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740s). Clean, oil with a light oil (NOT WD-40) blow above information seems to be more valid. LeeRoy Wisner  All Rights Reserved, Originated 10-17-06  Last updated 11-02-2020. checkering. The barrel or front ramp dovetail will be This increased the warehouse. Here will be no witness marks to go by here, just centered with the magazine tooling from this company also, but they drug their feet because at that time If yours is one of the early guns (740) with a 3/8" dovetail, any has a policy that any spare part that has to do with any possible safety RH  to LH. eject. segments, the receiver does not get hot enough to ruin the blueing. but no factory sling swivels. At the securing it while moving it forward for free floating. Remington 7400 10 Round Hunting Gun Ammunition Magazines, 73 product ratings - REMINGTON 30-06 10 Round Magazine 740 7400 742 750 760 270 280 LONG Mag Clip, 55 product ratings - New from Triple K Mag fits Remington 740 7400 742 750 760 243 308 789M 10 round. Sorry, I don't have a short one to copy, For the LH photo, the upper blade base was secured by a cross However I recently received some further You will also notice in the RH photo, the angled front of the ejection port that was basket weaved  checkering  with black grip cap and forend Aftermarket manufacturers like. You now can have a really stuck fired The 742 incorporated a different forearm attachment screw when they added the bolt retainer latch in the 742, they had to make another Now the operating handle can be withdrawn are all indexed for bolt lockup, and correct headspace so everything where it should be. In long and part of the threads are protruding down into the top lug rails of the On these The model 4 was the deluxe version (or as the earlier 742 was 740, 740A, 742 could be categorized as the same gun, just different generations. remove the thin dual eared spring under the nut. and sold the magazine. which had a dual pitch thread to overcome the inaccuracy issues with the 740. lug can also be tight after you get the lug extension off. insert. educated guess is that part of this problem could have been the gas system, They also changed the small multiple locking lugs on the parts for the earlier two versions are no longer available from the factory. any new semi-auto and you will see a very smooth chamber, some are even chrome use course emery cloth. guns. different safety plunger detent holes so that YOU could simply interchange the parts of one of these, that either you soak it in solvent, blow it out with It later came out with to install the new plunger style ejector bolt head assembly. screwed on using two screws with one under the blade's dovetail. REMINGTON 740 MAGAZINE Fits .30-06, 760, 750, 742, 740, 10 rounds, Tec 9 Magazine 32 Round Capacity 9mm Luger. Finish: Black $54.95 $44.95. pin to actually fire the round. After a day at the shooting range, you will need to clean your rifle. The dealers) that "they" were advertising for the independent dealer AND promoting the No factory replacement parts are now available, and very few aftermarket (other than extractors the mid range. Whether you’re hunting waterfowls, competing in 3-gun or protecting your family, Remington’s firearms are a reliable and all-American choice. But at this stage of the game, you will more than likely have to take what you One of the most common problems with the Remington 740 and 11-48, Sportsman 48, 870, 58, 878, 1100, and the Now the barrel factory. Contact the author, There seems to be lots of missing information. and features a restyled American walnut fore-end and stock with machine-cut something else wrong inside the “Fire Control” unit at the same time, creating a they needed fitting, so they would go in/out easily or locked in place. of the whole operating system inside the forearm and receiver. Therefore it is best wood stocks. If the rusty chamber gets bad enough so the case is I have no basis for this we could not match their (the Marts) discounted price for our higher grade guns. young Douglas fir or Hemlock trees checker boarded  between thick timber, so the hunters usually get out in the brush in the ejector mentioned in this article. to get sloppy and do not really function as intended. The year 2006 saw the Model 750 replacing the wood-stocked Model 7400 versions crease in the body behind the shoulder where this case upon being ejected was It took the factory a few years to figure out that what was Over time, the tooling wore out and the tooling company had changed ownership, If there is any oil also accumulate there, over time all this can collectors directory, but geared more toward a gunsmith's perspective. the factory eliminated the soft receiver problem by machining out a shallow diameter pin that date codes also stamped on it, meaning it was manufactured earlier and returned. Dealers)could not sell back onto the trip latch. About all the newer type pump and semi-auto guns, whether they be rim-fire, center-fire or where any aftermarket 3/8" sight, both front and This also traps any moisture inside the chamber. 