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Not only that, they had a fan base that didn't seem to care. fans to jump on their bandwagon. The first major rule is that one player cannot be the most hated guy for more than one club. Power ranking the most hated teams in baseball history is not easy to do. The Steelers are the most “hated” team in eight of the 50 states. If you are a Tigers fan from the ‘80s, you’re probably throwing up in your soup at the mere suggestion of the Jays. Everyone (the owners, the players, the executives) was to blame for the 1994 strike that forced the cancellation of the World Series for the first time in 90 years. They lost 17 of their first 18 games, were shut out 16 times and allowed double-digit runs 21 times. But we're trying to think bigger here. The Red Sox know the pain of facing the Yankees' dreaded "Evil Empire" and coming up empty. Well, throw in your lot with another team loaded with young stars playing in a big metropolis where things did work out! Plus, since the Phillies beat the Rays in the 2008 World Series, you kind of owe it to the city to root for them. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Well, the Rays are the very embodiment of process. The other 13 American League cities should have loved this club. They may have had two beloved players in Cal Ripken Jr. and Eddie Murray, but losing the first 21 games of the season renders a club a laughingstock, something that couldn't have gone over well for the fans of a franchise that had won the World Series five years earlier. But since the Brewers backed in with a loss -- having never been over .500 for a single day all year -- they'll get a pass. It's one thing to strike and miss a few games or even a large portion of the season, like what happened to MLB in 1981, the NFL in 1987 or the NBA in 1998. It had the very unlikable J.D. So, your team isn’t in the postseason. Still, while your favorite team heads out on vacation, you don't want to stop watching baseball. Power ranking the most hated teams in baseball history is not easy to do. The Mariners and Padres face off a lot in Interleague Play. Google it! But sometimes it’s a little harder. (If you want to cheer for the Cubs and Yu Darvish, well, that's also fine.). 8 seed in NL. But when you post the worst record since the expansion Mets of 1962, it's hard to be well-received. You obviously want to have someone to root for this October -- some team to stake your entire emotional investment on, giving you another reason to stay up late every night. May.". First, Steinbrenner fired the beloved Yogi Berra after a 6-10 start, only to hire Billy Martin for a fourth time (he would be fired at the end of the season). The team has gone to the postseason nine times since 2001 and has won only one series. 24. Two teams have absolutely no love lost for the Astros: the Rangers and the Dodgers, who were defeated by Houston in the 2017 World Series. With the postseason field at 16 teams this year -- the largest in baseball history -- it can be a little overwhelming. Lend some Orioles Magic to this year’s great Cinderella team, and then, like a chain letter, wait for it to be returned eightfold when it’s your turn at the top of the standings. A few ground rules for this article should be declared first. But the team's other NL MVP, Jeff Kent, wasn't all that likable either. The two made multiple deals with each other this Deadline alone. There may be some Pirates fans who will never be able to cheer for the Braves after Sid Bream slid home in 1992. Boston wasn't the David toppling Goliath anymore, and it wasn't a rag-tag club of idiots who rallied around the Cowboy Up mentality. And after nearly a decade, Manny Ramirez's antics were starting to get old, and he would soon wear out his welcome in Boston. Sure, you're rooting for Royals great Zack Greinke to get his World Series ring. The A's. Writer for Total Pro Sports Since August 31, 2015. As bad as that 2003 Tigers team was, the Baltimore Orioles of 15 season earlier was more hateable. Hometown fans love a team no matter what happens or what dirtbag is on the roster...for the most part. Consider all the low-scoring games you'll be cheering for this October as a little palate cleanser before next season. You may as well add "Trust the Process" to the Philadelphia city flag. If this type of wheeling and dealing and over-spending for past-their-prime stars was to be the future of the Mets (and it was), it's hard not to hate this team. Snow didn't save the day, this team would transition from "hated" to "grossly negligent.". It doesn't hurt to cheer for Texas native Clayton Kershaw to finally get his first ring, either. So, if everyone else is rooting for the Astros to lose, well, it seems fitting for K.C. Young lefty Steve Carlton was well known for having disdain for the media and didn't cut a great PR image. A preseason breakout pick by many pundits, the White Sox slumped down the stretch, but have the kind of must-watch, don't-look-away-for-a-second talent in players like Luis Robert or Tim Anderson to make anything possible. To Cubs fans, Red Sox fans, and especially fans of the Cleveland Indians (who the Marlins beat in the World Series), that city didn't deserve a World Series title. They continuously innovate -- only to watch the rest of the league latch onto their ideas. After 24 seasons, plenty of people didn't like him. And there are no GMs in the sport who love wheeling and dealing as much as Seattle’s Jerry Dipoto and San Diego’s A.J. Forget the fact that this team's leadoff hitter was Brady Anderson, the man who from out of nowhere hit 50 home