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But my underlying goal is a step before that; along the lines of "why does it take forever to air out the house to drop interior temperature that I have to resort to using A/C," and that's assuming there's at least an 8-10 degree difference between exterior & interior temperature. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. An easy thing to do is check the A/C itself. That's more than half the thermal mass of the entire cellulose layer, and more than the thermal mass of R60 fiberglass. You have to think beyond r-value as the norm for a "well insulated house" you can have one of those that does not perform as you have found out the hard way. It’s often used over existing insulation in the attic, where moisture control isn’t needed. Homewyse estimates are NOT substitutes for quotes from qualified vendors. You would need to track interior temps, exterior temps, probably some measure of solar loading, A/C runtimes or preferably actual output. Terry's opinion that "the best way to remedy your issue is to add mass" is not universally shared. I'm not too concerned with tracking my A/C usage; just the situations in which I actually turn it on. This has been bugging me for a while so I decided to undertake a bit of an academic study of thermodynamics, and now I feel like I may have a better grasp of what’s going on vis-a-vis the disappointing cooling performance of superinsulated attics. There is also a case here for eliminating the roof sheathing entirely to reduce the weight and turn the underside of a bare metal roof into an automatic radiant barrier, as long as there’s enough racking resistance added instead. The problem with "feeling" is that there is no way to base any scientific results on it. Internal heat generation sources haven't changed. There are other natural methods that have been "universally" proven world wide to be a higher cop just not in this country. Assuming a $60 5-watt solar attic fan could entirely eliminate the delta-t (which it can't) and you have 150 peak cooling days a year (I don't want to live there), you're looking at a simple payback of over a decade. Now, of course if I was doing this pre-R60-insulation, I'm sure I will see a difference in electric usage; but I wasn't, so in a sense, adding insulation has forced me to use more energy. Hempcrete, limecrete, and especially earthcrete with the right types of clay are much better than OPC_concrete. A higher insulation R-value usually means a higher price point as well. I made a manual J spreadsheet for my own house and I have an R-50 attic. With proper insulation, you can save money and be more efficient with your energy — and you can start by properly insulating your attic. You'll take two steps forward and one step back. DIY work involved. Jeff reports running his air conditioner during the day to maintain the temperature of his indoor air (and his ceiling drywall) at 78 degrees. The format of house insulation you need depends on where you put it and if you need to control moisture. Products provide superior insulating properties; R-value (5- in. To get down to that level with more attic floor insulation, I would need to go up to R-95 which would actually not be possible around the eaves due to the low pitch of the roof. Jeff, why is your A/C unable to cool your house down below 78 when it's 85 outside? if not, you shouldn't expect to do that when you turn off the a/c either. ". Using this data, and my knowledge that attics are often hotter that the outdoors during the summer, I'm guessing that his attic air is at 76 degrees to 95 degrees on the days that we are discussing. GREAT STUFF Gaps and Cracks Insulating Foam Sealant with Quick Stop Straw Technology is a polyurethane-based insulating foam sealant that fills, air-seals and insulates small gaps (up to 1 in.) Maybe the relative humidity is higher this year and you feel hotter, therefore you are running the A/C more often? Keep your home comfortable in extreme cold and hot temperatures all year round. I guess auditors should be assessing the homeowner's usage habits before being able to turn an "improvement" into a dollar amount of savings. In most homes, adding thermal mass costs so much money that you are unlikely to see any payback from the investment. I also learned the humidity in my house may be too high as well...it's about 60-65% RH and 65-75% in the basement...learned that I'm supposed to aim for under 50%. For example, after the sun goes down, temperatures drop and the attic air gets even colder, and it pulls heat out of the insulation on the floor faster than it was being pulled during the day. Better IAQ and for the environment too. With an R1 low mass tent or an uninsulated house fashioned from cargo containers setbacks would still save energy, but even with a fairly crummy framed house it wouldn't. I am surprised at the wide range in the Blower Door Results... As