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You start to feel anxiety rush through your body. Because you couldn’t talk about him without sobbing. There were moments of shock; where you came in blind and were surprised, be it good or bad. She was wearing a cute blue short sundress with white flowers. closed. You soon felt two hands on your bare arms turning you around. Three full years of your life you loved him, but then you broke each other’s hearts.He was your first everything. You two found a quiet and secret spot on the beach and hooked up, then passed out in each other’s arms. Also, requests are OPEN so send them in while you can! You were a mess. Request: hii, i was wondering if you could do 3,12, and 33 on prompt list #5?? Seasons A/N: Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday! John B. was all you had left and now you were all by yourself. But what happens Let me know if you want to be added xx, ********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNERS. Your head ached, but not as much as your heart. Rafe loved the feeling of your lips against his. Seeing the tears form in your eyes makes him soften up a bit, though he was still furious with you. Tears streamed down your face as you recalled the break up from two weeks ago. moldisgoodforyou. He turned you around again, and he had a smirk plastered on his face. He placed his hand on your cheek, and lifted it to force you to look at him again. You on the other hand had seen the soft side of him. Pulling apart the seal at the top of the bag, you stand straight over the toilet, emptying the contents of one of the three bags you had. It was all just a drunken mistake. “Once a cheater always a cheater. make me choose ↠ @drewstarkey asked: rafe or topper? “You know I don’t mind.” He grabs a screwdriver out of his bag and begins tightening the part into place. You loved when he’d gently kiss just below your ear— on your neck, before sucking on it. “You’re moving across the country without me, and you expect me to just be happy about it,” he yelled, and you felt your body tense up. “Rafe and I are just best friends,” you said, and it sounded more like you were trying to convince yourself than Sarah. Warnings: Angst. There was a pang in Originally posted by popeheywrd (gif credit to the owner) 2.1k+ words ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ JJ Maybank is was a player.. is this you affirming my marriage to rafe. Requests for Outer Banks are open! You felt so fucking bad; you really didn’t mean to. “Whatever you say” Sarah sang as she walked away from the mirror to grab something. He reassured you that he would be 100% sober while flying a plane saying he wasn’t that crazy which made you feel a bit better, but you were still nervous to be flying in a small plane. Okay, so he wasn’t at his house, what’s new? He backed away from you with a wink leaving you standing there trying to understand what he just said to you. You wondered what he thought about you. So, you let the drops of hurt, anger, and anxiety stream down your face, and you didn’t bother to wipe them away. His gaze was soft, and full of love. He made it look so easy where areas you struggled making sure the weed didn’t fall out. You felt a rush of adrenaline every time you and Rafe were together and it didn’t go unnoticed by your friends. One in particular was prodding at your brain. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” he whispered to you, and you turned your head to look into his ocean blue eyes. “Ha ha you’re so funny” you joked, and he just laughed, and both of you headed for the front plane entrance. You’re head over heels in love with that boy; there’s no denying it. You on the other hand weren’t popular at all. A/n: So this is based off the song X by the Jonas Brothers if you want to listen to that while reading. The both of you looked at each other, tears running down both your faces. “Y/n I was high and drunk, and it wasn’t supposed to happen you know I would never hurt you”. You walked to the haunted house which you knew would be corny, and short, it was part of your day dreams so you had to do it. You fell asleep, the thoughts swarming your head. You put your hands into your palms, and cried. Comment your username below if you want to be added to my Outer Banks tag list! You put on your white tube top and a floral short skirt. Three years with him. He was using his thumb to stroke your cheek, and everything felt perfect. “Well try harder,” he snapped, eyes blazing with anger. requested: nah, i don’t think anyone would ever request this fuckery? Love y’all xx. “I don’t want us to be done” you sobbed, and he pulled you into his shirt. His hands found your ass again, and you found your hands in his hair pulling on it a bit making him moan into the kiss. I hope you guys like it!! Rafe felt himself shaking from how angry he was as he stormed out of the Cameron mansion to the only place he knew would feel safe. ❤❤❤, Steve knocks get louder and louder the longer he stands at Bucky’s The sun had already set and the water on the cut was calm, a small breeze blowing in the air. You were breaking, and you didn’t think you would be able to hold yourself together for much longer. Before the pilot Rafe dropped out of college and returned home. “Y/N, talk to me.” Your hands were shaking and your breathing turned erratic as you stared down at the ground, attempting to calm yourself down from the gut wrenching feeling you felt sinking into your body. The worker directed you to go in and you gestured to Rafe to go in first, because there was no way you were leading, and he laughed. So, if you stuck around this long, thank you! He grabbed both your hands and began to move them back and forth. Hey, I'm Maya, I'm 24. gif requests open! Sobs could be heard through the small house as you felt your heart shatter into a thousand pieces. Before you had the chance to answer his lips were on your neck. I don’t like the idea of you going as his date.” John B argues from the driver’s seat. It felt as if the world was moving in slow motion. You were heartbroken and so angry with him, and you wanted him to hurt like you. Ward’s lies were enough to convince the cops he wasn’t guilty. None of these gifs were made by me. xx, Tag list is at the end. Plus he was handsome with his hair slicked back and raybans around his neck. You weren’t scared, but you knew the jump scares would get you. With that, you honestly tried not to remember the moments of bad shock. You ran out of the house to meet the boy who was already in the car. ( this was originally something she requested for the 100 ways, but i decided to do it into an imagine) a/n: im not the best writer but i just thought this could be a cute little imagine for you all. Your eyes widened for a second, but you quickly closed them kissing him back. You began to take deep breaths calming yourself down. He asked the lady at the stand for an order of cotton candy, and she handed it to you as Rafe paid. “Are you serious right now, you are going to say that I wasn’t supposed to see that, You cheated on me after three years of being together and that’s the first thing you say instead of maybe I’m sorry” you shouted, and he looked down at the ground. “Stop, you’re making me blush, but thank you” you said. “Well it’s true” he replied, spinning you around to face him. If you weren’t so distraught, it wouldn’t have happened. He was soft and sweet with you, and never let his anger get to him. So he flushed everything, and threatened to kick Rafe out if he ever found out he was doing it again. Summary: Rafe takes you on a date to a carnival. A huge thank you goes to the awesome makers. When the car arrived you all entered. Once they were all out of the Plane you all grabbed your suitcases and went through the small airport. The Rafe you don’t know is addicted to drugs, and is extremely unpredictable. “Rafe, that was the past.


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