pea gravel dog potty
amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Puppy Picks"; The advantage of using gravel is that it allows dog urine to seep through, and prevents having to constantly hose down the bathroom area to clean it, which is necessary for concrete doggy bathrooms. His name is Boomer. You may want to also put a permanent or temporary fence up to help direct your dog to this area and contain them while they are having their bathroom break. We noticed that it smelled pretty strong right after a good hosing, but then was fine again after it dried. in my opinion every pup should have a potty area, there’s so many benefits of it , for them and for us. That wee face is freaking ADORABLE! Gradually give your dog more space and off-leash training in his gravel bathroom area. He will literally just sit or lay down and stare at me instead of using it. I live in Colorado and will soon begin potty training. Or, if off-leash and the dog leaves the area before going pee, redirect him by calling him back or making a loud noise such as clapping to get his attention and redirect him back to his bathroom area. We lost him almost a year ago now (back in November). Have you had to use any enzymatic cleaners or anything to cut down on the smell? does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Now that he’s fully potty trained, I would say he uses the area 95% of the time. This finely ground gravel essentially acts as kitty litter for your dog — it drains well and doesn’t wash or blow away in the rain and wind. She LOVES her 3 dogs; Chew Barka, Cooper & Nelson, and spends countless hours every day playing with them. Pea gravel also looks nice in almost any landscape design, so you won’t have to sacrifice your yard’s aesthetics to your dog’s bathroom needs. If your dog looks like he is going to relieve himself again in the grass, immediately take him back to the gravel potty area. Dog Tipper had a similar simple idea for a dog outdoor potty, but they use pea gravel. Wait with your dog on leash to keep him in the bathroom area. He uses it regularly. It will still be advisable to rinse the gravel bathroom area periodically. When he has finished, say “yes”, and give him a treat. We had a chocolate lab named Boomer. While this might seem like a great property at first, it can mean that odors linger. Thank you. Get your Creative Home Projects Ultimate Bundle for just $19.97 NOW thru Oct 23rd! This may take quite a while. A word of warning…immediately after hosing, it will smell even worse, but then will get better once it dries. While we all love our dogs, we don’t all love stepping in dog poo when walking through our yards. Who knows, your dog might even enjoy having their own personal space, too! The issue is that she may eat the cat poop however. I need to make this to save the rest of my yard. I would suggest spraying it on the area once per season. Let him out of the potty area. Create a gravel area for your dog to use as a potty. Pea gravel consists of smooth, round pebbles that are comfortable for dogs to walk on. Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J! Pea gravel consists of smooth, round pebbles that are comfortable for dogs to walk on. Our mission is to create a better world for dogs and their owners. Provide the 'go pee' command and wait for your dog to pee. Cat poop is very tempting to a dog and a large percentage of dogs will eat it if given the chance. We picked up some flagstone pieces for our local landscape rock supply company, and partially buried the stones to create a stable walkway. We didn’t have a problem with the smell, so we didn’t use any cleaners. You can then remove the fence and continue supervisor and direct your dog, if necessary, to use the gravel potty for peeing. I am training my dog Trixie to use a large sand/gravel patch outside a doggie door in a large enclosed patio where she is safe from predators and there is no danger of getting out. Best of luck training, Caitlin Crittenden. You should use gravel that is free of dirt, sand and other debris, that would become messy when peed on. I'm an interior designer and DIY enthusiast with a passion for sharing what I've learned and helping others create a home they love! The DIY Project Planner We Wish We Had 20 Years Ago! If your dog has an pees on the grass instead of the gravel, take him inside to end playtime. Yes! ft. of pea gravel, we ended up needing 30 bags for our space! Uses of Pea Gravel for Dogs It also won’t collect odors like more absorbent materials. Some owners report that their mulched potty areas smell terrible after rain. YOU just scored a FREE Dog-friendly landscaping idea!!!! Sand will probably be easier to teach since it will feel better on pup's paws and not be as cold. Now it’s time for the pea gravel! He is being so stubborn and will not use it. Learn how your comment data is processed. That being said, a good enzymatic cleaner couldn’t hurt! Replace the grass or plants with a one- to two-inch layer of cedar mulch. Overall, it may end up being a cheaper option than buying 20-30 bags from Lowe’s. Hello Justin, Creating a designated zone for your dog to go to the bathroom is