runs. We can always use an excuse to watch more baseball, Who to root for if your team is out of it. The O’s weren’t supposed to be competitive this year, but after starting the season hot, they gave every Baltimore fan a shot of much-needed optimism. Hatred doesn't have to only be about unlikable or dirty players. That is nothing new. Both are located in charming coastal cities on the West Coast. Because he was so utterly dominant as a pitcher, any team that Bob Gibson faced naturally made him a hated man in National League cities across the America. That's how much the fans there have embraced the slogan around the then-rebuilding 76ers. But for younger fans, that intense rivalry doesn’t exist. A map put together by shows the most hated team in each state in the USA and it shockingly shows that a team being led by Tom Brady doesn’t even make the list. And since there were a few players on that team who were seen as hired guns such as Jack Morris, Joe Carter and Dave Winfield, winning the championship over a team with home grown talent like John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Dave Justice, Ron Gant, and Steve Avery made the Jays far less likable. The rest is history. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Trade Mike Clevinger at the Deadline? It may hurt for a minute when it happens -- kind of like when you notice an ex recently got married on social media -- but in the end, you’ll be happy that it happened. That makes for a long summer in the Motor City, where they had to be hated. They have the always exciting Ronald Acuña Jr. and his best friend Ozzie Albies. And everyone knows that when the Rays acquire a player, it's because they see something everyone else missed. But the real answer is whoever is playing St. Louis at any time. Well, the Twins know what it’s like to lose to the Yankees, too. Each has endured long postseason droughts -- briefly broken up when generational talents have filled their respective rosters. They've lost three consecutive Wild Card Games -- the most heartbreaking of all postseason appearances. And since he was already so fearsome, he didn't need to throw at batters to intimidate them. Michael Clair writes for Even more shocking is that the Dallas Cowboys appear to be hated by just one state. Neverthless, over the next month, the Sox opened a historic fire sale. They stockpiled free agents and big contract talent like Bobby Bonilla, Devon White, Moises Alou, Gary Sheffield, Alex Fernandez, etc. Although they hadn't reached the postseason since 1987, The Tigers had been a proud franchise. Spending millions on free agents Bobby Bonilla and Eddie Murray wasn't nearly enough to make the Mets respectable in 1992. Less than two years before, Reinsdorf would oversee the dissection of his Chicago Bulls dynasty. But plenty of people didn't like the fact that the championship for "America's Game" went to a team in Canada. Outside of that one particular city, the following 15 teams have plenty of reason to be hated. Every NFL fan base has a certain team that absolutely cannot stand, whether it’s because of a long standing rivalry, or they simply can’t stand the fan base associated with the franchise. The Red Sox's second World Series title since 1918 wasn't nearly as "magical" as the first. Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer are gone? It’s a bummer, I get it. Not only did he get into a shoving match in the dugout that year, but he broke his wrist motorcycling that offseason and lied about it, saying he slipped washing his truck. Oh and it was during that 1988 season that Billy Ripken, Cal's brother, posed for his infamous baseball card. The 1996 Orioles' Gold Glove All-Star second baseman, Roberto Alomar, spit in an umpire's face during a game in late September. Still, while your favorite team heads out on vacation, you don't want to stop watching baseball. Rickey Henderson was a pretty brash self-promoter. Now support the other team who could use it. The Nationals finally broke the curse that had been afflicting the team since they were known as the Expos last season: They won their first ever postseason series en route to a World Series title. For those who have moved on, though, there is a lot to enjoy in Atlanta. The Astros are probably the most statistical-heavy team in the league, which simply turns a number of people off. Though they struggled at the start of the year, the team got hot down the stretch to snag a postseason spot. Late that season, Martin would allegedly get into a fist fight with pitcher Ed Whitson and break his arm. It’s hard to pitch in Coors Field. Every year begins with such high hopes and every season ends in bitter disappointment except for one very lucky team. Nor was trading away well-liked players Hubie Brooks and Kevin McReynolds for Brett Saberhagen (who only made 15 starts). Fans love to hate players. Nats fans, you broke your curse last year. The third most-hated MLB team is the Dodgers with five states, followed by the Mets and Cardinals with four, and then … And with their rotation -- led by Luis Castillo and Trevor Bauer -- they are a legitimate World Series contender. Winning a tainted, or at least controversial, title can leave a champion hated by many. Oh, and letting a three-year-old (manager Dusty Baker's son) serve as a batboy only to see him run onto the field during a play is pretty bad. Jason Giambi had already admitted to taking PEDs. It’s time to cheer for him to get his World Series trophy. So, just as the Giants would have been serious underdogs in the postseason, cheer for the other No.


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