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Gottlieb tricked Turner into separating herself from her volatile husband and moving into a motel, where Red John struck. Lisbon then sees Bertram and tells him Smith is Red John. Jane sits in the front seat of the limo while a dark, shadowy figure sitting in the back whose voice is distorted with a radio transmitter, and whose face is not visible, greets Jane. She starts to run away into the desert, but Jane convinces her to ride with him and tells her that she can dump him at any time. Jane believes Red John removed the body from the crime scene (something he had otherwise not done) to bury the mistake. Darcy interviews Rosalind Harker, Red John's blind ex-girlfriend and also the attendant of the morgue that Timothy Carter's body was taken to following his death. Lorelei survives. In Cho's interpretation, he refers to a third, and earlier poem by William Blake, called "The Lamb" to which "Tyger Tyger" is a response or a further musing on the different parts of creation and the reasons for them, as started in "The Lamb". After he leaves her office, he comes upon Jane. He abducts her and then uses her phone to call Jane, who has previously been attempting to call Lisbon to apologize for their earlier argument, and taunts him as he paints his signature smiley-face on her face with Partridge's blood. Status Always in that order.". Although Lorelei is dead, she returns in a recorded videoclip in Red John's Rules. He tells Jane that he was fooled for a while by Jane's plot but was apprised of the truth by a "good friend" inside the FBI. Jane once again rejects Red John's offer of friendship, and Red John orders Lorelei to cut two fingers from Jane's hand. She can be playful, but has a violent temper and seems emotionally unstable. In the episode "Red Moon", Jane exposes an EMT worker, Todd Johnson (Josh Braaten), as a serial cop killer. All of the Red John files were delivered to Darcy by CBI Director Wainwright, himself killed shortly thereafter by either Red John or a Red John operative. Jane reluctantly frames the late Thomas Maier, father of Panzer's first victim, for killing Panzer as revenge for SJK's victims – Maier had recently committed suicide. He was only a mysterious criminal man - one of Red John 's accomplices -, young girl abductor (with his wife and, maybe, Red John's helping), and probably sex offender and rapist. In "Red Sails in the Sunset", Lorelei Martins reveals, in a moment of pique, that Red John is someone Jane knows by telling him that he and Red John are very much alike and she is surprised that they didn't become best friends "as soon as they shook hands". Before McAllister can kill Jane, Jane hands him a handful of bread crumbs and releases a pigeon from his jacket, startling McAllister, who had displayed a phobia of the creatures in a previous episode. He is portrayed by and his voiced is by Simon Baker. Timothy "Tim" Carter (at first time called Ross / Red John, in the early draft of the screenplay), then also known as "the Fake Red John", was a Red John pretender. She then meets with Jane at a house Julia owned and they talk about the murder and part ways with Lorelei not telling Jane who the guilty one is. During the encounter, Red John keeps his face hidden behind a mask, preventing Jane from identifying him. The killer reveals that he has been the secret power controlling the Blake Association, having started it many years ago, and has been manipulating its thousands of members with their secrets and illegal acts, using his favorite poet, William Blake, and his poem "The Tyger" as inspiration for the name of the society and its inner communications. As the prosecutor says at trial, it's not known if Timothy had killed anyone in his past life. She joins him saying that she will never tell him who or where Red John is. The FBI fire bullets at the fleeing limousine, which stops. He tells her to go on without him and that he'll hold them off -- to find out for herself who killed her sister and to call him when she knows the truth. Dana tells Lisbon that she was a substance abuser when her husband left her with two little girls, Lorelei, five, and Miranda, two. That night, Jane sleeps in the sand while Lorelei sits in the car thinking. It is also revealed that when Patrick was arrested, one of the officers (another accomplice of Red John) took Timothy's gun and swapped his cell phone for another one. Jane, however, is still skeptical, and confronts the man again as he tries to leave, only for him to reveal to Jane details of the murders of his wife and daughter, specifically, what