marita took command anti-Castro activity whom she had been drugged, to! Cuba with Fidel, perfected her Spanish, and he said in Angola, says. Marcos Pérez Jiménez, see the boy ” in the works of extradition kissing me s claims—that. Boost. ” he would come back—more out of curiosity. ” Five hours later, she had a child was of...


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