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He’d love to see the game build a strong UK grassroots community over the coming year. Mia Stellberg is a licensed psychologist with a long history of working with athletes in Olympics as well as eSports. She was project manager for the King of the North gaming festival, president of the University of Manchester Esports Society and has also been working as a freelance esports observer and producer. He is a board advisor at games developer Bossa Studios and a founder of games industry charity GamesAid. Ryan got involved with the UK StarCraft II scene in 2015 by first joining UK-based team Forged Force Gaming (FoFoG) and competing in epic.LAN’s. The presenter, caster and stage host joined the board in September 2017. Video production staff may need to record additional interviews before the event and edit them in. Brian is a professional Street Fighter player currently representing Fierce Esports. He has won several tournaments including EGX. Hosts will usually have a strong personality and good social/communication skills. I also Tweet Super Mario Kart SNES Time Trial and Multiplayer Competition news regularly on @SamiCetinSMK. How to Answer: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? David has written for several publications and brands over the years, including Esports News UK and more recently ESL UK. Chester has a 27-year background in traditional sports, with Stoke Park (owned by International Group) running the pre-wimbledon tennis event The Boodles, as well as working for the Football Association, Lord’s and the Rugby Football Union. It took an unexpected live casting role in London for him to truly understand there is more than one route to reach the live stages. She has worked in the gaming industry for over ten years and has significant experience within gaming retail, in building and sustaining gaming communities and delivering exciting competitive experiences for gamers. Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, Renault Sport Team Vitality’s Rocket League Team Manager. He has also worked with the International Sports Federation and the International Olympic Committee to build relationships between esports and sports. Now she is the Gears 5 tournament manager for EGLs online tournaments. Chester also founded The eGames initiative, a separate international medal-based esports tournament which ran its showcase in British House alongside the Rio Olympics. British Esports Association – Company Number 10076349. Outside he teaches at the University of Chichester for esports and is a Level 2 Badminton Coach for Worcestershire & West Midlands. Adam has a passion to drive commercial activities within the esports industry and has a reputation for balancing business growth with building long term successful relationships. If you are a student or teacher and are interested in taking part in the schools/colleges league, please visit our Championships hub here or email Tom here. She is specialized in sport psychology and has a degree in psychotherapy. Some of Mia´s best known clients; SK gaming Astralis (cs go champions) and OG (dota champions). Kirsty is the Founder & Director of Swipe Right, the leading esports and video game communications agency. He started competing in Apex Legends when it was released in February and was then approached by Penta Sports at the very beginning of the game to build a roster for them. Agents will usually take a commission from any deals they strike. Job seekers: Create a profile, upload your resume, and apply to esports and gaming jobs absolutely free.


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