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Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. The content that you can access with the BlueCurve TV App is dependent on the TV package you subscribe to where mobile rights exist. A movie downloaded on May 15th, 2017 would be able to be watched offline until end of day on May 31st, 2017. For more information on blackout restrictions, please see the following support article: BlueCurve TV App - Blackout Information. The chromecast dongle shows that it is indeed connected to our home wifi (same address as my phone and laptop). The file download will be allowed to commence provided that your device has sufficient space available and that no other device associated with your account has downloaded/checked out the same title. She is under the impression that she will get one blue curve box and wirelessly it will be able to send cable to us in the suite. Shaw Direct Satellite TV for anywhere and anytime. Why can't I download my bluecurve onto it? Shaw Phone services may be added or removed at any time outside of the 2-year ValuePlan. I agree with the above, I have a TV in a room with no cable hookup, this means I have an option, pay for Cable and not be able to watch it in both locations, or pay for a streaming service that I can access in both rooms. @CKStan --  I have an option, pay for Cable and not be able to watch it in both locations, or pay for a streaming service that I can access in both rooms. Will the BlueCurve TV App integrate Crave content?Yes. Shaw Direct Satellite TV for anywhere and anytime. If you pay for Shaw Cable, and get a BlueCurve TV terminal, it can wirelessly connect to a TV "pod" located in the second location, to provide TV in both locations. BlueCurve TV App - Download-to-go gives you access to select program content for offline viewing. Features of Shaw BlueCurve Home on PC. Download-to-go is only available on the Android and iOS app and is not available on desktop/laptop. IPTV is fully available on the Firstick through a few apps. Please check your wireless rate plan for details. For example, when you travel outside of a sport league’s defined viewing boundary, the games you can view at home may be unavailable on your mobile device. Please Delete this message - done in error. I just switched to a blue curve modem so I could use the pods to create a mesh network since I have dead zones in my house. Apple devices pre-iOS 10.0 and Android devices pre OS 4.4 are not compatible with the BlueCurve TV App. Check your wireless provider's rate plan for details. Yes, a maximum of two devices per registered account can stream content at the same time. Internet connection is not available. Or one that was partially downloaded?You cannot watch a program until the download is complete. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. About BlueCurve TV BlueCurve TV is the new TV experience being offered by Shaw. As the one successful user, I have tried several factory resets. Me too. Not really a matter of which service is better, just Shaw doesn't offer what you want right now, Telus does. Removing a device will return any downloadable content stored on that device. I could sit in my living room watch FreeRange on my laptop while my wife watches something different on the Cable Box. How many titles will I be able to download to my device and view without an internet connection?You can download up to 10 on-demand titles per device and can authorize up to 5 devices to download per account. So if this lady has 4 boxes set up right now in her home, including the box in our suite, would it be safe to assume Shaw will be bringing a blue curve box with them to replace each box we already have? An outdoor antenna, and a wired connection from the antenna to the TV, are all you need. Can I stream Video On Demand or live TV on another monitor from the BlueCurve TV App? Note: You can watch downloaded content offline anywhere in the world as long as it is downloaded while in Canada. 4000 World Wide Channels for less then 20 a month. What happens when a download is interrupted? It would work better since i only have a cable box in the living room and i have chrome cast and firestick tv in my bedroom. This feature is available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and select surrounding areas now and will expand to other regions at a later date. Not what you're looking for? Hope this works for you! How to: Cast content from the BlueCurve TV app to Chromecast, How to setup and manage the BlueCurve TV App. It’s an interesting scenario. If supported by the device, video can be streamed at up to 720p HD. So I can either wire or wireless stream my laptop on it to watch freerange.. Or you guys could do the smart thing, and perhaps understand your losing out on potential business. I have my firestick set up in a location, that doesn't have access to a cable outlet. It is not intended as a substitute for an additional cable box in your home, but rather to access some of your TV content while on the go. Note: When a third stream is initiated, the first stream will lose its connection. Will Shaw support customers experiencing technical difficulties?Yes. In some cases, there are increased restrictions on the content that we can provide our customers digitally, which can affect where and how our customers watch this content, and for how long they’re able to access it. Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers are able to download the BlueCurve TV App on supported iOS and Android devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Tablets and Smartphones. This means you'll either need to open your own account, or the landlord will have to have a cable box for your suite. Is the BlueCurve TV App available in French?No, not at this time. It’s an interesting scenario. Learn about BlueCurve TV hardware items, functionality, menu settings and billing information with our list of frequently asked questions. You can use theBlueCurve TV App on the following supported devices: The BlueCurve TV App is compatible with Google Chromecast but does not support 3rd-party media streaming devices such AirPlay or gaming consoles. I am sure this has been kicked around the cable company board rooms. