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I think (Putin) feels vulnerable in inviting people in to help with defense…, “We’ll have two ships close if we have to put a reaction force in. “Movies influence more than we know,” Marcinko said. What’s next, do we rule out ‘Airplane!’ references? When the alpha dog growls, it ain’t smart to growl back. Is it just me or do you fantasize about other men? Adding A Side Console To A Jon Boat, "Puggy" Marcinko, 70, passed away November 13, 2011 in Virginia Beach. “Having our value system portrayed is worth the effort.”. That was my first thought after hearing what the President had done for Chief Gallagher, and his response to the admiral’s ill-advised temper tantrum. By jumping the gun, the president is undermining the Navy’s ability to enforce standards. On the surface, Red Cell sought to test naval security around the world. If there’s one line Donald Trump has a lot of practice delivering, it’s “you’re fired.”, Hat tip to Poetrooper for the link. Grown men can’t make ‘Princess Bride’ references? Marcinko was way ahead of the curve in understanding the future of terrorism and how to conquer it. I can picture a Navy JAG furiously flipping through the UCMJ and Manual of Courts Martial to determine whether they have the authority to take away Gallagher’s birthday. The 2 star A…E just can’t stand to lose just like the demo rats that lost in 2016. Others, such as McRaven, would do absolutely anything for money and power (including, with all probability, unnatural acts in a public forum with animals). This ain’t the 9th hole at Maralago,, Frankly, as someone who served in a force that the media condemned for “indiscipline and actual criminal behavior” thanks to a few sorry bastards like John Kerry and Dan Rather, I tend to be a bit skeptical of your claims. He should have stated the facts and then shut up. “My feeling is once a SEAL always a SEAL, once KGB always KGB. They have Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and a long list of terrorist organizations along with the fact that the Navy can’t stop ships from crashing into container ships or SEALs from doing drugs or murdering Green Berets. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a problem. You thought 2016 was a weeping teeth gnashing liberal pants shitting fest? The SEALs rescued hospital personnel caught in the crossfire as an all-out urban brawl raged around them. Regardless of his many supporters there are enough Clintonistas and Obamites left in the ranks to make a high profile enlisted man’s life hell. What you do not smell is that the Trump-appointed Secretay of the Navy and Defense as well as the Chairman are trying to get the president to understand that he is undermining their ability to do the things he needs them to do. Another of Marcinko’s opinions involves the influence of Hollywood, which he says has an important role to play in shaping and encouraging our future frogmen. Yet, according to the US Naval Institute story, Spencer was allegedly (without telling Esper) seeking a deal with the White House to basically hold a sham board to keep up appearances but guarantee that Gallagher would keep his trident. Bulk Remanufactured Ammo, And if that isn't enough, Richard Marcinko is also a multiple New York Times best-selling fiction writer, whose “Curse of the Infidel,” the latest offering in the “Rogue Warrior” series, doesn’t disappoint. So, Vice Admiral James Lyons tasked Marcinko to create another unit. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But, if you read the background, they thought they had cleared it with the White House. The president has made it very clear that the Navy is not to do any such thing and has ordered them to leave Gallagher alone.


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