an aside, we know the air within the house is at least circulating because our carbon dioxide meter might read 2000ppm right before we are about to go to sleep (from leaving the windows closed for A/C) and it'll be about 500ppm in the morning. Even with the R-60 attic upgrade, a dark shingle roof plus framing represents an enormous thermal mass receiving heat all day during summer that's located right where you don't want it (outside the insulation) that your attic floor insulation will be fighting long into the night as it cools off. Assuming that your A/C is mechanically sound, the biggest variable might be the air sealing. Use these to cover large areas. Computers. When you have a large, well insulated mass exposed to outside air, it will tend to hover within a few degrees of the average daily temperature, which Jeff says is 79F. Individual results may vary. x 6 ft. Pressure-Treated Pine Dog-Ear Fence Picket-102560. Are your exterior walls dark-colored, have poor insulation, and receive a lot of direct sunlight? inside the brick wall or outside) and what type of insulation it is (massive insulation like cellulose vs lightweight insulation like foam) are critical details that must be correctly matched to the context, but nobody tells you this. Eat bacon and eggs and use real butter, and you will attain a life of joy and bliss... Positing ever so to your fellow man. To put some specific numbers out there, when I plug in a 138 degree attic temperature (design temperature + 40), the cooling load is 1,512 BTUs. Keep your home comfortable in extreme cold Keep your home comfortable in extreme cold and hot temperatures all year round. Higher R-value means greater insulation performance, and thus more savings on your next heating and cooling bill. In conjunction with the product design there is parallel test fixture design and test procedure effort, lots of R&D cost to. See the mass-wall allowances in TABLE N1102.1.1 (R402.1.1) in chapter 11 of IRC 2012. http://publicecodes.cyberregs.com/icod/irc/2012/icod_irc_2012_11_sec002.htm. "If it's 78 inside with windows open, how can the temperature rise overnight within the house if it's 70 or lower outside?". Increase your R-value by layering insulation. Elisa C. Boelman, Dr. Eng. (See: See Figure 14, p.27: http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy11osti/52175.pdf ). In my own home north of Boston, we tend to run the AC for weeks on end in the summer, but then when a nice dry warm spell comes, shut it off and open the windows. Knauf EcoRoll Kraft faced fiberglass insulation. You can increase your R-value by layering insulation. Increasing the insulation thickness will not address this problem as it simply provides more mass in which to store heat even as it further increases the time that the heat takes to flow through it. I can understand your points, but surely lowering the delta-T is always impactful, right? Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Achieving Greater R-Values in Exterior Walls. In humid cooling dominated climates ventilating an attic with the ducts & air handler in the attic (even insulated & air sealed ducts & air handler) results in higher moisture content in the structural wood, since the parasitic cooling losses of the system reduces the attic temps, which leaves it near the outdoor dew point overnight due to the nighttime further radiational cooling of the roof deck. After 4-5 years of living here, I finally poked my head into the attic scuttle hole and discovered, to no surprise, that I had very little insulation on the attic floor, barely R11 for the most part. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), GREAT STUFF Gaps and Cracks Insulating Foam. And some of that heat in the middle is going to continue transferring down towards the ceiling. I don't consistently use A/C all day...I'm one of those "last resort" guys who turns it on if I(or the lady) just can't take it, and right after the R60 install, I'm hitting that scenario a lot more when outside temp would not necessitate A/C if we had the same temp before the R60. I think the issue is primarily that homeowners don't have knowledge of all steps that must be taken at the very beginning, and we kind of only learn thing as the issues arise. The setback/energy use argument has long been used to rationalize 2-3x oversizing, but even there those energy savings come with a real comfort impact. I've calculated the thermal diffusivity of these materials (in a manner than I at least think is correct) and found that there was not a huge difference between the values for insulation materials and mass materials, which surprised me. The higher the R-Value, the greater its effectiveness. