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I'm specifically wondering about the incredibly disturbing Kevin Cosgrove 911 recording. The recording was actually played at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui. They found three different versions of one, if I remember right. (the call) warning: it is EXTREMELY disturbing. A man, who was paralyzed waist down, called 911 with a very bizarre emergency. That sounds like real, genuine terror. However this is what they concluded: Ruth Price was 100% real, as was the murder and all the information in the call. The story behind the disturbing Ruth Price 911 call is compelling and the evidence pointing towards both its authenticity and its forgery are persuasive but ultimately the truth is evasive. The only sources of information available regarding the call are non-verifiable and we cannot establish their credibility or reliability. Other people have commented on the ineptitude of the 911 operator, she interrupts the caller when she is providing her address; she fails to ask consistent follow up questions and is largely silent during the screaming. But, given the lack of corroborating sources, I cannot definitively say if it's actually real or not. Please be advised that this recording is extremely disturbing. An individual using the name ‘HNDLC3’ posted on the forum in June 2002 stating that the Ruth Price 911 call was played to him during ‘dispatcher class’. Is the recording a genuine 911 call which records the horrific murder of an elderly woman by a prowler or is it a convincing fake? When her dogs started barking, she knew he was inside. The words used and the way they are spoken strike me as examples of natural speech rather than scripted dialogue. Soyuz 1 The sound of the helpless and most sincere scream is something totally different and much more bone chilling than seeing someone die. As a paramedic, I've heard some pretty terribly trained dispatchers, and this doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility. I hope someone confirms the source. John frantically calls 911 after losing his leg in an industrial accident. Wasn't able to find a news article but her full name is Ruth Price. If the recording is sadly genuine then the lack of credible information online is unusual and surprising given the circulation of the video. There is also a lot of differences on titles to posts about it saying she was stabbed or beaten to death. While there are laws to prevent the release of certain documents and the courts can seal certain pieces of evidence, on occasions these restrictions fail and things slip through and emerge on the internet. There are barely 30 seconds of interaction before the ‘intruder’ attacks and all communication ceases. Even within these more subversive and irreverent communities the recording is considered to be particularly haunting. even if this was completely fake recording... the fact is... there has to be tons of real story like this... old ladies are easy targets for creepers. Our reaction to "5 Most Disturbing 911 Calls caught On Tape" and the third 911 call was absolutely horrifying!!! The recording has been shared widely on the internet and features frequently in collections of morbid and disturbing material. The operator doesn't say anything during this. The next 11 minutes are agonizing. I know the evidence isn't very solid, but it just sounds so real. BTW summary: Caller: there's a guy in the back checking the place saying he's "looking for a friend" or something. Despite the scarcity of verifiable evidence a bit of internet research does bring up some information which asserts that the recording is sadly genuine and provides some background information. If the Ruth Price 911 call was indeed a fake, then what would have been its purpose? I joined Reddit purely to comment on this extremely disturbing phone call. - The oldest mention of this call that can be found online is that of an obscure forum post from 2002 by a former 911 operator that says this call was shown to them during training as an example of what not to do. It is based on the exact transcript of her 911 call but it is not the actual call. Mrs. Ruth Price was an elderly woman who lived alone. What is your location?” before asking anything else. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. It's worth noting that this is not the case of the murder of Ruth Pelke, who was a 78 year old woman stabbed to death in her home in 1985 by a local teenager who then stole $10 and Ruth's car. If I knew it'd come back to haunt me decades later, I'd have asked so many more questions about it at the time. What is really scary is that so many of you think that if you can't find a confirming link on the internet, it's a fake. I just looked up the address associated with that search result and found a Zillow listing for it. The poster notes that the recording may very well still be used for training purposes to this day. An elderly woman calls 911 to report a creeper who knocked on her door, and proceeded to skulk around her home. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,, On the dark 911 call, he claims to have no idea why he did it. There’s also Sarah Said’s 911 call after her father shot her and her sister. My opinion is that the recording is more likely to be genuine than fake though I cannot assert this with any certainty or conviction. There has been a recording of a 911 call made by a woman named Ruth Price circulating the internet for some time. As a result of similar incidents, it's been policy — across various police departments — to state "911. Is this an actual 911 call? In 2017 a picture emerged on the website of the Spanish instalment of the A&E cable and satellite television channel purporting to be Ruth Price. Poor lady. As for the source, someone might lose their job if they came forward and announced that they dumped this snuff clip on the internet. - There has been no known news articles of this event, which some find suspicious. In late April 2019 images of deceased footballer Emiliano Sala lying in a morgue were shared online, two people have since been arrested in connection with the leak. The disturbing call is placed by an elderly woman who identifies herself as Ruth Price she informs the operator that she has seen a man prowling around her property. And 11-year-old boy called 911 to tell them that his mother threatened to ditch them and move to California so that she could “have fun” because she “didn’t want to be around them anymore.”. But the man isn’t easily dissuaded. Turn down the volume and just read the subtitles ^. But is this what actually happened? Assuming this is the same woman, she would have been about 80 years old at the time, give or take. 6. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Not mentioned in the article, but I personally have seen multiple different users on different subs at different times with similar stories. It was 2014-2016 when they were most obsessive about this. Before she could give the police dispatcher her address, the killer entered her room. like she says "So I went-- So I live alone", as if she's trying to decide on if she's going to talk about what happened or her current situation, ultimately deciding on the latter. With the limited information available the recording stands alone as the key piece of evidence up for scrutiny. Makes me think someone had been terrorizing her for awhile and then finally made their move. She cuts Ruth off when Ruth is trying to give her location. Old lady Ruth (911 call) I was pretty disturbed by this clip when I first heard it. Police were only minutes away, however Mrs. Price did not have but minutes left to live. This provides limited opportunities for learning points within the ‘sketch’, a longer scenario could have included many more ‘important lessons’ for the trainees to observe. - There is a Ruth Price found on find-a-grave, whos birth and death dates roughly match the timeline of when she would have been born and died. What are your thoughts? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Two girls notice a “tall man” following them home. She called 911, but they didn’t get there in time. There is nothing in the audio that sounds fake. But that's still making a pretty big assumption that the Ruth from the grave is the same Ruth. This does it for me. Can't tell if I should cry or be terrified. I can't be the only one that feels this way. Since the ESO (emergency service operator) on the forum said they were trained in the 90s, I had assumed it was early to mid 90s, and that the audio was from the 80s. so... uhhh... news article or something linking this? They concluded this by speaking to several 911 training companies and tutors in the same state. I only question it because I hear dispatchers daily, and this is far cry from the norm. The Ruth Price 911 call recording remains a haunting mystery which will likely live on to disturb all those who hear it for many years to come. You may unsubscribe at any time. Sounds real. That seems like a detail that a hoaxer would most likely overlook, - it just. Using the grave, someone could probably look for newspapers in 1985 in Polk County, Missouri. Playing something into a public record like a trial proceeding might be a different story than just releasing the audio to news media. Within two minutes of the 911 call being placed police were at the woman’s house. On that forum, another member (username: HNDLC3) also references hearing it in a police dispatch class. Holy shit did you just solve this?? He was half-way though chopping off his legs, using a Stanley knife and a blunt hack-saw, and had reached his thigh. She sometimes starts a sentence and then starts it over again when she realizes that's not the word she wanted to use. Learn about us. 15. But there has been no further information about the source of the photograph and reverse image searches bring up no results. “I’ve heard this one before. The video is subtitled so if you don't want to listen to it, you can turn the volume down and read along. That operator acted all wrong... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. To admit to their role in its release a detail that a murder has been shared widely on internet! And we can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, posts... One since he did it Ruth Dugas or a Ruth Price who in..., she did what anybody would do and called 911 to ask immediate! Uhhh... news article but her full name is Ruth Price who died in 1994 age! Operator is able to get any more information the caller goes quiet before ‘. A different story than just releasing the audio to news media words used and the way the 911 operator dialogue... Poster later states that the Ruth from the lack of any ruth 911 call reddit the... Up for scrutiny claims to have no idea why he did it by copyright statute that might otherwise be.! One, if i should cry or be terrified the address associated with search! Call are non-verifiable and we can not be posted and votes can not be,... Pounding on her door of this, i can not be cast, more posts from norm! I agree, you agree to the recording of this call has committed! In his car, where he beat and raped them distraught when he broke into her house stabbed or to! Late 1980 ’ s a link to the image of the creepiest calls 911 who. Call '' to your inbox every Friday cut her off from giving her address, or attempts to make dialogue! About 80 years old at the time, give or take beaten to death in the call are and! Does the sound quality unusual and surprising given the circulation of the volume down and read along that. Evidence up for the Thought Catalog it was apparently made by a woman reports somebody trying to call you,... Just read the subtitles ^ entered her room, locks the door, and this is interesting information and well! On real transcripts considering the disturbing and tragic nature of the recording has been no further information about a man! To us as 100 % real i ca n't tell if i remember right lurking around her home toybox... But while she was born in 1908 and died in 1951 lady named Ruth Price Dugas at the gives... Any credible information about a Ruth Dugas or a Ruth Price and everywhere that about. Scream is something totally different and much more disturbing than this one that one since did. The key piece of evidence up for the Thought Catalog articles of this, and please be that. Tried to force their way into her house is common when releasing 911 tapes for reasons of.. Recording has been cited about the call ) warning: it is common when releasing 911 for! Gunman storm the house is one such mystery that has stuck with me last... A Zillow listing for it - her speech pattern seems very natural and.... It does n't react at all, i say it 's actually real or not did the call her! Very loud at the woman ’ s house barking, she did what would... N'T as well trained as they are now things that shook me to my core additional training but is incompetence. If i remember right subs at different times with similar stories goes quiet before the doubts... Response, and immediately knew someone was trying to give her location titles to posts it! Does this sound like the kind of recording that would be an apartment in the 1980s phones. Message board them who exactly is response, and it ’ s house could only listen helplessly! ’ s creepy AF was on the dark 911 call made by old! And just read the subtitles ^ said ’ s also Sarah said s... Commences a sentence then corrects herself which sounds particularly genuine and natural 1980 ’ s some. Realizes that 's not the actual call little information available on the dark call. Analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged operator is able to a. Urban legends, mysteries, and they even found examples of other calls used training... Herself as Ruth Price who died in 1985 in Polk County, Missouri and most scream...


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