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I had horrible insomnia during my pregnancy. I also loved McCoy. Watched from the beginning. First 5 years of Law and Order. Love Lenny, Ed Green, Jack and Abby. Don’t care what anyone else thinks! Lenny Briscoe has to be, after all he delivered some of the best lines I have ever heard in a TV show. Love Law & Order. The episodes with the Homicide crossovers with the Briscoe/Munch conversations were classic. As well Criminal Intent! Everyone knows not to bug me on Weds., my L&O day—I’ve seen all 20 seasons but I still find an episode I don’t remember having see occasionally. I’ve seen them all and I still watch them in repeats!! Not available on Roku. Lennie Briscoe. Graham Waterston: Samuel Atkinson "Sam" Waterston (born November 15, 1940) is an American actor, producer, and director. SVU can’t touch the original . I watch the original every time it’s on or there is a marathon. Love L&O. Connie Rubirosa - gorgeous. I think SVU is not as great as L&W which is the best! “Matrimony” is my favorite episode. . Every day I worked on this show I was happy. In November 2018, Katherine announced that she was pregnant without sharing anything about the child’s father, which gave birth to rumors about Katherine having undergone artificial insemination. I’ve had a crush on Jack McCoy forever, but Mike Cutter is a close second Actually, I think that the cast of the last two seasons was awesome and it was a mistake to cancel the series then. A day without Law & Order is a day without sunshine. No such education on SVU- it doesn’t compare. Briscoe and McCoy were my favorite characters. She was praised for her performance as Gena in “Bachelorette” at McGinn/Cazale Theatre, then starred as Rose Hathaway in “The Hallway Trilogy (Part 1: Rose)” at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in 2011. Miss the show so much. Van Buren for sure. Watch re-runs all the time. Any chance the earlier seasons will be released?? I always love watching Law & Order, all the characters were so great! She made her debut theatre play appearance in 2003 in “Smashing”, performed at The Play Company, and in 2007, Katherine portrayed the supporting character Audrey in “Los Angeles” at The Flea Theater. After 5-10 minutes of watching depressing News, Covid, Politics, and Crime it’s time for one of my favorite Briscoe quotes, “That’s Five Minutes of My Life I’ll Never Get Back”. BUT, sadly, this show DIDN’T get a proper series finale. Just three people staring at someone who knows the Law & Order theme song by heart. ... Briscoe. She is an actress, best known for having portrayed Shasta Fay Hepworth in the comedy crime drama film “Inherent Vice” which starred Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin and Owen Wilson, directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson. One of the best shows EVER! What a great Character and Actor. He had great one liners! Type above and press Enter to search. And still faithfully watch SVU! OL&O will always be the best in the series. Two of her favorite animes are “Cowboy Bebop” and “Death Note”, while she is also keen on watching animated movies such as “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke”, created by the famous Studio Ghibli. I’ve watched the reruns so much I can quote some of them. Still LOVE, LOVE this show. Katherine Boyer Waterston was born on March 3, 1980, in Westminster, London, UK. Dennis Farina was perfect for that role given he was a former cop in real life. . I learned a lot☹️. It's my Go To show!! Katherine made her debut film appearance in 2007 in the legal thriller movie “Michael Clayton”, followed by her portrayal of Shirley Lyner in the independent drama film “The Babysitters”. Saw them all the first time, and reruns of all episodes during the pandemic has helped me stay home and not lose my mind! I wish L&O would come to streaming!! I watch the episodes over and over! Favorite ADA - Abbie Carmichael, favorite detective - Joe "that's ok, we're authorized" Fontana. I am against a reboot some things need to remain silent so we can remember them for what they were, which in the case of law & order one of the most iconic crime dramas ever shown. In 2008, she played a supporting character in the romantic drama movie “Good Dick”, while the following year saw her star as Penny in the comedy drama movie “Taking Woodstock”, which is about the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival. I think. This page was last changed on 22 May 2019, at 15:01. Co-produced by his sister Katherine and starring his brother-in-law Louis Cancelmi and his father Sam Waterston , And It Was Good is a beautifully absurdist love and life story which we reviewed at this year’s Raindance Film Festival. Me, from the beginning to the bitter end, and over and over, and still do. Lenny Briscoe was my favorite along with Mike Logan.Loved Lenny. I absolutely LOVED this show. Wiki, Naked Truth of Bob Saget’s Wife – Kelly Rizzo – Age, Height. Naked Truth Of Jami Gertz – Husband, Net Worth – Biography, Naked Truth Of Catherine Bach (aka Daisy Duke) – Net Worth, Where is Courtland Mead today? Not much svu. Favorite line ever....”What you can't handle is my rank in a skirt, but this is neither the time nor the place to discuss it." I love Criminal Intent too! Lenny Briscoe was my favorite along with Mike Logan. I also loved McCoy. Contact: I have seen every episode more than once . Elisabeth Rohm is just beautiful! Would've liked to have seen more of all of them. For her and her colleagues’ performance in the film “Steve Jobs”, Katherine was nominated for an Awards Circuit Community Award for Best Ensemble Cast, as well as for a Gold Derby Award for Ensemble Cast. . He was the best. He has also been nominated for a lot of awards. I liked Cutter and McCoy's relationship as well. 11 years! The original Law & Order was the best. Anthony Anderson is definitely an underrated detective in Law and Order canon; he makes the last few seasons almost watchable, La mejor, recuerdo un episodio en el debía repartirse una herencia y el dilema era si al bebé no nacido había que tenerlo en cuenta .


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