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. You can resume the download when you re-launch the app. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News and questions about Shaw products and services. Shaw Cable review rated 1.0/5.0 with 1 Comment: We recently (October 2019) changed our TV Shaw Package to Blue Curve TV. All rights reserved. I would say that the signal from the citron was way better. So that connector should be installed at the wall outlet? Do Free preview channels show up on the BlueCurve TV App? Shaw customers will be supported by Shaw’s expert Customer Care team as they are today for all of their Shaw services. The BlueCurve TV App includes access to up to 80 live TV channels linked directly to your TV subscription where mobile rights exist.Say goodbye to channel numbers! The BlueCurve TV App can also be accessed via your desktop or laptop computer by visiting with no download required. Which is correct? I am surprised that you have not heard any reports of the issue- you can google and you will see lots of people reporting the same issue. No, the BlueCurve TV App does not show free preview channels. Given these limitations, we are committed to working with all distributors to give our customers access to the most content possible and will continue adding more content as we can. To manage Download-to-go devices visit the ‘, To manage streaming devices, log into your Shaw or Shaw Direct My Account to de-authorize or remove a device. Software Platform: Adobe Flash, Operating System: Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.7+, Web Browser: Chrome 75+, Safari 11+, Microsoft Edge 17+, Firefox 68+. Will the BlueCurve TV App integrate with Netflix? I dare say if Blue Curve were made available for streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku or Fire Stick, there would be no need for cable hardware. These are available over set top boxes only. The BlueCurve TV App allows you to stream or download content over any WiFi connection, whether in-home or on-the-go. Which generation of the Chromecast do you have and what error message are you experiencing when trying to connect to it? Programming available to you on the BlueCurve TV App is based on what you have access to on your set-top box at home as well as any mobile viewing restrictions. Notwithstanding the absence of Apple TV and Disney right now, the Xi6 boxes work very well and add the benefit of PVR, something the streamers can’t do - yet. The Shaw Bluesky remote is one of the accessories that comes with the Shaw TV. Like u/seven0feleven said, it's a moca filter. I am having issues from 20 feet away with this new one and I can't for the life of me get the pods to work at all. You are able to download the BlueCurve TV App on up to 40 devices per Shaw Cable or Shaw Direct account. Reply. I wouldn't necessarily say that it is working for me. Can I move downloaded programs to another device and play them?No, you can only play back a program on the enabled device that originally downloaded the program. From device availability to the download-to-go feature, find answers to common asked questions about the Shaw BlueCurve TV app. So I guess your saying that bell fibe tv is better then. Can I watch a movie or show while it's downloading? What kind of video quality will the app offer? Filters get placed to block the signal from going outside and (officially) to other devices like your modem. @Glolomm The BlueCurve TV app is available for iOS and Android devices, and accessible via web browser. Just researching the same topic.. My question would be, why does it matter to you guys? Heck you could limit it to a number of MAC Addresses like you do with your Shaw Go Wifi stuff. No, the BlueCurve TV App does not show free preview channels. Will use of the BlueCurve TV App or on my home Internet connection count against my allotted monthly data usage? I know this was a known issue previously and customers have been successful in getting it connected after a factory reset similar to the thread here. What networks currently offer Download-to-go content? They have an app on firestick tv and I believe they also have chrome cast. How To: Use the BlueCurve … Will downloading content over a cellular network incur data charges?Downloading content over a cellular network may incur data charges. Obviously, this works best if you live near a big city (Vancouver? @JY I haven't heard of any other reports of issues. I haven't heard of any other reports of issues. @JY Thank you for clarifying. - Shaw TV customers with a BlueCurve TV Player in their home can download any new PVR recordings to take on the go with the BlueCurve TV app! Please click “Read More” for a description of the App functions and features. If you're in need of support please contact Shaw Support Chat or Contact Us. The BlueCurve TV App is available on iOS devices (iOS 11 or newer) and Android (Lollipop 5.0 or newer) devices. From device availability to streaming content and download-to-go availability, find answers to commonly asked questions about BlueCurve TV App. The BlueCurve TV App is free to download for Shaw Digital Cable or Satellite TV subscribers. How many devices per account can access the BlueCurve TV App at the same time? On five tv I could watch live and recorded shows with no hassle or extra fees. I know this was a known issue p... As the one successful user, I have tried several factory... glad to hear it is working for you. Titles can only be checked out (downloaded) by one device at a time, per account.


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