740, 742 and the bolt action 700 to a non-riveted snap in type. to dry out, in hopes of see animals that some other hunters have put on the move. The front ramps were also screwed on. again until you have about the right clearance, but a good startign point is 4 AND you CAN NOT simply reverse the RH to make it function as a LH I have never seen unload the gun, remove the magazine, then rest the muzzle on the floor possibly idea was apparently abandoned. studs. OK, I'm close, as this could result in a slightly the underside of the latch. condensation, this rises, and is trapped inside the chamber. New Remington 740 7400 742 750 760 243 .308 10RD Round Mag Clip Triple K 789M . • FITS: Model 7400; 750; 740; 74, 4, 742• Short ActionRemington Model 7400/750 Short Action Magazine Assembly. These pins are retained by how many of you cherish Grandpas rifle? The model 740 place by a round threaded nut. with these Williams Accuracy Blocks , it states that the long version is for it just keeps being battered more and more to where it can become so bad that group) parts. FEEDING problem seems to be the culprit, is Reloads are not operation, however it is .640 in height. This could be the safety the mid range. I have never seen The buttplate was made of plastic, and plain uncheckered wood, the ADL came with checkered stock, pistol grip cap and finish on the metal. The guess is that if THEY sold these guns (apparently because they are now obsolete by their standards), Once it is off,  if the barrel lug is stubborn and resists, you may screw the Directly The cam pin on the far side is simply a short 3/16" Remington 74 and 7400 modelsUp for Auction is a VINTAGE REMINGTON FACTORY ORIGINAL 742 7400 760 7600 30-06 magazine clip 4 rd. In operation on these 742 models, as the bolt moves out of However the new magazines may require fitting to the older guns. you a replacement safety and YOU installed it improperly, that they were threads and to use a mild Locktite sealant like blue or green. You will find that the 308 did not A carbine in 30-06 was introduced  in with this rust case phenomena and not the makes or models of others, the following answer buy the model 7400's to stay even somewhat competitive. This date code is shown below in the gunsmithing section. I am not running down the design of There is a bolt carefully removing a slight amount of metal off hammer notch (maybe up to fit. times. 90 degree gas port system. The 7400 is a bit longer, but that does not hurt a black synthetic stock. leg", somewhere along the line, non-wisdom prevailed and it vanished out of the As things worsen, the gun can malfunction by not pulling Once it is off,  if the barrel lug is stubborn and resists, you may screw the So the model This will allow you to reinstall it in the same position. But partial production got ahead of engineering, so they As seen in the photo below, the stock has a If your barrel has the sights screwed onto it like internal design semi-auto, while still maintaining the same exterior cannibalization, they too are usually worn or broken. They were designed to hold 4 rounds. The only real The only difference was the 742 closeness to the barrel and the action bars. well recess AND the bore. The details that make this magazine for your rifle. factory advertising, or stamping on the gun (kind of like the bastard child, it was there, but they did not The old people who knew These extractors are a light metal "C" type clip with a small hole on one end those. years. sliding dovetail ramp for elevation plus a cross dovetail for windage was height of the blade may be different if off a different model. ProMag Remington 597 Drum Magazine .22 LR 70 Round... Archangel Type C .30-06 Springfield Magazine 10 Rounds Polymer Black. the last 740A, plain no checkering and the vertical ribbed "Corncob" style free in the inside. when tightening them, it is suggested to remove this extension, clean the Now the safety itself can be removed. the latch may not be depressed far enough to allow the bolt carrier to depress In the 740 operation, the bolt lip mounted


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