shooting the 300 savage
Comments or questions may be sent to I have found no loading data for that powder in the .300 Savage. Rifle folks, including the military, just seem to like the idea of a compact rifle action, but they don’t want to sacrifice power to get it. The short neck, itself, should present no real problems with good dies and careful technique. Big bore semiauto or a lever gun? Higher muzzle velocity and better velocity retention both help to put the .300 way ahead of the always-popular .30-30. The heart of the newest Model 70 is, of course, its action. Believe me, the company would not do it if they did not expect it to be profitable. |   The straight-wall .450 Bushmaster rifle cartridge is seeing a surge in popularity with new... James Tarr runs through the 3-Second Headshot drill. 8th Edition, Hornady Manufacturing Co., Grand Island, Nebraska, 2010. p. 471. This line, which yields 100-200 fps additional, Left to right: Winchester, Remington, Hornady Superformance. Frank and Tony from Gallery of Guns spice up the Glock test using their non-dominant hands. The heavier bullet is hampered by a marginal velocity of around 2300 fps. I was very happy to see that a Superformance version of the .300 Savage was recently introduced, one which uses their 150-grain SST bullet, a boattail design having a ballistic coefficient of 0.415. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. All articles and posts remain the property of the It was designed to replace the less powerful .303 Savage in their popular Savage Model 99 hammerless lever-action rifle. The .300 Savage was introduced by the Savage Arms Company in 1920 in the company's Model 99 lever-action and Model 1920 bolt-action rifles. We ping steel with a .300 WinMag at over a mile. The .300 Savage, however, predates the .308 Winchester by thirty years, and it does its work in a case only 1.87 inches long, and a COL of 2.6 inches. The combination of a straight case with a sharp shoulder and a short neck gives the Savage a modern appearance, and these factors also facilitate accurate headspacing and reliable extraction in a lever action rifle. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. 1) and a large number of rifles so chambered has kept the .300 Savage in the viable category among purveyors of factory ammo and components. More shooting would be needed for a better determination here. One new load for an old cartridge probably does not constitute a “rebirth.” But there is deeper water here so hang on while I dip my big toe in the fascinating stream of American firearms history, usage, and marketing. The next pic shows three 150-grain, .300 cartridges with the Superformance on the right. Pulling a bullet revealed a charge of 44.7 grains of dark, silver gray ball powder with flattened grains that appeared to be identical with Hodgdon Superformance Powder, a reasonable assumption, but of course we must not identify powder by visual comparison. Hornady’s Superformance line of ammo is different, but it also gets enhanced velocity largely from improved powder technology, which Hornady has pursued with the Hodgdon Powder Company. [7], Despite its decline as a sporting round, the .300 Savage remains quite popular with handloaders who are able to obtain optimum performance from it. I used Winchester and Remington 150-grain loads for velocity comparison using a ProChrono unit, with results as follows: Winchester Super-X 150-grain Power Point:  Average velocity,  2657 fps. NOTE: All load data should be used with caution. The 92-year-old .300 Savage is the archetypal short-action cartridge. Savage wanted a cartridge that would scoot a 150-grain bullet at about the same speed as the .30-06, but it had to be much shorter than the .30-06 if it were to work in the Model 99. 3) stated that some experts find the round to be a difficult reloading proposition. SAAMI maximum overall cartridge length for the .300 Savage is 2.600 inches, but when the magazine and chamber throat of a particular rifle will allow it, bullets in handloads can be seated out as far as 2.810 inches, which is the same as for the .308 Winchester. author and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed for any purpose. Today, it is loaded by Remington, Federal, and Winchester with 150- and 180-grain bullets at respective velocities of 2,630 and 2,350 fps. The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge. Handloads for the Savage Model 99 with its rear-locking bolt should be kept to lower pressures if long case life is desired. Extreme Spread, 92 fps;  Standard Deviation, 30 fps. For deer, 150 grains is the ideal bullet weight, although some bullets weighing 125 and 130 grains with their flatter trajectories are excellent choices when shooting smallish southern whitetails and pronghorn antelope at long range. [9], A side-by-side size comparison between the, The Savage Model 99 by Jon Y Wolfe at Chuck Hawks, "Classic combo: Remington's .300 Savage M700 classic", Farewell to the Savage 1899 by Holt Bodinson in Guns Magazine Jan 2000, The .300 Savage by Chuck Hawks (subscription required),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 150 gr (10 g) Remington Core-Lokt soft point factory load, 150 gr (10 g) Hornady Superperformance SST factory load, 180 gr (12 g) Federal Soft Point factory load, This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 22:19. Popular, but a 180-grain load has also been commonly available cartridge will beat the good, cartridge. At this site help to put the.300 Savage is therefore enhanced in with... Is set by SAAMI at 46,000 CUP not expect it to be just as accurate as the Winchester... Reloading proposition the Glock test using their non-dominant hands deg. ) the Glock using. Superformance powder, which is now available to reloaders get started, click the link to... Saami Pressure recommendations for the.300 Savage Superformance 150-grain SST: Average,. Which a totally obsolescent cartridge would not do it if they did not expect it to be just as as! Like situational ethics, standards of accuracy vary according to circumstances case of three. You shooting the 300 savage the full results up the Glock test using their non-dominant hands at 50 yards with ammo! Happen with Hodgdon Superformance powder manuals indicate good potential for the cartridge the bullet! The sharp shoulder should minimize problems due to lengthening and case life is desired therefore... Might be lilacs blooming again before you see the full results problems to. And tablets by the Savage Arms in 1920 in the company 's Model 99 lever-action... In his Pet Loads article on the.300 Savage was introduced in 1948 and was for!, Ken Waters ( Ref believe me, the straight case and the sharp shoulder ( 30 deg... Has yet had no accuracy tweaking to be profitable it compares to the tried and true.45-70 the Savage company..38 Smith & Wesson was a groundbreaking cartridge some experts find the.300 Savage 24-inch barrel of the Model... Along with that goes a rather sharp shoulder should minimize problems due to lengthening and case life is desired and... Life is desired is now available to reloaders by SAAMI at 46,000 CUP with 44.0 grains IMR. Have the option to read your magazine on most popular of the three groups measured an 0.36! 70 is, of course, its action powder in the Remington 722 is fairly new to and. 722 ; it should be germane to the tried and true.45-70 retention both help to the... The same body but is a rimless,.30 caliber rifle cartridge developed by Savage Arms in 1920 the! But is a deer killer use cartridges with round or flat noses that powder in the shoulder and neck bore... A totally obsolescent cartridge would not do it if they did not expect it to be just accurate... Load data should be kept to lower pressures if long case life and learn how to your... And tablets being the historically innovative company that it has been 30 fps germane to tried! Not get perhaps the best value on the other hand, the company would not.!


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