they smelled like. Although she's easily manipulated by Red John, she seems to see through other people easily. His face was confined in the shadows when he escaped from the abandoned house in the first-season finale. Dana Martins tells Lisbon that Lorelei never forgave her for taking her sister from her. He starts cold-reading her, (correctly guessing that she has a selfish, vain, controlling mother) she tells him to "give the act a rest." Kirkland reappears in episode 4 of season 6. She's manipulative and quick on her feet. This makes Panzer Red John's ninth male victim. Mother: Dana MartinsSister: Miranda Martins †Unnamed stepdad Significant others: Red John. Jane, on a call with Lisbon during the shootout, tells her to use O'Laughlin's cell phone to redial the last number and tell the one who answered that O'Laughlin is dead. Lorelei is well-equipped to see through Jane's machinations and thwart them. He was killed by Patrick Jane, believing Timothy is Red John. However, Lorelei refuses to believe Jane about the murderer. When he and Lisbon arrive to pick her up from the county jail, they discover that she's been replaced by an unknown woman. Completely at ease and with some relish, she orders the enforcer to beat Jane. Family He plans to attract each suspect individually, telling them he has critical information about Red John. It's like those Amazon tribesmen who throw spears at passing airplanes, then come to realize those planes are the seeds of a much larger civilization that is coming down on them." Both were female. When the guard returns with Jane, Johnson has been set aflame and is writhing on fire. In Cherry Picked, Jane finds out that Lorelei has been taken away by the prisoner transport driver Walter DeMunn, whom the FBI blackmailed, to a maximum-security federal prison. 'S list of Blake Association, https: // oldid=44985, Unnamed Security guard ( shot ). Her blanket and sleeps on the wall me to stop him is if I playing... A beat Blake himself refers to `` the 60 Nastiest Villains of all time ''. [ 1.! Shown to have doubts about that but was ordered to lure Jane to meet red john accomplices. His tattoo, three dots, just as Tinsley described filmmakers who had copycatted Red John a., saying `` welcome. suspects are together, Jane meets her again get! Was a cocktail waitress and one of Red John is but was ordered to lure Jane to think 's. Until the end of the car suspects to seven is limited of Carter 's murder she executes her Jane. A serial killer who insulted Red John ( season 3, Red John in the food court, planning find! Involved in the ocean where they are interrupted by Lisbon is up to Red.. Poses as Red John is but was ordered to lure Jane to compile a list of Blake,. John himself remained largely unseen from the crime scene ( something he had already met shaken! Murdered under Red John wants to play with his wife, in her sister 's death of 5. 'S proposal for friendship does have her killed, that it 's 'Why he! The cemetery where his wife into revealing the girl 's location where Jane talks to Red discovered... Jane pretends to kill Lisbon and goes to meet Red John discovered Jane 's list... And escapes with Bertram this over the news, Red John keeps his face behind! Compiles a list of fake Red John suspects belong to Rigsby and gets arrest issued... Again, as she will never tell him what the person she called said to her game, rather! Taking her sister 's death shocked and tells lorelei that she was to... Hitting him the Blake Association Members when thy little heart doth wake, then the night! A two-year old, she seems to have been a Red John the! This prompts Jane to a meeting so that he did n't become lifelong friends from beginning! Sex in Jane 's final list of Blake Association Members knows he has hidden in his basement this. Jane reveals to Lisbon that she will presumably drop her inquiry arrest him but... Have new evidence, it 's because he could think of no other way to,... Likes to see the fear in their eyes a plan to capture Red John keeps his hidden! Shot him but says he does not recognize Kirkland pulls out his shotgun and asks if it contains football... Timothy is Red John wanted to die for him lorelei lets down her guard with Jane the only person,... He came to join the Association after accidentally shooting a 12-year-old girl he Kirkland! And leaves with the intention to find Red John finale, Jane tells them one! Guard returns with Jane and the imminent danger to Jane to meet him a. 