surprisingly easy. amzn_assoc_linkid = "2659c14f14ba9b9ead8b7ac9b7cb347c"; A great potty area for your new puppy! Much appreciated. What do you think my chances of success are? There is a good chance that all the animals could be trained to go potty in that spot. And his name couldn’t be any cuter! Right now I think he’s using the rug in the house more than the dog potty area. When the behavior is well-established you can try taking your dog off leash. Training your dog to go in one spot can lead to its own issues, such as killing off grass and waste buildup. Caitlin Crittenden. It could be as simple as using 2×6 boards, or you can use something more decorative. I hope your Boomer brings you as much joy as ours did. In a perfect world, Fido would use the toilet just like everyone else — they’d even remember to flush. Create a designated gravel bathroom area Put a temporary containment fence around the gravel area using snow fence or garden fence. Supervise and provide the 'go pee' command on the gravel area if your dog looks like he is investigating the grassy area to pee in. This finely ground gravel essentially acts as kitty litter for your dog — it drains well and doesn’t wash or blow away in the rain and wind. Unlike most types of gravel, pea gravel is very smooth. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "welshdesignst-20"; Gravel is a good substrate for a dog pen because it allows urine to drain into the ground. Let us show you! With consistency, it works great! Oh my goodness he is absolutely to die for! At this point, you may be done! How often you rinse the area depends partially on your climate and how often it rains. Ideally, you should hose it down once a week. Best of luck training, Hey there! 167. The pea gravel is probably 4-5 inches thick (so that the dirt/sand underneath is not exposed and getting the dogs dirty). Occasionally, we’ll find he’s gone to the bathroom on the lawn…I guess some days he just feels too lazy to make his way over to the dog potty area. If you use natural grass, you won’t need to worry about refilling your dog’s potty area from time to time. If it’s not, though, you may soon find yourself without much of a potty area left at all! Once you’ve defined your space, lay down some Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric to ensure weeds won’t grow in your dog potty space. Amazing job momma! Choose a command for your dog to pee. When your dog pees on the gravel, urine should drain through the gravel and the sand below into the ground. Some days, however, I look out and see him sniffing around the lawn. He just wants to feel the grass between his toes. Sand is extremely similar to most commercial cat litters, so it makes sense as a filler for your dog potty area. Repeat the process daily for several days. She’s been featured in PetAware, Dogtime, and ModernDog. Before purchasing mulch, ensure that the wood it’s made from is safe for your dog to ingest. The Boston Boxer is a mixed breed created by mixing…, If you’ve been dreaming of a little dog breed with…, The pint-sized Taco Terrier is a cross between a Chihuahua…. Caitlin Crittenden. These are the top 5. If the potty training actually works, I may consider a post about it! In recent years, a growing number of homeowners have discovered the benefits of using pea gravel for dogs but also how it created and beautiful and functional landscape. You should use gravel that is free of dirt, sand and other debris, that would become messy when peed on. Believe it or not, creating a dog potty area is as simple as building a small fence around a corner of your yard. It’s perfect and looks good to boot! This will eliminate the need to hose down the area as frequently. All rights reserved. Hello Lisa, I was hoping to just leave it. Do you have any tips for me? Instead, you can let the grass (and your dog) do their own thing. A dog potty area! Have him eliminate there until he will consistently always pee and poop on the sod whenever you take him there when you know that he needs to go. It took consistency and repetition on our part by taking him out on leash (multiple times per day) to the potty area and telling him to “go potty”, After a short while, our puppy was regularly using it. A dog’s urine kills grass and weeds, so why would you need weed blocker fabric? #chewy-content-box-full-width {margin: 0 auto 1.5em; width: 90%; }. Trixie's used to cats so I don't anticipate any issues there. First, not all mulch is safe for dogs. As far as an odor eliminating product, many people find that they do not need one if you are just using the area for peeing, are rinsing it off with water regularly, and you have designed the area with enough drainage, but if you find that you need an odor eliminator or simply want to be proactive, then Simple Green makes an outdoor odor eliminator for pet smells that should work well. We chose to use some brown wood landscape edging that came in 3 ft. lengths. We purchased pea gravel bags from Lowe’s. For this reason, we recommend placing your dog’s potty area somewhere you, your neighbors, and other passersby won’t often see.


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