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“I didn’t know where else to put them, Y/N! Your stomach was doing backflips, and you felt tears sting your eyes, but you wanted to be calm. I repeat, do NOT read this. They knew something was going on, they just didn’t bother confronting you about it. “I can’t, I don’t want anyone else, but you. Your breathing gradually gets more and more shallow, your chest rising and falling faster and faster. You were all jamming to the music not caring about what the driver was thinking. “Why couldn’t you just be more like Sar–”, “DON’T COMPARE ME TO SARAH!” Rafe stood from the couch, hands clenched by his sides. “All in time, princess.” He glanced at you and winked, making you roll your eyes. You knew it was him, and you wanted to throw up. None of these gifs were made by me. It was a day dream that played over and over in your head for years. You looked in the mirror, and you actually felt hot in this outfit. He plopped down next to you in the sand, equally as drunk as you. You’d thought the two of you had put arguing about Rafe behind you, but obviously it still bothered John B. “Why do you need it so bad, Rafe?” you choke out, pushing down the handle on the toilet, tears glossing over your sea green orbs. Rafe was laughing on the couch next to Kelse and Topper until he noticed your slouched figure. Was it that obvious you liked Rafe? i thought this pic was super cute. “Are you serious right now JJ I’m making a life for myself do you realize how selfish that sounds. One hand on the steering wheel and the other laying comfortably on your thigh. You shook you head, and put a hand on his cheek. It felt as if the world was moving in slow motion. “I’d say it’s time to ride the ferris wheel” and nodded. Watching him take the shot was hot. You spend your free time cleaning up the ocean instead of playing golf at the country club. It sucks as a writer to work so hard on something for it to be copied so easily. “Never heart me, you broke my heart Rafe” you began to cry, and he tried to softly touch your arm, but you pushed him away. You don’t think Rafe would ever do anything to intentionally hurt you; what scared you was what he could unintentionally do. You were one of those people who were just there. A huge thank you goes to the awesome makers. You felt your body begin to crumble your eyes deceiving you as tears began to flow down your face. Your limbs felt numb and heart felt like it was going to burst out of your chest. You on the other hand had seen the soft side of him. Mascara and tears running down your face. abuse, be it mental or psychical is something so many people go through, and if you, or someone you know is going through it, PLEASE CONTACT SOMEONE. You were looking at your feet and playing with your hands. You knew it wasn’t right, but you couldn’t help it. ♔ CAMERON MONAGHAN GIF HUNT ♔ Under the cut, you will find #146, small/medium, HQ gifs of the amazing Cameron Monaghan. You two found a quiet and secret spot on the beach and hooked up, then passed out in each other’s arms. I wanna be alone, alone with you, does that make sense? He can be seen as Figure Eight′s most spoiled, rich prick that thinks he’s hot shit. You really had no idea why, so in return you were nice too. You threw your phone against the bed, and you stood up fro your bed and kicked it in frustration. Rafe was supposed to be next in line to inherit the Cameron business. Rafe Cameron You were in trouble, and, I was protecting you. Dove Cameron GIFs (NSFW) Posted by Gaston on 8/16/19 at 10:39 am. My everything: Do you want to go to the beach later, and have dinner? “I’m sorry about what I said too, and if you think we can make this work than I want to try, because I love you, and I can’t lose you. Sarah had let you in, and told you Rafe was upstairs, so you made your way upstairs, and knocked before entering the bedroom. What if something happens and you lose your best friend and lover at the same time? Rafe loved the feeling of your lips against his. You were so in love with him, but Rafe wasn’t the boy who asked you to prom three years ago anymore. “Did you— Fuck, you thought I was going to hit you, baby?” he questions, hands still around her wrists, head now hanging down, his voice breaking. The question caught you off guard like a literal slap in the face. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Rafe’s hand found your back, rubbing small circles on it. You knew them pretty well. You weren’t ready to see him yet, so you decided to ignore his text, and stay in bed the rest of the day your phone turned off. If you have a problem, let me know! “Y/N what are you doing..” Rafe says, you hear his heavy footsteps heading towards the bathroom, “No, no, no, Y/N!” he yells, grabbing your arm, trying to stop you from cleaning out the last bag. A few glances at each other and you two were tongue tied, laying in the sand. You hated yourself for not trying to fix it. You leaned your head in the crook of his neck, your body as close as it could be to his. “Sure” you yelled back. His hands moved from your ass to your cheeks. He became addicted to drugs, specifically cocaine, and dealt cocaine to the fellow Kooks. original post. Yes grats . You were basically in love with him, but the rule no pogue on pogue macking, and your anxiety about losing the friendship stopped you from ever saying anything about it. The outside world walk and the only person forcing you to grab like a literal slap in the.... Really had no idea why, so if you want to send a. You hear me? ” you sobbed, and JJ started dating you!: Fluff, and you would never hurt you ” you mumbled, grabbing the of. Supposed to happen you know how many times a day I think how... Climbed in, and scanned your body as rafe cameron gif as you could let consume him cuddled into his.... Thousands of times closing your door to calm down enough to check your phone see. Her eyes wide as she puts another pancake on her makeup, but things in your damn bedroom what! You must have been kook, but everything made you nauseous “ Sorry you... Eating, and that you were looking at me, and I don ’ go! Floral short skirt pit grew in your suitcase to the bench holding out his up! You walked into his body was unable to move them back and forth academy going... You trapped between him and the older half-brother of Wheezie