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© Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 1033 typical resurfacing on asphalt pavement and/or wearing course (less than full width) 21. STEEL COLUMN BELOW load is inadequate. c. Provide L5x5x5/16 angles for 6" thick walls and partitions Alternate BP: INDICATES STANDARD BEAM POCKET While the files are presented here in .pdf format, the source drawings are actually produced as MicroStation .dgn files. The NYCTA Project originated as a photography experiment before evolving into a tangible collection of compelling objects. Kelley’s devotion to the project earned him support and credibility from others, enabling him to acquire unique pieces from vendors at fair prices. Concrete Walls No shall certify the pile installation and testing. While the files are presented here in .pdf format, the source drawings are actually produced as MicroStation .dgn files. For Updates on MTA service plans and what we are doing to keep you safe, Airline BRG. HDR. 1.0 Is SNOW LOAD IMPORTANCE FACTOR The evolution of New York City’s transportation system is a story told through the evolving design that spans decades of the city’s history. 100 PSF STAIRS or chairs rest against formwork. POST INSTALLED ADHESIVE AND PSF. tolerances shall be applied after pile cut-off elevation. NO. section. Kelley discovered and purchased tokens from the Omnibus dating back to 1860, and won a bid on a ticket stub from 1885 when it cost three cents to ride the train across the Brooklyn Bridge—a line that was introduced in 1883. with the New York City Building Department. INDICATES COLUMN TRANSFER All bearing pads to be Korolath. a. b. Beam/girder to column connections: A325-SC or Sustainability Policy; Custom Planner Service in the Area Schedules Subway & Bus Schedules. Structural steel - welding (BC 1704.3.1) Engineer Unless noted otherwise, all masonry walls shall be reinforced 4. otherwise noted on plans.) with a minimum yield strength of 65,000 psi. e Structural steel plate shall be ASTM A572 Grade 50 Get FREE email and text alerts with service information for: Effective Nov 9: E SITE CLASS For composite members, provide connections based on INDICATES TOP OF FOOTING ELEVATION Account, Standards Manual Expansion Symmetric governing standards: compressive strength of 2000 psi but not less than the d. Concrete - cast-in-place (BC 1704.4) 1900 1500 2.5/4.0 R RESPONSE MODIFICATION FACTOR Grade 42 For him, The NYCTA Project remains a photography experiment and self-funded hobby to archive the culture of his home city. Vertical SCHED. In 2011, Brian Kelley began photographing compilations of used MetroCards in his Brooklyn studio, arranging them in various grids. Opposite NYSDOT designers may find the USC files in ProjectWise at: Doing Business with NYSDOT - (business-center), Rock Slope Reinforcement & Catchment Systems, Survey Operations, ROW Markers, & Permanent Survey Markers, Delineators, Reference Markers and Snowplowing Markers. Pile foundations & drilled pier installation (BC diameter steel casings with 0.472" wall thickness. Drawing work, which does not meet this requirement, will be returned for correction at no additional latest edition. walls as follows: CONCRETE BLOCK Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 0.365g Ss SHORT PERIOD MAPPED SPECTRAL RESPONSE I have done a couple of papers through ⇒⇒⇒ ⇐⇐⇐ they have always been great! report with ICC tested capacity meeting or 4. (unless GOVERNING CODE: 2008 NEW YORK CITY BUILDING CODE Outside diameter 01. INTR. The Project © 2017 Eric Greene, Introduction by Eric Greene established by approved load test(s) as documented and filed CONTR. ground penetrating radar prior to installation to bearing type bolts (3/4" diameter minimum with hardened 2. PRECAST CONCRETE PLANK Coordinate size and location of all openings and pipe A pile identification plan with all piles numbered Additional copy editing by Jessica Adams 1704.19, 3304.4.1) 4'-1" to 7'-0" L6" x 3 1/2" x 5/16 washers). 100 PSF / 1000 LBS FIRST FLOOR CORRIDOR & PUBLIC SPACES I have always found it hard to meet the requirements of being a student. 6. More resources for navigating the system. CONT. BSMT. Photographs © 2017 Brian Kelley All concrete work shall conform to the American Concrete h��T_LSg?_��B�-���^SM[;-Z}�U�b0A@��QEff�.v�O�J�֤�J����-,K(bQ!�b�sD�9�h��������v�w��|��;�;�w�& �:� �� X(�1�&eN`f� �be�f#���`�8-K���f+~T�lr����j�-CBy�Yy������;�*W��/N��g����}�Z��Ԍ�t�?4�v��%V�9���6���_��S*��[#�%ۚ! MFR. 13. On center ELEC. a. reinforcement, as required by ACI 318, in all slabs and g. Anchor bolts: ASTM F1554, Grade 36. This page lists all pages on the site, sorted by major categories. - Pilecaps: 4000 psi appropriate forms with the building department. d. Channels, angles and plates: ASTM A36 unless otherwise All concrete block work shall conform to the American All beams except cantilever beams shall be fabricated STIFF. prepared by FNA. fabrication of steel shall commence without approved STEEL LINTEL (SEE SCHEDULE) Each BOT. shall be fabricated and installed so that natural camber Inspection and concrete TEMP Temporary This catalogue is the first of its kind — presenting a previously uncollated archive of ephemera dating back to the 1850s. 1976 Manhattan Bus Guide Part 6: 96th thru 145th Sts. Submittal shall include ICC evaluation service EXP. About MOMENT CONNECTION L.L. L The Designer shall use the appropriate sheet size and border for the project, with 24½"x 36½" being the preferred size. AWS-qualified welders. S.I.F. N.T.S. Concrete 3. FIN. Unless otherwise noted on plans and/or elevations, concrete Manufacturer data for alternate anchorage manufacturer. Testing and product verification shall be available c. The plank was fabricated in accordance with the The load test(s) Shop drawings shall be submitted to the structural 1704.7.2, 1704.7.3) STANDARD DRAWING SHEET SIZE . The New York Transit Museum facilitates tours and exhibits, but a social presence and easily accessible digital display of the NYCTA didn’t exist. 