ori and the blind forest misty woods green lasers
Head east from here and climb atop the bones in front of you. Keep doing this until you’ve bashed upward off of it 10 times without touching the ground, and you’ll unlock Bash Master. With those two abilities, it will be easier to locate the Energy Cells on the map and coming up for air when diving will be a thing of the past…Watch Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough: Part 29 Both the Spitter and the Fire Flowers are, A more powerful variant of the Spitter. You’ll need to bash off of four different projectiles to clear the above area. They fire more quickly, and their shots have a longer range and higher damage. Welcome to part 17 of our Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough. We won’t spoil what’s inside but be sure to pick up the Petrified Doll quest item inside. Head right and use the gray bubbles that form in the water to launch Ori high into the air. For now, continue on in the Silent Woods. He can found on the east side of the area just north of the area's entrance. This will make the laser rotate around. Through the exit to the right, you’ll have to jump across some hanging logs and use Bash on a Ground Worm’s projectile to get up through a vertical spike-lined shaft. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You should see a barrier to the right blocking a small tunnel, which is opened by lighting a torch above the Ground Worm to the left, but it isn’t necessary for map completion or any secrets. Their attack is similar to Stomp, and can destroy breakable ground. Once you make your way back to the main room, you’ll have to go across the bottom, lighting torches that raise the platforms beneath the spikes below. Upon entering Misty Woods, go all the way to your left, past a Ram, a Bird, and several Pink Jellies. You use this all the time in the game; it's key to Ori's movement. Now that we are in the Misty Woods we must clear away the haze bellowing from within the shrouded lantern. Our next major stop is Black Root Burrows, but now that you have several of the key abilities, it’s time to do some map exploration to clean up some things prior to moving on with the main path. Ice Slimes are chiefly found in the, A slime resembling a glob of lava. If you’re struggling to deal with the Ram enemy near it, just come back shortly, once you have the Stomp ability. Glide east through this area until you reach the combat shrine at the very end. Fly up and when you see a green lantern hanging, glide right. You can see our path to it on the map below. From here, there is a Ground Worm up to your right. An oozing blob of purple, glowing material. Leaving Moon Grotto and Gumo’s Hideout we make our way back to the Ginso Tree and enter inside. When approached, they fire several small projectiles into the air that causes damage to Ori and create hazardous globs when they hit the terrain which can be destroyed with Stomp or Charge Flame, or disappear after several seconds. We finish off by arriving at the entrance of the Valley of The Wind, reaching even closer to the location of our objective…Watch Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough: Part 12 In this part of my Ori and the Blind Forest walkthrough we get the skill Wall Jump and locate the Spirit Tree. In this video, while continuing our search for powerups before entering inside Mount Horu we find 2 Spirit Light Pickups, 1 Ability Cell and 1 Life Cell…Watch Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough: Part 31 Swim through here and then up to the grappling point. With the game's story behind you, let's track down everything else hidden in the Silent Woods. They will still damage Ori even in this helpless state. Bash off of them up into Secret Area #26/45 directly upward in the middle of the two of them. There are five more branches to explore here: middle-left, bottom-left, top-right, middle-right, and bottom-right. Head inside the Moki’s house to find a large spirit light container. You’ll also unlock Obtaining Clarity here. This is similar to the mechanic in Misty Woods, where you’re carrying an orb, negating your ability to double-jump, bash, etc. This allows us to get across the canyon and enter the Misty Woods. Back to Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough. Dive into the water and swim to the upper-left exit. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. Once you pass these, make your way up the floating platforms to the top-right corner to light another torch, opening the way forward. We also obtain the “Energy Markers” and “Water Breath” abilities from the Ability Tree. We then solve the puzzle inside that area to stop the flow of lava to the floor beneath…Watch Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough: Part 39 (Final) Look for the glowing, floating platforms that you can land on as you go down/left, and try to jump to them. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console. Follow this path, shoot the bulbs with spirit arc and continue onward. You can also use Bash to reflect the left two Spiders’ projectiles back at them to net the Deadly Deflection achievement easily here. I have them numbered on the maps according to the numbers they are in my 100% collectibles video, aka the earliest you can obtain them. Go right from here, and jump over the Bird to float down through a spike-lined area. I take a much different, more efficient path, in the 100% walkthrough video, as I go to Black Root Burrows before getting many of these. Lasers can be found in the Misty Woods, which are green, Mount Horu, which are orange, and Sorrow Pass, which are yellow. Go back up and into the branch on the left, directly across from the one with Health Cell #5. You’ll have to time your dash and jumps to get past another green laser. Like the Flame Shooter, they can only be destroyed by a redirected projectile or when Charge Jump or Stomp is used on them. The second keystone is in here. In this video, while on our search we collect a Spirit Gate Keystone and a Spirit Light Pickup…Watch Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough: Part 16 Hi guys, in this part of the walkthrough we find a map stone, battle with a burrowing plant creature (mini boss) and we find Atsu’s Torch. (Note: In this particular walkthrough I missed 1 Life Cell and 2 energy cells, but I will create a video showing the locations of ALL pickups in the future)…Watch Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough: Part 24 Jump over to the log, and toss another projectile up to the torch above to the right, lowering another platform. Following this cutscene, you’ll have completed the Fallen Friend main quest. Complete this shrine to get a Shard Slot Upgrade. In the northwest corner is the Overflow Spirit Shard. We’re going to talk to the Family Reunion Moki. Hi guys, Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough part 19. In the video, we collected 5 Ability Cells, 1 Life Cell, 1 Energy Cell and 1 Spirit Light Pickup. Go back two bubbles and bounce up to the wall on the left. Exit the room to the right. We then make it to the heart of the Ginso Tree and begin solving some of its last remaining puzzles…View Full Walkthrough, Part 9: Restoring the Elements (Water): Ginso Tree Restored – Ori’s Big Escape! Some lasers, such as the ones found in Moon Grotto, will periodically turn on and off, but others will be on all the time, like the ones in the Misty Woods, which need the player to move objects to block the lasers.


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