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In the Spelljammer setting, the illithids are the creators of the oortlings, a humanoid race of high intelligence and enlarged size. Most such experiments resulted in shapeless abominations, but a few were occasionally successful and produced viable servants. When you do so, roll 20d4. The illithid race itself seemed doomed. Alhoons are generally pariahs in illithid society because they go against most illithids' eventual goal; to merge with the Elder Brain, both physically and psionically. You can use your action to make a melee weapon attack against one incapacitated humanoid you are grappling. These so-called renegade illithids could go on to establish their own colonies or, free from the elder brain's arrogant supremacy, even seek cooperation with other species. As an action, you cast plane shift as a 7th-level spell without requiring components. This thread is archived. Aberrant Each psionic discipline describes effects you can create with it by spending a certain number of psi points. Mind Flayers know how to levitate innately, so they wouldn't need wings. You may put the brains of creatures that have not been dead for more than 24 hours inside the pool, adding them to the growing mass of grey matter. Mozgriken 13. Illithid clerics of Ilsensine live secluded and monastic lives, and are rarely seen outside of their temples. This is because the aboleths remember the origin of almost every other race, through their hereditary memory. A mind flayer must consume humanoid brains to survive. Its skin color ranges from mauve to a greenish lavender, soft and damp like an amphibious creature, and constantly covered by a layer of glistening slime.A mind flayer's hands have three narrow reddened fingers and a thumb, while its feet have two webbed toes. The multiplication of mindflayer colonies happens when a tadpole, quite rarely, through ceremorphosis, creates a more powerful form known as a ulitharid (meaning "noble devourer" in Undercommon), who is biologically bigger, stronger, and more powerful and cunning than regular mindflayers. Ascomoid, As a security measure, these items could only be used by the illithids or their thralls. Unfortunately, the mind flayers were overconfident, and failed to notice when the gith began to evolve resistance to their psionic control. The process of ceremorphosis yielded a new mind flayer only if the tadpole was applied to certain compatible types of humanoids. When they do feel the need to write, they do so in "qualith." General Information Mind flayers regulary keep humanoids as enslaved thralls, controlled by constant psionic bombardment and bred to be docile. Currently, the illithids are in a period of intense study and experimentation, gathering knowledge of all sorts that will enable them to eventually reconquer the universe and hold it for good. Illithidae: Illithidae are to mind flayers as less intelligent animals are to humans. Subtype(s) Mind Blast (Recharge 5–6). Normally, attempting ceremorphosis on an incompatible creature resulted in death for both the host and the tadpole. One possible origin is given in the Ravenloft adventure Thoughts of Darkness, in which a vampiress collaborates with the illithids in using the Apparatus to create the first vampiric illithid, a being never conceived of before. The 4th Edition preview Wizards Presents Worlds and Monsters supports the claim that mind flayers originate from the Far Realm. Trapper, A target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, end the effect on itself on a success. The attack bonus is your Intelligence modifier plus your proficiency bonus. A mind flayer's four prehensile tentacles can be extended from around 2 feet to to around 4 feet in length, and the mind flayer can manipulate them with great precision. Mindflayers are tyrants, slavers, and planar voyagers. Archived. You must finish a long rest before you can use this feature again.Languages. [2], Illithids fed on the brains of sentient creatures (mainly humanoids). Size Make a melee spell attack using your Psionic spellcasting attack modifier. [85], In the late 15th century DR, mind flayers had lost the knowledge of how to construct their plane-crossing nautiloid vessels. While focused on this discipline you are aware of the presence of creatures within 30 feet of you that has an Intelligence score of 4 or higher. [1][4][15] They were warm-blooded amphibians,[6] whose blood had a silvery-white color. Among their favourites include humans, drow, halflings and derro. The captives will then be marched all the way to the illithids' underground settlement by specially trained and conditioned thralls. Scum creeper, At the end of the ritual, the target creature becomes your thrall with all thoughts of escape or hostility towards you eradicated. Humans are typical victims, but humanoids of similar size are also used, such as elves (including drow), gith, orcs and goblinoids. Lawful evil Typically, a group of mind flayers will teleport to the settlement and swiftly incapacitate them with their psychic powers. Each mind flayer may also own multiple thralls or slaves. Mindwitness 12. Once the Elder Brain has been created, you may use the process of creating a thrall to instead create another mind flayer, which is also charmed by you. They are also considered to be a humanoid brain for the purpose of satisfying your diet. At 3rd level, as an action for 1 psi point, you release a 15 ft. cone of psionic energy. Mind flayer eyes were extremely sensitive to bright light, and they considered it painful, a characteristic that some githya… The mind flayer appears in the Monster Manual (1e) (1977), p.70. Occasionally mind flayer communities are attacked (often by vengeful Githyanki and Githzerai) and their inhabitants must flee. Nerve Swimmers: Derived from immature illithid tadpoles, these entities are living instruments of torture and interrogation.[27]. Your Intelligence increases by 2 and your Charisma increases by 1.Age. Saltor ). Lawful evil [1], Some illithids dedicated themselves to studying and honing their innate abilities. If you are holding a small object, you smear all the quintessence around it, causing it to enter a stasis, locked in time. Mindflayers, also known as illithids, are evil and sadistic aberrations, feared by sentient creatures on many worlds across the multiverse due to their powerful innate psionic abilities. Less common illithid vessels such as the 25-ton squid ship, the 70-ton octopus, and the 100-ton cuttle command also resemble the cephalopods after which they are named. You may cast it at 1 higher level for every 2 additional psi points spent. Medium In these communities, the number of slaves often far outstripped the number of mind flayers. As an action, you crystallise ambient time into a gooey shimmering material called quintessence. They are warm-blooded amphibians whose blood has a silvery-white color. They possess six tentacles instead of the regular four. Mindflayer eyes are extremely sensitive to bright light and consider it painful, a characteristic that some githyanki scholars attributed to the fact that their alien anatomy focused light in a strange way. Mind flayers first appeared in the official newsletter of TSR Games, The Strategic Review #1, Spring 1975. As an action, you cast suggestion as a 2nd-level spell without requiring components. You gain resistance to cold, lightning and necrotic damage.


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