rituals for dionysus
I say, then, that Melampos acquired the prophetic art, being a discerning man, and that, besides many other things which he learned from Egypt, he also taught the Greeks things concerning Dionysos, altering few of them; for I will not say that what is done in Egypt in connection with the god [i.e. the Aiora on the third day of the Anthesteria], and they perform it both privately and publicly, and call it alétis, aptly terming her mendicant who, unknown and lonely, sought for her father with the god. the Askolia] festival, at which they would hop on wineskins to the honor of Dionysos. "[In Sparta] is what is called Kolona (the Knoll), with a temple of Dionysos Kolonates (of the Knoll), by which is a precinct of the hero who they say guided Dionysos on the way to Sparta. 23. His parents are Zeus and Semele, the Princess of Thebes. See regional entries below for information on the Bakkhanalia (Bacchic revels). "From the gate to the Kerameikos [in Athens] there are porticoes . On landing he came across a youth and a maiden who had been brought to the altar of [Artemis] Triklaria [at Patrai, in Akhaia]. 27. "After the precinct of Zeus [in Megara] . 23. 5 : Pausanias, Description of Greece 8. "Between the market-place and the Menios [in the city of Elis] is an old theater and a shrine of Dionysos. containing shrines of gods, and a gymnasium called that of Hermes. . 2 : Pausanias, Description of Greece 2. ", Pausanias, Description of Greece 8. 11 (trans. 23. [N.B. In the middle of the theatre they placed wineskins which were inflated and oiled and when they hopped onto these they slipped; just as Euboulos says in Damalia : ‘And in addition to these things, they put wineskins in the middle and hopped and guffawed at those who fell off the track.’", Suidas s.v. 6. "The most notable things here [at Kynathea, Arkadia] include a sanctuary of Dionysos, to whom they hold a feast in the winter, at which men smeared with grease take up from a herd of cattle a bull, whichever one the god suggest to them, and carry it to the sanctuary. "On Mount Ilios [near Las, Lakedaimonia] is a temple of Dionysos. 11 : Virgil, Georgics 2. Limnai) (trans. This, too, I heard. : Followers of the Greek party god Dionysus certainly knew how to enjoy themselves. "Lenaia (Of the Wine Vat) : Name of a festival [of Dionysos] in Athens. Sometimes he was shown drunk, leaning heavily on a companion. 9 : trailer 23. 1 : Pausanias, Description of Greece 1. Osiris] and what is done among the Greeks originated independently: for they would then be of an Hellenic character and not recently introduced. 5 - 6 (trans. 1 - 2 : Three pots are brought into the building by the priests and set down empty in the presence of the citizens and of any strangers who may chance to be in the country. 13 (trans. 16. "The Argives [of Argos city] have other things worth seeing; for instance ... [including] a temple of Dionysos Kres (of Krete).


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