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Overall Weight 4.24lbs Ich habe die Datenschutzbestimmungen zur Kenntnis genommen. Description: BRAND NEW - Remington Versa Max Tactical Zombie Green 12 gauge auto-loading shotgun with 22" barrel. Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. That wasn’t the case when I stopped by the Remington booth today to check out the new Versa-Max shotgun today. Both the green and pink versions use the Reaper Z pattern that has been popular with the zombie gun crowd. Remington® VERSA MAX™ – the New Pinnacle of Autoloading Shotguns Any Load, Any Where, Every Time Guns can sometimes be like laundry detergent. The new Model 870 Tactical Side Folder adds side-stock versatility and enhanced ergonomics to the Model 870's legendary strength and dependability . Nachnahmegebühren, wenn nicht anders beschrieben. Telefonische Unterstützung und Beratung unter:0180 7 / 09 08 07-0**30 Sekunden kostenfrei, danach Festnetzpreis 14 ct/min; Mobilfunkpreise maximal 42 ct/min.Mo-Fr09:00 - 17:00 Uhr. Bereits 1816 wurde das Unternehmen ansässig im New Yorker Umland gegründet. Waffen von Remington sind robust, zuverlässig und präzise. Sowohl die Marines als auch die US Army führen noch heute Waffen vom Typ 700 als Scharfschützenwaffen. Dank des weltweit einzigartigen VERSAPORT Gasdrucksystems, welches den Gasdruck abhängig vom jeweiligen Kaliber und der jeweiligen Ladung selbständig reguliert, können Sie ab sofort aus nur einer Selbstladeflinte alle Kaliber von 12/70 bis 12/89 verschießen, unabhängig von der Ladung! Im 20. Die mit einem * markierten Felder sind Pflichtfelder. Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Riflescope - First Look, Kimber Rapide Black Ice 10mm Review – A Truly Unique 1911, .350 Legend Cartridge: Everything You Need to Know, Red vs. Green Lasers: Visibility in Bright Light, First Look: Remington Versa Max Tactical in Zombie Reaper Z Camo, Guns & Ammo TV: 6.5 Creedmoor vs. .375 H&H, Trijicon's New Specialized Reflex Optics (SRO), Surefire XSC Micro-Compact Pistol Light: First Look. CAMO, 21″ VR BL, Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun Southern Grind Package RMR STRIKE INDUSTRIES M2 M4 ZAC BROWN, MOSSBERG 590 SHOCKWAVE, .410ga, 14″Brl 3″ Chamber, Beretta 1301 tactical 7+1 tube and Streamlight. Der Artikel wurde erfolgreich hinzugefügt. Positive Steel-to-Steel Lockup You will receive email confirmation upon receiving your order, payment and the FFL license from your dealer, we will then provide tracking info via email upon shipping. Doch den größten Erfolg erlebte das Unternehmen mit der Einführung der Repetierbüchse 700 im Jahre 1962, welche nicht nur bei Jägern und Sportschützen anklang fand. It's no secret that the demand for firearms and ammunition have reached record levels due to... 9mm and .380 ACP ammo are hard to find, but .38 Special might be challenging them as the... On Friday, August 14, 2020, the a three-judge panel from the United States Court of Appeals... Give a Gift   Your email address will not be published. Both the green and pink versions use the Reaper Z pattern that has been popular with the zombie gun crowd. Smooth operating anti-jam elevator The Versa Max retails for around $1,399. Versandkosten und ggf. The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge. Required fields are marked *, Model                          870 Tactical, Model:                         M2 Tactical, Manufacturer                         FN America, Model                                      FN SLP, Capacity                                  8, Barrel Length                         24 inch, Manufacturer                         Benelli, Model                                      M4 Tactical, Weight                                     50.00 Pounds, Manufacturer:                        Other Manufacturer, Model:                                    Techno Arms MG-7, Gauge:                                   12, Capacity:                              10, Barrel Length:                        18 inch, Specifications and Features: The Trijicon SRO is specifically designed for pistol use. Q: What forms of payment do you accept? NEW, UNFIRED condition; S/N: RT697XXX; with box/paperwork and accessories, as shown; ordered directly from Remington. An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. 3″ Chamber The centerpiece is the VERSA MAX Tactical. Remington 81025 Versa Max Zombie Green 8+1 3.5" 12ga 22" OUT OF STOCK (9) Remington VERSA MAX Tactical 12 22 PB Green. Our lineup includes some of the most trusted and popular shotguns in the industry, each fine-tuned for your specific tactical application. For competition or personal defense, no challenge is too great for Remington® VERSA MAX tactical shotguns. Abonnieren Sie den kostenlosen Newsletter und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeit oder Aktion mehr von ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. DEFEND YOUR TURF. Q: Can you ship a firearm directly to my residence? The .375 H&H is more than a century old, but still a popular and versatile choice for hunting big and dangerous game. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. RP9; RP45; Other Products. Remington 1100 Sporting 12/70 Selbstladeflinte... Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12/76 #12300012, Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Selbstladeflinte. THE VERSA MAX FEATURING THE VERSA MAX SPORTSMAN. Die Firma Remington Arms Company, mit... Produktinformationen "Remington Versa Max Tactical 12/89 Selbstladeflinte #161059", Weiterführende Links zu "Remington Versa Max Tactical 12/89 Selbstladeflinte #161059", Eigenschaften "Remington Versa Max Tactical 12/89 Selbstladeflinte #161059". Read More. Rein subjektiv ließ sich die Ver - sa Max nach dem Schuss nicht schneller wieder ins Ziel bringen als etwa eine Be-retta 1301 Comp oder eine Benelli M2 IPSC, aber langsamer ist sie gewiss nicht. The new shotguns are available in Gargoyle Green and Explosion Pink. Among the many places he calls home is Bewertungen werden nach Überprüfung freigeschaltet. I have owned many Remington 1100 and 1187 auto-shotguns over the years, and this gun looks nothing like them. Both guns carry an MSRP of $1599. It is equipped with a 22″ choke tube barrel, extra tactical choke tube, hi-viz front sight (with 2 other inserts), factory magazine extension with side rail, adjustable stock with extra parts, and the receiver is drilled and tapped for a rail (included). For this shoot, Pro Tom Beckstrand, former U.S. Army Special Operations officer and sniper team leader, faces off against Guns & Ammo TV cameraman Ben LaLonde in a challenge that highlights the differences between these two cartridges. Dual Extractors Wer mit Gesamtgewicht und Balance der Tactical gut klar kommt, der … Schulter. Ambidextrous Safety 1911 R1; 700 CP; RM380. Windham Weaponry SRC .223 Rem Selbstladebüchse... Remington 870 Express Super Mag Turkey 12/89... Remington 870 Express 20/76 Flinte #165583. Q: How do I find a FFL dealer? Q: Can I return the item? Overall Length 26.37″ Model 870; Tactical; Handguns. The Versa Max retails for around $1,399. Versa Max; V3 Field Sport; Model 1100; Model 11-87; Pump-Action. Heckler & Koch MR308 A3 SlimLine Hkey .308 Win... Sellier & Bellot 9 mm 8,03g - 124grs FMJ... Daniel Defense DD5 .308 Win Selbstladebüchse... Haenel RS9 BASIC .338 Lapua Mag Repetierbüchse... Beretta A400 Xcel Multitarget AS Selbstladeflinte, Magazinkapazität: siehe Produktbeschreibung, Besonderheiten: inklusive 5 Flush Mount ProBore Chokes. Mossberg 500 Tactical Turkey 12Ga. The Versa Max Tactical also features a skeletonized charging handle for quicker bolt manipulation, plus an 8+1 mag tube extension and an extended choke tube. A: No, all firearms must be shipped to a FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer for transfer to you. * Alle Preise inkl. Auch Behörden und Militäreinheiten waren von dieser Waffe begeistert. The wide field of view and clean, crisp dot makes it easy for users to find and track the dot in both target and competitive shooting applications. NEW FRX TACTICAL SHOTGUN BY FEDERAL ARMS... Trades Accepted: Trades Welcome, we accept good quality firearms that are in at least good condition and working order.Conact us with details of your trade item(s). CA residents add $10 for DOJ acceptance paperwork. It is NEW in box, black finish. Twin Action Bars All Rights Reserved. Die Firma Remington Arms Company, mit Sitz in den USA, fertigt seit mehr als 190 Jahren ein äußerst breites Spektrum an Langwaffen für den jagdlichen und sportlichen Einsatzzweck, genauso wie für den Behörden- und Militärmarkt. Heute stellt Remington sowohl Kurzwaffen als auch Langwaffen für zivile und behördliche Anwender her. Remington 870 Express Super Mag Combo 12/89... Remington 870 DM 12/76 Vorderschaftrepetierflinte, Beretta 1301 Tactical Synthetic Selbstladeflinte, Beretta 1301 Competition Pro Selbstladeflinte. Shipping Notes: Insured Shipping $35 The new shotguns are available in Gargoyle Green and Explosion Pink. Remington ist weltweit, eines der ältesten Unternehmen im Bereich des Waffenbaus und zugleich das einzige Unternehmen in den USA , welche Waffen und Munition fertigt. All prices listed reflect a 3% cash discount which is not available when paying with credit card. 81025 No task is too demanding and no challenge is too intense with our rugged, ultra-dependable and ever-expanding selection of tactical shotguns. When you're in the most demanding environments and every second counts, Remington's tactical shotguns give you the confidence and firepower to get the job done. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. All Rights Reserved, Be the first to review “Remington Versa Max Tactical 12 gauge”. |   New items can only be returned with prior approval and will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Remington stellt heute den ältesten Waffenhersteller der USA dar, älter sogar als das legendäre Unternehmen Colt. Matte Blued Finish, Manufacturer                         Mossberg, Model                                      500 TACTICAL TURKEY, Capacity                                  5, Barrel Length                         20 Inch, UPC                                         015813532655, SKU                                        8000-1743, Manufacturer:                        Beretta, Model:                                    1301 Tactical, Copyright Buy firearms discreetly | Buy pistols, rifles, shorguns, buy scopes | Buy Glock 2020.


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