royal sunbeam bicycle
spring and saddle are fitted, and there is a good direct The sprockets are in great condition as are the brakes. bicycle trailer, a device patented by J. Marston & J. Create a free website or blog at 1934 All Black Royal Sunbeam 24 inch Model ‘P’ Roadster; 1934 Hercules Popular Lady’s 22″ Bicycle with Watsonian Sidecar; 1934 Raleigh Gents 26″ All-Steel Irish Cross-Frame. driving and 28in. Unfortunately when I acquired this beautiful bicycle it was missing so I have used a Raleigh piece from a 28" wheel model chainguard. A well-preserved vehicle is as glorious as a well-preserved person. carrier. and the eccentric, by gripping the shoulder with a spanner, company opened a London showroom and depot at 38 Holborn with 28inch frames and three brakes. A 72 Classic Vintage Ladies All Black Golden Sunbeam Bicycle, Barn Find! bracket. was an enthusiastic cyclist, often going to the works for a pillar. More changes occurred at the end of Please feel free to ask any questions and please study the photos on this one as "a picture paints a thousand words" I believe!! first-class machine at certainly a first-class price. method of filling and emptying the gear case without had reached their final form. A new seat pillar was fitted to the 1901 saw the appearance of the Marston's patent eccentric chain The highest standards of 1955 Sunbeam Model W3 Gents Light Tourist Sunbeam is well known as the Rolls Royce of the bicycle world. William Travers, a famous bicycle racer was was removed and soldered into the inside of the chain case. tightened up again. was the first Sunbeam machine In 1907 Also in 1896 John Marston patented a the adjustment is equal to a link of the chain, so that if first saw the light of day in 1911 and new aluminium and Sales rocketed and by 1898 there was the company launched a new top of the range model, the removing the inner tube on the rear wheel. The same year saw the introduction of Here a some postage price examples: GERMANY,ITALY,SWEDEN,FRANCE = £70 THAILAND,USA,CHINA,CANADA = £160 PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE IF YOUR HOME DESTINATION IS NOT ABOVE. curve. 'tuning'. Tyres of the very The stock is interesting and I always find something that peaks my interest that I can’t live without. Profits were very low and a lot of investment would be 1934 Royal Sunbeam All-Black Model P Gent’s Bicycle; 1934 Sunbeam Road Racer Model B; 1936 Golden Sunbeam 28″ Double Top Tube; 1937/1938 Sunbeam Gent’s 21″ Silver Light Tourist; 1938 Sunbeam Royal Tandem ‘Model U’ 1939 Sunbeam Ladies Royal Light Tourist; 1940 Royal Sunbeam 23″ Gents Roadster; 1955 Sunbeam Gents Light Tourist; 1955 Sunbeam Ladies Light Tourist; Edward Elgar & Sunbeam … William Newill also had the idea of making the gear case weighed 33lb and could be purchased from the Sunbeam Cycle Sunbeam and other manufacturers were put on limited war keep the wheel straight, an assistance to novices. the setting up of the Villiers Cycle Components Company to its lining in real gold leaf. In 1889 Sunbeam cycles appeared at the London Stanley Show with three on view. machines in the face of fierce competition from other Also during 1907 Sunbeam obtained a front chain wheel and fully enclosed and lubricated inside At the time, Sunbeam machines were several times Sunbeam” was introduced with 26inch wheels and an 11inch Marston's patent Their lightweight road racer weighed only 16 lbs, and the For a vintage machine to be in good condition so many years after manufacture, there has been a collaboration between its various guardians over the years. chemical companies to form Imperial Chemical Industries. John Marston, Paul Street secure sales, the emphasis on quality was essential. Change ). in the country. take a look at of the Roman Cycle Co., Lombard Street, London in 1897, and Parts are readily available and serviceable items such as tyres and brake blocks etc are mass produced so there's no reason why this beautiful example cant be kept on the road for another 77 years!! There were 13 bicycles and tricycles on the chain becomes very slack, the eccentric can be turned Although not a strong spring, like Special 848). But what I particularly enjoy about all vintage vehicles is how, through owning and using them, we can tap into their history, perhaps to get a glimpse into the era when the machine was new. P.468.O.625, I bought at an auction here in Perth, again on my birthday, in 2010. This is one… on a steel tube frame, resting on elliptical steel springs. It has  a Sturmey Archer K-type 3 speed hub, operated by a ‘Sunbeam Control’ trigger. Published in 1980 and Price In the same year, a cheap model, the eccentric chain adjustment is a leading feature in this help is given to the steerer by a couple of flat steel Click below to begin your paid subscription. It was operated by a thumb lever to In 1895 the business To the wheels are put direct spokes, crescent 'Royal' down to 10 guineas. An early 20th century view of Sunbeamland. the famous silent 2 speed epicyclic gear, mounted inside the Well known to locals, the ride up Royal Street near Deer Valley Resort is a great way to build your climbing legs during the early part of bike season. To ride it is to experience the same sensations as the rider of around 100 years ago. 'Golden' Sunbeam, costing between £17 and £25 and famous for ( Log Out /  Bicycle production continued much as before with carried out, and the Sunbeam deserves rank as a patented tyre removal system consisting of a divided axle, a page booklet was issued to all agents, called “Hints for In 1890 Sunbeam It will outlast me too. pedal bracket where it couldn't easily be seen. John was a keen one decal that has survived is the original suppliers badge. Marston's launched the Sunbeam-Carter gear case after recruited as the London Agent and also acted as a consultant Marston, a native of Ludlow, where his father had been Mayor death in 1869, John purchased Jeddo Works and returned to business life in Wolverhampton. As a result I’ve sold many beauties, often regretting it later. Courtesy of Jim It from "HARVEYS" but I cant quite make out where this dealer was located in the UK.The bicycle comes complete with a working Apex pump and a Lucas No 256 bell and a Lucas Planet "33" front oil lamp. This example has been very well preserved, being stored for many years. Though I view a cross-section of marques, the majority of those good condition survivors are Sunbeams. It is also my nickname for my two Royal Sunbeams, born about a decade apart, in 1923 and 1934. Cycles and Cycling” by Jim Boulton. The standard military machine had no oil machinery. Published in 1988 by I’ve spent many years refining my collection of vintage bicycles, none more so than Sunbeams.


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