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WINGS: It sounds like he’s very hands-on in the day-to-day operations as well. Even though he's technically not one of the executives in the company, if he walks through a hangar and tells somebody 'I think you should do this,' they're pretty much going to do it.". Just do it, and get it over with. Eventually, he bought out the three other guys and has been running it solo ever since. It was named for Wood Buffalo National Park, which is the largest park up here. Basically his style is James Dean. The crew was amazing. McBryan is also well-known as a man who gets things done, a reputation that Taboada said may be hurting him. Buffalo is different for a reason, and the reason is the people. Mikey McBryan was born in Canada on Saturday, November 27, 1982 (Millennials Generation). "He's got 50 years experience. So, we’ve got about 20 years at least. It's just not right," he said. Also, it’s now environmentally sound – yes, we can say we’ve been “green” since 1970. #Repost The Northwest Territories is as flat and boring as it looks, but it’s one of the richest mineral deposits in the world. McBryan has refused to lay off any of his employees, meaning that the airline is paying salaries and other costs, but is not taking in revenue. Kristine Cook, Buffalo's communications manager, said the airline had no comment at this time. Mikey is known for his appearance on the TV Show “Ice Pilots NWT” that features the daily operations of his dad’s airline Buffalo Airways. If you’re a true aviation enthusiast, it’s hard not to be intrigued by These DC-3s were all bought in the 1970s and they’ve not only paid for themselves but also paid for the whole company. In private Mikey likes to play video games like NHL 94 that he also produced a movie about called “Pixelated Heroes”. Are they true to life? He’s got backups on backups on backups. There’s no red tape – if there is one guy in charge (my dad) there are no “maybes” only yes or no. Buffalo Airways owner agrees to step away as airline remains grounded, Transport Canada grounded the operations of the popular northern airline, Buffalo Airways, of TV's Ice Pilots NWT, has licence suspended, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. "You have a man who owns the company, a man with a powerful personality," Tabaoda said. WINGS: “Buffalo Joe” is one of the legendary aviators who built the North like “Punch” Dickins or Max Ward. Based in Yellowknife, N.W.T., this iconic operation profiled in the hit television series Ice Pilots NWT, has served the far north since 1970, providing national and international air support services, including cargo shipments, fire suppression and passenger transfers.


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