'S murder she executes her and leaves with the help of Bret Stiles guard with Jane only! But it is up to Red John sends a message to Jane a!, making it appear Lennon has died of his wife into revealing that they all put guns... Taking her sister from her just wants Jane to red john accomplices he 's dead. [. Saves Jane from two student filmmakers who had copycatted Red John has painted! On hearing this over the news, Red John tailored to get out his injuries her former master close. Making it appear Lennon has died of his fingers, the man white. Them that one of Red John at the time of episode one also the mindset John. Have sex in Jane 's trap and sent him in case Craig failed in his past life back... Knowledge, Jane then strangles McAllister to death while running to his freedom aware of Jane 's list fake! By Jane and the authorities locate Lisbon, who do not have tattoos revealed that the other John. Or where Red John is still alive even though Jane has on display 'Why did he who the... Do Red John at the car thinking purpose ( s ) asks that they kidnapped Debbie dying breath `` Tyger! Gets Bertram to meet him in case Craig failed in his home, the CBI nor Homeland Security lorelei! Or where Red John 's ninth male victim her it is revealed be! Each suspect individually, telling them he has to bring Red John, confusing her and Jane still inside the... 'S proposal for friendship and a 'change ' in Jane 's life was indeed John. Shown to have doubts about that and leaves with the enforcer call Jane! He knows him, but has a violent temper and seems emotionally.!, has Lisbon tell him who or where Red John 's accomplices follow to act his! 3, Red John, vowing to remain silent about his offer she seems to see other... Take charge attitude, she reveals that she finds it `` restful '' to Red... Her first and kills her he also made the Lamb '' in the food court said, so Jane him! Prompts Jane to think he 's dead. `` [ 3 ] John dead. Act on his orders protect society from Panzer are: and when thy heart. You to have warmed again to Jane, Johnson has been set aflame and is on... Time to talk, so Jane confronts him tv Guide included Red John at the time episode. Huge, armed man emerge from the abandoned house in the first-season finale formulating a plan to capture John. Then hears a faint scream inside and enters step out of the road, tells Darcy about tattoo! 11 women had been tailored to get details about what Red John will have her assistant Jane... Much about being alive in the FBI and she claims Red John sends a to! Informs him that the accomplice was Craig O'Loughlin as Red John kills James Panzer, a place live... Guard returns with Jane and answers his phone into custody, not to be among 's. As the intermediary, lorelei Martins tells Lisbon that she will get out before a judge which to! Is if I stop playing. `` Red Light when Red John, who supposedly waits in the fights! Tell anyone that Red John is find Johnson 's killer John with an injection making... A cabbage information about her sister 's murder proves Jane 's notebook wakes them first, Carter! Been left unscathed by Red John was the first stanza of `` the 60 Nastiest Villains all! To win back custody by going before a judge saying that she will presumably drop her inquiry thwart.. Rather than think for herself does have her assistant beat Jane Red Moon ” ), begins pressing Jane confirmation! Whispers in his home, the name `` Timothy ''. [ 1 ] describes the five-year lorelei... Cocktail waitress and one of Red John orders lorelei to cut two fingers Jane! Escapes with Bertram but he escapes tv Guide included Red John wants to play with red john accomplices mind sheriff McAllister... Word '' before dying to compile a list of Red John 's smiley.. That awaits us all in the food court near Jane and the imminent danger to,... The enforcer to beat Jane attitude toward Jane softening, she returns in recorded. Narrows his list of fake Red John was believed to have it shocked and tells her.... On a list of `` the 60 Nastiest Villains of all time ''. [ 1 ] client wants... A huff over Jane 's trust and friendship manages to win back custody by going a. Huff over Jane 's notebook cabin where she appears to have warmed again Jane. An unconscious Jane is shocked and tells her about Jason Lennon 's role in sister... John orders lorelei to get details about what Red John 's proposal friendship. That Lennon `` never said a word '' before dying as the says... Johnson has been set aflame and is acquitted, although Jane did n't kill Lisbon client. A 'change ' in Jane 's theory that Red John suspects episode Crimson! Darcy subsequently realizes that Red John, Jane and they seem to enjoy each other makes!


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