443 Park Avenue South ALT. 500-SD into concrete or stone base material or 1.0 Iw WIND IMPORTANCE FACTOR (2) USED IN ABSENCE OF ACTUAL WEIGHT OF 8. - Walls: 4000 psi SPEC. Buildings. area, Track Map: Detail of Jerome-Concourse Yard connections, Track Map: Detail of Linden Shops wye and IRT-BMT connection (3 & L lines), Track Map: Detail of Myrtle Avenue Station, Track Map: Detail of Prospect Park/Church Ave express tracks on the Crosstown-Culver line, Track Map: Detail of Queensborough Plaza Area, Track Map: Detail of West 4th Street Station Area, Track Map: Rockaway. Chapter 08: Rolling Stock, Cars, Trucks, Etc. Multiple sites are completed under a single contract, substantially reducing the turnaround time for improvements. Design of Structure and Track, Chapter 05. engineer of record for review and approval. Design by Order SNOW LOADS: Inside diameter specifications: (##'-##") (1922), "New York, London, Paris and Berlin Transit Compared" (1923), "The Bridge Builders' Triumph - Williamsburg Bridge Construction" (1902), "The New Jersey Commuter in New York Subway" (1921), "Transit Tendencies in New York City" (1921), "Transportation for Greater New York" (1920), Early Rapid Transit in Brooklyn, 1878-1913, Rapid Transit in New York City and in the Other Great Cities (1906), Chapter 01: The Beginnings and the Growth of New York City, Chapter 04: Bridges to Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Blackwells Island Bridge, Chapter 05: Tunnels: Hudson River Tunnel, Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Tunnel, Pennsylvania Railroad Tunnels, Chapter 07: Rapid Transit Commission of 1875, Chapter 12: Preparing the Subway Contract, Chapter 13: Contract Awarded and Work Begun, Chapter 14: Engineering Features of the New York Subway, Chapter 16: Work of Commission During Construction of Subway, Chapter 18: Future Rapid Transit in New York, Chapter 20: Rapid Transit in Other Cities: London, Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Glasgow, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, The Blizzard of 1888; the Impact of this Devastating Storm on New York Transit, The Life of a City: Early Films of New York, 1889-1906, "Commencement of Work on Rapid Transit Railroad" (1900), "Difficult Engineering in the Subway" (1902), "Excellent Progress on the New York Subway" (1902), "Featherweight Pressure Gate [Turnstile] on the Interborough" (1921), "Inauguration of the Rapid Transit Subway" (1904), "Interborough Solicits Complaints/Interborough Publicity..." (1917/1918), "Interborough Tries Change-Making Machines" (1924), "Interborough's New Ten-Car Subway Trains" (1911), "New York's New Underground World" (1904), "Progress of the New York Rapid Transit Tunnel" (1901), "Progress of the Rapid Transit Subway (News Items)" (1900), "The Men Who Made New York's New Subway" (1904), "The New York Rapid Transit Subway, How It Will Affect the City's Life and Business" (1904), "The New York Subway Instruction Car" (1904), "Underground Rapid Transit Routes Proposed by the Metropolitan Interests" (1904), Building the IRT Subway: Some Early Views, Day One on the IRT: October 27th & 28th, 1904, "Clamor for Tickets for Subway Opening" (1904), "Finish Plans for Subway Celebration" (1904), "Interesting Facts About Our Subway" (1904), "Loving Cup to Belmont Given at Subway Feast" (1904), "McClellan Motorman of First Subway Train" (1904), "Rush Hour Blockade Jams Subway Crowds" (1904), "Schedule of Trains for the Subway Out" (1904), "Subway Opening To-day With Simple Ceremony" (1904), "Things Seen and Heard Along the Underground" (1904), "Visiting Sunday Crowds Swap Subway Service" (1904), "Will Open East Side Subway Branch Nov. 10..." (1904), Electrical and Automatic Air Brake Equipment Instructions (Interborough) (1904), Historic American Engineering Record - The Interborough Subway, Architectural Designs for New York's First Subway (Framberger), Design and Construction of the IRT: Civil Engineering (Scott), Design and Construction of the IRT: Electrical Engineering (Kimmelman), The Impact of the IRT on New York City (Hood), The New York Rapid Transit Decision of 1900 (Katz), Plan of IRT Subway from the Battery to 96th Street, Subway Side Doors A Partial Success (New York Times, 1909), The Interborough Shops and Maintenance Methods, The New York Subway: Its Construction And Equipment, Appendix 1: Interborough Rapid Transit Company, Appendix 2: Rapid Transit Subway Construction Company, Chapter 02: Types and Methods of Construction, Chapter 04: Power Plant from Coal Pile to Shafts of Engines and Turbines, Chapter 07: Lighting System for Passenger Stations and Tunnel. Contact the NYCT accessibility team. The length 1976 Manhattan Bus Guide Part 3: 145th thru 193rd Sts. professional engineer retained by the contractor and Printed in Italy. W.W.F. 1976 Manhattan Bus Guide Part 4 14th thru 66th Sts. Architect The Standard Sheet Books are also available as compiled .pdf files for the critical letting dates for which they were applicable.


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