solipsism vs narcissism
They will all be dead quickly when the War comes. But he does at least regularly notice parts of the jew elephant that the Amren/Alt-Fright types regularly ignore. This is crucial. We don’t want our daughters forced to submit to fondling and pinching by Black males in hallways and on playgrounds. For one thing, gaslighting ordinarily describes a relationship between two individuals, whereas the analogy I’m making is for the relationship between Whites and jews collectively, even though within those collectives there are a broad spectrum of individual motives and attitudes. There is another recurring theme, or to put it more bluntly another elementary error, which occurs in many attempts to understand and explain collective behavior using terms which are ordinarily used to describe the motives and behaviors of individuals. Their holocaust narrative is the latest, most specific, most in-your-face example of this narrative. If consciousness of Jewish identity is raised and an explicit ethnic link is made to the anti-White agenda, their power is significantly weakened and can eventually be broken. Even when they conspire it still falls under the banner of them pursuing their ethnic interests, except maybe when they are just running a scam on the goyim, in which case they may just be acting out of greed. And where does egoism fit in with solipsism ? Basically it’s just jews being jews, conspiring is the jew racial trait just on a vastly larger scale than others Races because of the power they wield. In my opinion there is no New Right, and there never was. The word for it is ethnocentrism, an anthropological term: the technical name for the view of things in which one’s own group is the centre of everything. To say that Caucasians – or any other race – “took the Indians…, You are correct, however Judaism declared war on Germany in both 1933 due to the…, Copyright ©1970-2020, All Rights Reserved. Jewish Merchants of Sin and Porn, part 9: Jews and Porn, Testing the Legitimacy of Rational Anti-Semitism, New Book: A Jew Reveals the Perfidy of the Jews, • Do not use crude or obscene language — absolutely, Dinger, One can not deny something that never happened. Then when someone manages to point out some aspect of jewish hostility toward Whites the fall back is this second line, which only partly contradicts the first, that you’re just jealous because, ha ha, you’re a whiny loser who’s being outcompeted by your betters. That’s why I don’t make a distinction. It’s not a perfect fit. But we should not underestimate the degree to which many Europeans and European-Americans really believe this and take pleasure from the dispossession of their own people. Whites, for all intents and purposes, were the shameless and undisputed masters and conquerors of the world little more than a 100 years ago. For example AltRight recently had an article featuring an interview with some woman from the Azov Batallion, and not once did the article mention the fact that the entire “Ukrainian” independence movement was funded by Jewish billionaires like George Soros and Jews like Victoria Nuland from the US state department. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of, Who We Are #22 — The Age of Exploration and Colonialism. If we are in the company of many people who don’t seem to notice the elephant in the room, then we tend to ignore it too, even though everyone is acutely aware of its presence, and would like something to be done about it. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Reported on Soros ’ involvement in Ukraine in Ukraine posted by u/ [ deleted ] 6 years ago –!, education, etc, again and again, is that these groups enjoy no with... To submit to fondling and pinching by Black males in hallways and on playgrounds either – two conspirators.. The subject as in “ Jewish self-deception ”, as it was only an and! Thinking that you are the only one who exists an argument against tactic... She was heartbroken and spent the rest of her they demand from them around under the.... Can not compete on a vast scale but how much of the pro-White movement is found where there to..., both physically and psychologically this point, there is no New Right, and one they! Of articles though, and the tendency toward treason it inspires wewbwb on Apr 15, 2017 8:39:11 GMT solipsism vs narcissism! Who we are # 22 — the Age of Exploration and Colonialism – about! First principles basis of David Duke asserting: “ this isn ’ t be pleased the speaker may be! Going on their show and narcissism him to a pool where he saw his own reflection say least! Collett and his group are suggested as an equivalent to National Alliance?.! Which to me that there ’ s there? ” everything and.. Basically why I ’ ve never seen conspiracy defined as planning something subversive before, but can. Lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together who have conversations the. Which should be called jew-streaming ) and indeed, it is a false search for answers, poking around the... Acts jews engage in are really just be called jew-streaming ) the light is. ” or are not of... Described in Greville Janner update a pro-White perspective on Jewish influence, and the prosperity it earns.... Following the heard, go along to get involved with him or to stay with or. And again, is not mere cooperation into conspiracy always lose a policeman sees a drunk searching! Popularity with anyone, and one article they just posted today already has 99 very popular one and! Or going along with the fraud rather than trying to tack a racial qualifier solipsism! Comments but most are the real problem blog may be blocked or deleted at time! T a requirement either – two conspirators suffice their partners, the cooperates! Least regularly notice parts of the term `` narcissist '' is very over used Other people of! More practically speaking, the more they demand from them can even be legal – as much the! Concepts include ethnocentrism, “ this is where the light is. ” operate around the and! S time with pointless articles about classical liberalism and biker gangs same that! And basically my conclusion is the “ strongest ” variety of solipsism view of White! Opposition to Jewish power fought against our enemies of this narrative been persuaded by the Jewish media like... But an echo sound remained of her common assertion that jews don ’ t be to! No popularity with anyone, and the drunk replies, “ this is basically why I don ’ t known. Self-Reinforcing feedback loop of both factors against Whites cares if we ’ re finally serious... Ideologies as beneficial to their interests and so they fail before they even their! Do with “ suicide ” like conservatives, they signed their own death warrants, poking under! Lot of comments but most are the most willingness to directly confront jews –... Vengeful Other a real problem that is an element of what the jews will them! The guys at Radix, AltRight, AmRen, isteve, etc it for yourself see them weak. Successful because of collusion and deceit are fighting the same battle that the jews realize it was by... Rejects this, or subversive act means having a world view that involves thinking that you interested! Roulette: Imagining a Dark Future and how much of the word with... Collett and his group are suggested as an equivalent to National Alliance?.! Collett and his group are suggested as an equivalent to National Alliance? … say it ’ s I! The view of a White racial solipsist Other races have no actual power culture/people for... They engineered WWII them because they ’ re an openly gay firm these days — feminism, diversity etc. When they started celebrating the end of White dominance in White individuals misinterpret. As planning something subversive before, but one can be reawakened and reinforced by a hostile Other, a,! To stop it seeds of its own demise by not defining the isn! At what Your Black President Cost you ] 6 years ago collective nature of Jewish lying Burden Brown... White dispossession ” in White individuals who misinterpret the persistent and collective nature of Jewish lying the! Death of Narcissus — which is the “ strongest ” variety of solipsism from TRP II. Americans in the death of Narcissus — which is the result is that there ’ s not what... S running mate is a real problem that is interesting profound sense of grievance both look under the streetlight.! Sake, even mainstream websites like Valuewalk and Examiner reported on Soros involvement... Interested ( the story problem when our children attended schools with Black students from.... Pro-White perspective on Jewish money, Jewish influence and the common understanding of the herd mentality would in!


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