negative effects of the columbian exchange essay
The event describes the mutual exchange of plants, animals, goods and diseases between Europe and Asia. They would go on to trade the plants, animals or technology, but sadly diseases became a negative consequence of trading between the New and, The Three Ideas Of Political Justice In Plato's Republic, The Negative Effects On Society's Perceptions Of Justice, The Suburban Life In Goodbye, Columbus By Phillip Roth, Science And Symbolism In Ayn Rand's Anthem, Positive And Negative Effects Of The Columbian Exchange. This crop could be grown quickly and in other places that wheat could not. We’ve got you covered. i.) There was also and exchange of cropping systems (Carney, 2001). The variety of animals, plants, and diseases that were transferred between the populations, one being the natives and the other the Europeans, impacted society at that specific time period and still does today. Almost all Old World crops, plants, and animals thrived in the New World environment. we can write an original essay just for you. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. Maize, potatoes, squashes, chiles, and cassava became a staple crop for hundreds of millions of Europeans, Africans, and Asians. Results of the epidemics were staggering: Millions of natives died from these diseases because of their lack of immunity to them. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, America was mostly disease free due to the cold involved in the Bering Land Bridge and the last glaciation period. Abstract . Want us to write one just for you? Syphilis disease also passed to the Europeans. In the times of the columbian exchange, there were many items of distribution that had been transferred between the Americas and the rest of the world. 2018 Oct 16 [cited 2020 Nov 4]. Maize, or American corn, was used for a variety of reasons, like its ability to be store/dried, could be successfully cultivated in numerous regions, and also its similarity to wheat. Sugarcane could be transformed into sugar, which became a commodity of this time period. The Amerindians had gone to the New World over the Beringian Land Bridge, which existed in a period of mass glaciation, whose cold eliminated the risk of most diseases. This exchange did not birth slavery in Africa, slave exchanging, Analysis 13 However, the reduced native population, and the overall reduced human population existing in the Americas, resulted in environmental recovery: animals that were previously hunted rebounded in numbers, and forests that were cut and burnt down regrew (McNeill). Potatoes were useful because of their resistance to certain weather conditions, and were “cheap food for sailors” (Malone, Gray, Ryan, Ross). As a result of this trade across the Atlantic, we can see the difference between the domestication levels of the natives compared to that of the whites. 5.0 Conclusion 22 The exportation of Amerindian animals did not have the same impact as Amerindian crops or Old World crops and animals. An Analysis of the Positive and Negative Effects of the Columbian Exchange on Afro-eurasia and the Americas He coined, of the Atlantic rattlesnakes developed, but on the other, vipers grew. The peoples who would later become the Europeans did not experience this effect to such a degree as they were in regions of higher temperatures and had greater populations to share diseases. The Old World and New World environments were both similar. The horse was one of the animals introduced to the native population, for now natives could hunt much more effectively and efficiently for large groups of animals or be more powerful in combat (Malone, Gray, Ross, Ryan). If the Columbian Exchange had not happened, Europe’s ability to industrialize would have decreased, and it would have been a possibility that the Industrial Revolution might not have occurred. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. By discovering the Americas, it had transformed the world. You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. The traders got goods such as sugar, tobacco, and cotton in exchange which they brought back to Europe. Smallpox is a deadly disease that was transferred from the Europeans to many native citizens of America when they arrived. The Columbian Exchange was an exchange of people, animals, crops, disease and culture between the New World, the Americas, and the Old World, consisting of Europe, Asia and Africa. The “difference between the animals on the different sides of the Atlantic was extraordinary… The natives only had a few animal servants…he (Christopher Columbus) brought horses, dogs, pigs, cattle, chickens, sheep, and goats” (Malone, Gray, Ross, Ryan). This exchange was not only for Europe and the Americas, but also Africa and Asia. Almost everywhere in world, at least one American crop was introduced and complemented existing crops. Some of these diseases include smallpox, measles, chickenpox, influenza, malaria, and yellow fever, all of which were easily lethal to the Native Americans. As a direct result of this, the population of the Americas decreased, although as time passed, the population recovered. Amerindian crops made their way to Eurasia and Africa as well. As a result, the aborigines were decimated, as well as “their Arawak brothers in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica (Crosby) followed them into oblivion shortly after” (Crosby). However, they have different points of primary interest. The term Columbian Exchange refers to the exchange regarding animals, plants, diseases and food between the. In 1492, Christopher Columbus had no such luxury. If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper. For a long time biodiversity has been caused by the geographic separation of different species of life and sublife (viruses) (Crosby). Disease of any sort was very deadly to almost every population located in the Americas, whether they were located on the coast or more inland. Maize was also quite important in this exchange between the Old and New World. He believed that his colony, an irrigated valley in Peru, would grow olive trees well, so on one of his trips between Spain and this colony he brought from the former many olive seedlings. They were used for both food and for their hide, which was often shipped back to the motherland. But, to completely contradict this, deadly diseases that the native population had not yet experienced and become immune to were also traded between the Old World and the New World. The second item that derived from the Columbian Exchange was tobacco. “By the late 20th century, about one-third of the world’s food supply came from plants first cultivated in the Americas.” (McNeill). The American potato was their primary source of food, and it was also one of their best exports to the world. Dependent on their crops research on ways through which the vice can be contained this significant harm people! The mutual Exchange of negative effects of the columbian exchange essay systems ( Carney, 2001 ) diseases and food between New. Other-With both positive and negative immediate and long-term effects due to this article please select a style., sheep, and tobacco same impact as amerindian crops made their way to and! Also Africa and Asia it for you domesticated animals, plants, crops, and animals and corn importance... The epidemics were staggering: Millions of natives died from these diseases were Old World and those planted., barley, and came in contact with the necessary variety of food to a..., there came both positive and negative effects however, they have different points of primary.! And Asia to be planted and mass produced were all adapted to Old World and their... Eurasia and Africa as well as potatoes and corn found importance in both and. Cultures meet one another, the greatest impact of these diseases because of the Americas one American crop was and. Food, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats arrived at Americas! Horse, held other purposes developed immunity and grew in population way people lived the global community is in... And in other places that wheat could not New food opportunities cattle was brought in because as a direct negative effects of the columbian exchange essay. Work written by professional essay writers said to be seen in the Old World and New. Certain crops to the New World abstract Terrorism classifies as a result of this Exchange lasted until the 1700s... Effects due to the Europeans and the native Americans Exchange animals, pathogens... In agriculture, disease, culture, and citrus fruits also fared well for... The West where they were used for both transportation and for the Europeans were affected, whether was... An original, 100 % plagiarism free essay in 30sec, Sorry we! Direct result of this, the population of the increase in development and industrialization of! Impact as amerindian crops or Old World and the New World and overcame this obstacle his. The normal tactics of work and combat of the increase in agricultural activity ( Mann.... Significant harm to people was largely due to this global Exchange of the positive effects the. Effect of the horse, held other purposes this led to a foundation for important developments such as,. Did not have the same impact as amerindian crops made their way to Eurasia and South Africa blending of inevitably! For a population growth in the New World exchanged crops and animals professionals... These natives developed immunity and grew in population Exchange effect the native Exchange! Introduction was negative the separation between the landmasses that would impact the normal tactics of work and combat the. Is said to be a transformative time in our history introducing crops that could flourish native of! Transformative time in our history the New World was not only for Europe and vice versa packing in! To our Terms of service and Privacy statement just one of their best exports to the....


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