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Next, you'll need to collect fodder weapons that you'll feed into the ★12 weapon. Use the chart below as a guideline for enhancement ★13 weapons! Weapons have two capabilities: Normal Attacks and Photon Arts/Techniques. go to the weapon shot, it's the orange one, and talk to the girl on the right. Increase damage by 4% if your weapon's element or equipped Guard Ring match the enemy's elemental weakness. The Gunblade Shoot is consistent on its damage Multiplier throughout the three Attack Animations. The appraisal shop vendor in PSO2 can be … Talking to her will allow you to exchange both memories and badges for rare items. Reduce PP consumption based on the Photon Blast Gauge. You’ll want to use them wisely as a result because they can be exchanged for some very rare and high quality gear. (e.g "Phrase" SAFs). You’re looking for Chiara who is in the orange weapons booth next to the weapons merchant. Raises damage by 3% when Just Attacking different PAs or Techniques. Should multiple blades are stuck, it just overwrites it and only counts as 1. Augment Factors are a special Affixing mechanic for Weapons. Here’s everything you need to know about the appraisal shop in PSO2 and how to appraise your gear. You cannot see the rarities, but you do know the price of identifying the weapon AND the weapon type that needs identifying. Unique weapon badges are a type of exchange currency that you can get while playing but they are quite rare. Take the stairs up to the second level and look for deep red booth. While in Brave Stance, increase frontal Critical Hit Rate by 30%. The Explosion that happens when the Player performs during a Sidestep Jump is not dependent on the weapon. In Phantasy Star Online 2 you’ll be working together with players online to run expeditions, take down powerful monsters and enemies that are wreaking havoc on civilized society, and for your efforts obtain some sweet loot. Next, you'll need to collect fodder weapons that you'll feed into the ★12 weapon. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered about PSO2, check out our index of Phantasy Star Online 2 content at Twinfinite. The multiplier for Photon Blades are obtained per Blade, and not the cumulative damage dealt. They are unlocked by grinding the New Type Weapon until +35, meaning obtaining them requires multiple copies of that weapon until it reaches the Overlimit of 35. Grinding on PSO2 allows you to increase your weapon's power beyond the default values they come with. The Potential can be unlocked for the weapon via Enhancing; after the weapon is enhanced to +10, +20, and +30, the Potential of the Weapon can be unlocked. SAFs, once placed act as normal Abilities. Decrease rate of Gear Gauge depletion while Katana Gear is active. Enhancing ★13 weapons at the Item Lab could be quite disastrous to your stock of Lambda Grinders. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You will need to pay a small amount of Meseta, but when you’re done you’ll likely have a powerful weapon at your disposal. The Special Ability Factors (SAFs) are unlocked by grinding a New Type Weapon to +35; certain weapons or weapon series have different Special Ability Factors. You can also get them as mission pass rewards, and rarely as rewards and drops. Certain Equipments provide additional skills for the Player like the "Form" Weapon Series. Greetings! Increase Kamaitachi duration by 4 seconds. Restore PP upon consuming a Mate-type item. plop. The active Element of the Weapon changes to that of the currently equipped "Guard" Skill Ring. The Jet Boots' Weapon Action in the table refers to the multi-kick attack performed when activating the Weapon Action after a Normal Attack while the Player is standing still. it’s very … In the case of Weaponoid Potentials, 1 Weaponoid Booster is required to unlock Lv. GT/PSN: XenoGamerX. Thus follow their respective transfer rate. 4x5 (Uncharged) / 10 (Lv. While in Wise Stance, increase frontal damage by 15%. Does not activate if HP is at 1. During your play time in Phantasy Star Online 2 you may come across various types of unique weapon badges. Some gear though will be marked as “Special ?” which means it is unidentified and needs to have its value appraised. The vast majority of the time, the regular Appraise Items option is the best choice to make. After standing still for a certain period of time, gain resistance to knockback and stagger. 1, 3 Boosters to unlock Lv. While SAFs are a guaranteed 100%, it still follows penalties when upslotting. As we learn more about this system, we’ll be sure to update this post. Increase PP regenerated by Tactics Trap by 20%. Improves the Performance of Wand normal attacks. Is there any reason to save them until end game? For the purposes of knowing when to do High-Quality Appraisal (I forget the exact name but they cost like >100k Meseta each): That’s all you need to know about unique weapon badges in PSO2. The parenthesized values for Bows are values when the attack is charged. You have two options, Appraise Item and Enhanced Appraisal when it comes to gear. There are initially 3 Palette Slots, but this value can be expanded to 6 by completing a certain Client Order. And assuming you turn them into cubes, then turn the cubes into 30 grinders at the exchange counter and then vendor the grinders, a 10/11 start ?SPECIAL WEAPON will make you 7-10k profit, and you can make a good bit of money putting up NT 12 stars you untek on player shops, or grinding emper embraces into them to use as rainbow rare grind fodder Certain skills can only work for the specific Damage Type, like Over Limit from the Fighter Skill tree, so understanding and knowing which attacks does the type of damage can be crucial at times. They have the visual of a basic weapon with a brown photon. Effect resets when damage is taken. In order to switch Potentials, you must pay a small fee of Meseta as well as provide materials for the switch; the cost to switch a Potential is equivalent to the combined cost of unlocking that Potential up to that Level. First, you'll need to collect several ★12 weapons.


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