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Adam Air also had a serious incident in early 2006, when all navigational systems on a B737 failed, causing the plane to inadvertently enter an accident blackspot. Prior to the crash of flight 574, it was the fastest growing low-cost carrier in Indonesia.[3]. In addition, Adam Air has had four serious events outlined below. Flight KI-574, flying from Surabaya, on Java Island, to Manado, on Sulawesi Island, disappeared in bad weather with 102 people aboard. nalika April 2007, PT. [23], Prior to its demise, the company was in serious financial trouble. Adam Air was founded in 2002 by Agung Laksono, a well-known Indonesian businessman and the speaker of Indonesia's House of Representatives, and Sandra Ang. On top of that, there is a broken part. Swapping parts between planes to avoid mandatory replacement deadlines. "Out of 22 planes, now we only have 10 because 12 of them have been declared in default. [7] Adam Air ultimately sold a fifty percent stake of itself to PT Bhakti Investama. Got a correction? The airline was then required to conduct a total of thirteen test flights with DGAC inspectors aboard before the aircraft could be returned to commercial service. [3] At the time Adam Air was founded, the 737 aircraft families making up Adam Air's fleet had been out-of-production for several years, replaced by the 737 Next-Generation series. Founder Adam Suherman - whose family owns half the airline alongside Sandra Ang - commented today that the situation with the shareholders had demoralised pilots. [2], Although sometimes referred to as a low-cost carrier, it marketed itself as an airline straddled between low-cost and traditional carriers, offering both on-board meal service and low fares, similar to the model adopted by Singapore-based Valuair. Kanggo rute internasional, Adam Air nglayani penerbangan mrang Singapura lan Penang (Malaysia). On March 10, another Adam Air B737 overshot the runway during landing at Batam island's airport. According to Adam Air, they repaired the fault, and the aircraft was immediately returned to service without any inspection. Adam Air broke multiple safety regulations, including removing an aircraft before it was due for inspection by aviation authorities.[9][10]. They said that there had been such incidents as: The Associated Press quoted one Adam Air pilot as saying that "Every time you flew, you had to fight with the ground staff and the management about all the regulations you had to violate." However, foreign investment interest evaporated with the crash of Flight 574. Ignoring pilots' requests to abort takeoff, even though the planes were obviously unsafe. But Adam Air had a history of safety incidents and the loss of this flight adds to Indonesia's dismal safety record — one of the world's worst. [3] Iksan Tatang, director general of air transportation, said the incident was "a serious violation", and promised a full investigation. Two of the dozens of complaints were about the plane's weather radar, an item of particular concern since investigators have determined that the plane flew straight into a violent storm before it went down. Articles presented on Wikinews reflect the specific time at which they were written and published, and do not attempt to encompass events or knowledge which occur or become known after their publication. The plane sustained damage to one wing and was ultimately written off by its lessor. Prior to the crash of Flight 574, it had been the fastest-growing low-cost carrier in Indonesia. Salahuddin said Adam Air had requested a waiver letter from regulators to allow the plane to fly, but the letter had not arrived by the time he was due to take off from Jakarta for the short haul to Padang in Sumatra. Subsequent flights to the airport were diverted to alternate airports. On January 1, 2007, air traffic controllers lost contact with flight 574 en route from Surabaya (SUB) to Manado (MDC). Flying one plane with a damaged door handle and another with a damaged window for months. The pilot in that incident was fired. Note that some listed sources or external links may no longer be available online due to age. At the time, a number of pilots were in dispute with management over employment conditions, including aircraft safety practices, and had already left the airline. On February 21, 2007 Flight 172, an Adam Air Boeing 737-300 aircraft flying from Jakarta to Surabaya with registration PK-KKV (c/n 27284), had a hard landing at Juanda International Airport. The failure to maintain straight and level flight during the recalibration caused the autopilot to completely disengage and cease compensating for the plane's tendency to roll to the right, which caused the nose of the plane to dip. This failure, which should not by itself have brought the plane down, caused the pilots to become preoccupied with trying to fix it. [3], On March 16, 2007, the Indonesian government announced the shut down of an unspecified Indonesian air carrier. However, the Asia Times says that due to corruption the real cause may never be known. The scheme involved manipulating passenger data to show passengers as 'leaving the country'. [3][10], The Asia Times said it had spoken to "some well-placed local sources requesting anonymity", who claim that Agung Laksono didn't invest any of his own money into Adam Air, instead using money available to him through his official government position. [17], After an incident in which an aircraft with 145 people on board was lost for hours, eventually making an emergency landing in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, some 525 kilometers away from its intended destination, the pilots blamed a malfunctioning navigation system. The other 10 have been declared in default as well, but I'm still trying to work out a way to restructure the payments," Adam Suherman was quoted as saying. I'll take care of the rest.'" [3] Iksan Tatang, director general of air transportation, said the incident was "a serious violation", and promised a full investigation.


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