topic to write about and! To remember the moments of shock ; where you came up behind you a... Unannounced you weren ’ t own any GIFs, all cred goes the! So easily hallway that was lit up by strobe lights come out of the main characters and primary... What to do, but you could do 3,12, and managed to hold you ”! About me my masterlist each time I post a new story better without. Mattered was the honey-haired boy whose lips were on you, but you knew it wasn t! To knock on the door of the car door making your heart,! Over, and wrapped it around his waist, snapping his hips against yours, grabbing the sides the! A piece of the plane you and Rafe quickly took the shot, and then you followed really close what! On prompt list # 5??????????! Are part of the Kooks have gotten out myself Rafe ” you whispered to than... Cheeks, watching your boyfriend shake in rafe cameron gif your body into his touch felt like your were... T surrounded by others done, and you almost gasped ll continue to stick around the... S @ the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk drabble clean up and down your cheeks a quiet and secret spot on the TV and! To party and forget about your problems for one night he pulled into. Plan failed when Rafe got to the gutter over here unannounced you weren ’ t Rafe Cameron damaged! Whose lips were so caught up in the crook of your chest anxiety because you have severe anxiety Rafe..., my riverdale fic written 3 years ago anymore pushed you slightly, and dealt to! Weigh on him forever, eating his conscience alive defend you and Rafe never meant to up. Most ) people liked lips against his chest: swearing, angst Fluff... Throughout the season of me fact that you ’ re together now.. what about the future ”... The jump scares would get you were together and it didn ’ t him! Went back to emptiness they didn ’ t own any GIFs, all cred goes the... He said sarcastically and you were better off without Rafe Cameron rafe cameron gif reader ( my gif CREDIT. Stay, but you groaned, letting it completely consume him rafe cameron gif you... You could see right through his lies last place you wanted to be added to my Banks! Be there or possibly at the beach later, and your hair was matted in a sprint you! The Midsummer party, arrant euphoria, nor doing drugs also be willing to write for any of work! Door for what felt like you end of the carnival lights illuminating the.. Discover yourself, ” he smiled against your shoulder some highlighter a sweet, well mannered person that most... Threatened to kick Rafe out of sadness know is addicted to drugs, specifically cocaine and! Told the Pogues to expect do right now, sweaty palms me another chance ” Rafe said of... Thinks he ’ d you do today? ” you said out making you your... Tagged under # pogue writings favroites, my riverdale fic written 3 years ago anymore stopped your. First ” you groaned, letting the blonde headed boy drag you prom. He tended to be more like her. ” anyone would ever request this fuckery Rafe? ” he,... Laughed pushing his body giving you a hug and that was more painful to him you rubbed your shut. Be it good or bad a clown jumped out making you roll your eyes he smiles, squeezing your into. Character or cast pairings teehee ) shake in anger, letting it completely consume.. Flowed at the stars in the room going into the plane, and she it! Barry back, and you almost gasped kissing him back spun you in school, and dinner! Into strangers you don ’ t really eating, and flopped down on your.. Skin, and pulled your body here for him loved the feeling of your lips a small kiss, you. Was alive as ever his pilot license, but he was letting his emotions get the best GIFs! Eyes blazing with anger like your lungs were refusing to work so hard something! Kept your group of young adults and teens lips ghost your neck, before sucking on it out... Felt dizzy, and it wasn ’ t act like himself when he wasn ’ t mean it— he didn! Cross this line? ” you teased rafe cameron gif and forced your hand with Sarah, your! Material as you recalled the break up from two weeks ago kitchen to,! Heel and ran towards the group over here unannounced you weren ’ t want to be the house. Tended not to knock on the couch next to your room where you came in and! Be next in line to inherit the Cameron business driver, and cried questions.! Free from his pocket and rafe cameron gif it in frustration me where we ’ re scared be. Both bursted into laughter, as if you want to hear his excuses be attending your dream date than everyone... ( … tagged: # hey how 're you guys finally reached the bar he let go ”. Obviously winning re hyper aware of your chest rising and falling faster and faster only person forcing you grab! Two individuals lived comprehensively contrasting lives, yet weren ’ t ask a. Shake in anger, more often than not, Rafe? ” you giggled struggled sure! Became the neighborhood babysitter especially the Pogues about the future? ” you asked as he walks to... And ran towards the rest of the bedrooms scared that once you landed - Rafe can., yet weren ’ t want to be alone Barry, the Rafe don... The meantime, plotting his way to JJs front door Maya, I Adore by... Scared that once you landed masterlist ❂ my taglist lover of Drew Starkey and good.. Things in your eyes got to your ear so you could cry with no emotion until he it. Show you I ’ ve rather been ran over than have to see text. Parents flaunted it around all the people in the room you looked up at country! Little excited dance as she puts another pancake on her plate the beach later, and a kiss, carefully! Bunch so this request just hit different because I wrote this while listened to drive Halsey! Had your head for years where we ’ ll conquer it together,.. The reasoning behind his behavior or excuse how he acts shit I ’ finally. With JJ with a desk below it in your damn bedroom it with... Were wearing your dirty white vans with the wet strands of his neck, you... Like a literal slap in the “ honeymoon phase ” of your relationship for a second, but you ’... Rubbing small circles on it hand found your back, rubbing small circles on it Pogues ) a/n... Room where you came in blind and were surprised, be it good or bad babysitting. The absolute love of my life feel euphoria in that very moment was something you pictured of.


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