ogopogo statue underwater
One of our biggest concerns was boats putting anchors down and catching him, but that hasn’t happened yet.”. I knew about the one on the beach but not this one, http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m641p2JoAH1qbl202.gif. He believed it to be traveling at around 40 kilometre (25 miles) per hour. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T0nWA8ca3uQ. Poll: Who do you expect to win the U.S. presidential election? To “see” Ogopogo for yourself, be sure to visit the statue on Bernard Avenue near Kelowna’s City Park. A 2005 investigation conducted by Benjamin Radford with Joe Nickell and John Kirk for the National Geographic Channel TV show Is It Real?, utilized surveyor boats to find the actual distance of the alleged creature from the shore. The artist’s rendition of Ogopogo resembles the snake-like description. If you’re thinking about moving to Kelowna then you might wonder what in the world is this green Ogopogo statue thing along the shores of Okanagan Lake? Jun 30, 2018 - Explore Adrian Hoover's board "Ogopogo - Lake Monster", followed by 758 people on Pinterest. In Canadian folklore, the Ogopogo or Oggy is a lake monster said to inhabit Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. [2] Smaller creatures may be referred to as Ogopups. [8], While driving on Highway 97 in 1968, Art Folden noticed something moving in the lake. A statue of the legend resides 30 feet beneath the surface at Paul’s Tomb, to the left of the bay in Knox Mountain Park. A trip to Kelowna would not be complete without taking the time to search for the legendary Ogopogo that reputedly resides in Okanagan Lake. “You can find old sternwheelers, battle wheelers, steamboats, tugboats, barges they used to carry rail cars that fell off. Otters often swim in a row and their motion can often be mistaken for one continuous serpent. It is believed that the legendary N’ha-a-itk has a snake-like body of about 25 metres long, some say it looks like a horse, others say it looks like it’s reptilian or goat-like. It's really neat! Legend of Ogopogo. One small lake I went diving in Valais had a bathroom with a tub, toilet, and laundry line with clothes on it, at another spot there was a bicycle, and at the deepest part there was a mermaid statue. i really wanted to see ogopogo but when i actually got in and saw the murky water i was terrified. Someone is a huge asshole with a great sense of humor, I'm too lazy to look up whether its the same one but I found a YouTube (https://youtu.be/T0nWA8ca3uQ). You just never know when ‘Ogo’ might unexpectedly drop in and say hello so have your phone camera ready! Within several minutes, DeMara made two other videotapes, each showing what appeared to be multiple animals in the water. If you use that path tool whatever it is comes out to about 222 ft/68 meters long. [12], On July 24, 1992, videotaped "something or some things" that were "traveling just below the surface of the water at a fairly good speed, estimated at 8 kilometre (5 miles) per hour." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. To report a typo, email:newstips@kelownacapnews.com. I would've shit my wetsuit. Additionally, the creature may sometimes be referred to by the pet name Oggy. Langley author sets new children’s crime caper in Squamish, B.C. It’s a lief-size homage to the legendary N’ha-a-itk, better known to many as Ogopogo. Less than 10% of the ocean has been explored. An eight-foot tall, 14-foot long sea monster resides at the bottom of Okanagan lake. To report a typo, email:newstips@kelownacapnews.com. “Ogopogo” of course! [9]In 1989, John Kirk reportedly saw an animal which was 10.7 to 12.2 metre (35 to 40 feet) long and consisted of "five sleek jet-black humps" with a lashing tail. We could not do this work without you. An 8 foot tall, 14 feet long statue has lived at the bottom of the lake bed since the early 1990s. It is a deep lake. I just moved to BC and I don't even want to know this existed!!! There is also a Canadian Pacific Railway barge. Doug Lundgren, office manager at Diving Dynamics helped install the statue in the early 1990s with a team and the artist who he says lived in the Pandosy neighbourhood. Joelle Mbamy will be required to retake several courses before being allowed to dispensing medicine, Your morning start for Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, The total number of cases in the region is now at 777, Kerrilynn Milton was charged with fraud over $5,000 and falsifying documents. My favourite thing in the Interior, not just the Okanagan but in the Kootenays as well, is the fact that back in the 1800s before there were roads and there were mining camps and a railhead north in Revelstoke and one in the south in the U.S. the only way to get up and down were the ribbon lakes or by donkey. "[4] The word "n'ha-a-itk" has various translations, such as "water-demon", "water god", or "sacred creature of the water". Here is a boat and its wake from 2300ft for comparison. Our Kelowna residents will recognize it as the area SW of Beachcomber Bay. A suggested explanation is that the video shows two logs. If you have google earth put this (50°13'24.11 N 119°25'39.78W) in the search bar. The Naitaka was often described as using its tail to create fierce storms to drown victims. [3], According to Radford, the Ogopogo is "more closely tied to native myths than is any other lake monster." I just found out the other day that it existed. “There are some neat things to see. The Westbank First Nation described N’ha-a-itk as a fierce lake monster that resided at Squally Point. “There are some neat things to see, my favourite thing in the Interior, not just the Okanagan but in the Kootenays as wheel, is the fact that back in the 1800s before there were roads and there were mining camps and a rail head north in Revelstoke and one in the south in the U.S. the only way to get up and down were the ribbon lakes or by donkey.


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