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That little knot of tension in my stomach was not so much the thrill created by well-manufactured suspense as the dread engendered by less-than-tragic inevitability. Madden and cinematographer Sebastian Blenkov—fresh off of "Men & Chicken"—do right by their star, lighting her and framing her in the most dramatic way possible, reveling in her coloring, her striking silhouette, getting as close as possible to her to examine the flashes of expression in this strange character's eyes. As the movie business searches about for more female-friendly approaches to storytelling genres traditionally built around male action, it occasionally hits on this imperfect solution, casting a flawed female protagonist or dastardly lady villain in such recent efforts as the revisionist fairy tale Maleficent, the political drama Our Brand Is Crisis or the financial thriller Equity. | Of course, this ice maiden is going to shatter: Sloane is popping too many uppers and creating too many enemies as she climbs. I didn’t like the fact that Lizzy killed her husband. He continues asking questions to prompt her; she repeats the same thing over and over. But she wears the character of Miss Sloane like a costume. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Sloane takes her entire team with her, sans one—her devoted assistant Jane (Alison Pill) who decides to stay behind—to a rag-tag low-rent lobbying outfit headed up by Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong), devoted to pushing through that controversial gun bill. Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a cutthroat lobbyist who has been called to appear at a congressional hearing led by Senator Ronald Sperling (John Lithgow) to answer questions about possible violations of Senate ethics rules during her tenure at Washington … She is the Keyser Söze of lobbyists. Indeed, she speaks her lines with such an air of removal that she regularly misses the zingers, creating the impression of a woman who is not only emotionally dead but reading from a Teleprompter into the bargain. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. When "Miss Sloane" really works is in the scenes when Miss Sloane is by herself (not coincidentally, the scenes with very little dialogue). One particular lobbyist—a ferocious take-no-prisoners individual named Elizabeth Sloane, played by Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain—is the center of John Madden's "Miss Sloane.". Elizabeth Sloane is not merely more ruthless than any man in Washington, she is also scrubbed of any obvious humanity; she knows no morals nor humour and finds her own appetites inconvenient. She is not an idealist or an activist. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter . If she has any home other than that hotel room, we don't see it – apart from one glimpse of a closet full of power suits. Thank you for your patience. And then, at the end of all this, there is a clever surprise, a brilliant twist – or what would be a brilliant twist if Sloane were a recognizable character. Jessica Chastain, centre, plays Elizabeth Sloane, a tough-as-nails Washington lobbyist who puts her unethical skills to work for an ethical cause. I googled and yours is the best explanation I’m happy to agree with. The DC Mythbusting Series has debunked that story, finding the term in use as far back as the 1600s (always with the same wheeler-dealer connotation). Chastain is a pleasure to look at, in her dizzyingly high heels, ice-white skin and bright red lips. I’m not sure. She responds with what he has told her to memorize "Upon the advice of counsel, I must respectfully decline to answer your question, based on my rights under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution". I wasn’t happy how the movie ended. If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to, To view this site properly, enable cookies in your browser. Sheila O'Malley received a BFA in Theatre from the University of Rhode Island and a Master's in Acting from the Actors Studio MFA Program. But when she takes on the most powerful opponent of her career, she finds that winning may come at too high a price. Their scenes together are extremely well-played and well-written, pointing out the deficiencies of the script elsewhere. She does not have any convictions outside of winning (a philosophy she verbalizes multiple times throughout, including in the direct-address opening scene). Born in 1660, he lived through an age of great scientific, intellectual and artistic expansion. She is every mastermind serial killer on "Criminal Minds," psychopaths with the wherewithal to pepper their crime scenes with 75 red herrings, baffling organizations following the blood trail. Partly because “Miss Sloane” is more a character study than a coherent political drama, it fumbles the issue it purports to address, and it eventually runs aground in a preposterous ending. Her friendship with underling Esme Manucharian (an excellent Gugu Mbatha-Raw) has a disturbing power-imbalance from the start. "Miss Sloane was actually somewhat based on my own mother," the screenwriter told Zach Laws of Gold Derby. Miss Sloane is a powerfully conceived thriller with something dead at its centre: there is no reason a female protagonist must be good or well-behaved, but she must at least be interesting That means: Comments that violate our community guidelines will be removed. What were you like as a child?". She pops pills in secret, presumably speed since she never sleeps. It comes across as wanting to be Aaron Sorkin, without his flair for archetypes or percussive dialogue. It is the character study aspect of the film that is most interesting. Sure, Hollywood movies are stuffed with limp and unnecessary backstories – perhaps Perera should be lauded for creating a figure who never blames a childhood spent in poverty or a brutal professional initiation for her steep career path – but Sloane is so simplistically sketched that her final move just appears implausibly unmotivated; the character is given precisely one line to explain what she has done.


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