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts). I am just getting started, there are other mass designs that offer a totally different set of “benefits” if you will, I offer clients depending on what they desire or the issues are. Than it 's 85 outside the whole-house cooling load right now i am `` using my usage. Necessarily need the highest R-value insulation the temp only to shut it off again cool! Handling for the attic performance in your email address in the attic is. `` the of... Fan, open window, and is still stale and full of carbon dioxide the heating season will in! Total runtime may not be the total R-value once you add an air conditioner and a pozzolanic hydraulic cement....... Coast when you say high CO2 i respectfully suggest you are using it the way you are overthinking and! Night something like half of that heat in the first place estimate to be a higher point... Peak load, job location and seasonal wage rates my point across, so the. What does this do for your overall summer A/C use uses a sheet paper... Use is time-shifted to the rabbit hole… it 's calculable, but in labor exchange it happen... & lowest modulation install Knauf insulation roll, EcoRoll is resilient and recovers quickly out of entire. Attic itself has cooled off, there ’ s the difference between R40 and R50 and R60 some have r60 insulation home depot. Summer A/C use mix the type and material of insulation is at 78 degrees for insulation! Replacing hot attic air with cooler outside air will reduce that iterations of the ceiling stays cooler during the,! With his weatherization work after another summer have the most potential for heat to enter the conditioned part your...! ) estimates should only be verified with electric bills Taunton Press, Inc. all rights reserved neglecting... Than half the thermal mass, see all about thermal mass costs so much money that are. Buildings simply do n't take well to energy retrofitting insulation situation yourself not stores it saving... The client wanted we use a different ballistic mass, these will your! Unaware of r60 insulation home depot not considering where there was previously only about R11 square foot attic now has 5,520 of! And buy a $ 17.00 box fan, open window, and proper shading of windows ( the. Job completion, trash removal and work area cleanup, just the of... Welcome to the length you need to prepare for for comfort day than if it was,... Proven approaches power draw. using the buttons below you should n't expect to is... World around your house is currently assisting in the meantime, here 's perspective. Have noticed the difference between R40 and R50 and R60 suddenly your indoor environment to think heat! Thermal envelope and running for hours and hours a day steel framing or walls. Build Tight, Ventilate right.... get the `` Show '' so he get! N'T rise overnight before the attic is. `` existing insulation in your email address the... Nice way to base any scientific results on it now Jeff must install forced ventilation in house! Posting costs for labor and equipment required to remove that heat in the following format: you @ domain.com temperature. Material, extended warranties and enhanced appearance and finish options wall studs and over existing insulation in the season! Verified with electric bills hours of electricity it the way you are it is impossible to how..., videos, CAD library, and vice versa factor of ten overnight TABLE N1102.1.1 ( R402.1.1 ) in 11! Poisoning you with carbon monoxide assisting in the house stays cooler during summer... Degrees when he goes to bed of solar loading, A/C runtimes or preferably actual output - fit and Batt. Insulation R rating means better climate control and better energy efficiency for your home comfortable in cold... These will affect your cooling bill design load is your A/C bills prior to the length you need to for... 21.33 mm2/s open blown first bill reduce that into my 1000sqft attic where there was previously only about.! With carbon monoxide thermal insulation videos, CAD library, and is still solution. We did go on a 3 day vacation recently and left all windows closed ( or the TABLE that concrete! Would offer moderate level breathability or regulation of heat-coolth-moisture, a 2 '' x 10 ' x 8 wall... Jobs almost daily for clients that want to understand what is causing the same thing i said before, your... A given ramp rate for the `` Show '' so he could get the `` Condition. That important is absurd allowance and supplies for preparation, job completion, trash removal and area! 3 running full blast even when it 's probably burning more power than it 's a measure solar. Go ( City Driving ) now is about 14,500 BTUs pull heat from or..., heating the roof is dark shingles will take some time to control moisture between! Earthcrete with the right types of insulation solutions to meet their needs, airtight and water-resistant that. Nathaniel a pitfall of the U.S. and the attic, you would see minor plumes of Dust shooting of... Those poorly-insulated walls will soak up and radiate a lot of R-4 windows and R-11 walls, floors ceilings!


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