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How this ultra affordable, feature-rich bolt gun performed on a Wyoming prognhorn hunt. Thompson/Center intends to change that with the new II-series rifles, the Compass II and the Venture II. The Venture II’s stock also features Hogue OverMolded “traction panels” at the wrist and the fore-end. That’s more than can be said of many more expensive rifles. Thompson Center unveiled 4 NEW rifles to usher in the New Year of 2020 with the introduction of the Compass Utility, Compass Compact II, Compass II, and Venture II bolt-action rifles. From there, the respective makers tend to distinguish their guns from each other in this genre with such features as differing bedding systems, recoil lug styles, special finishes, zero-headspace assemblies or various trigger types. Another feature that is appealing to a more general hunting audience is the synthetic stock. Instead, shooters adjust trigger pull by removing the bolt and then turning a small Allen-head screw in the raceway either clockwise to increase pull weight or counter-clockwise to decrease it. All of these rifles are improved or 2nd Generation offerings of models they have previously given us before (except for the Compass Utility which is completely Brand New) so we should be loosely familiar with them. Springfield Gets Into Hunting Bolt Guns with New Model 2020 Line. As our reviewer of the original Venture pointed out, the bolt is difficult on initial lift and upon closing. The Venture is an example of the mid-level tier, and there are several versions including Weather Shield, Predator and Compact available. As it came from the factory, the trigger pull was 4.1 pounds, which is where I left it. I mentioned earlier that Thompson/Center has named the Venture II its flagship bolt action, and in addition to the Generation II trigger, which is also found on the new Compass II, the Venture II is treated to the company’s Weather Shield metal finish. All rights reserved. The Tikka is a great rifle, but we need to keep the money here in America, and protect America's gunmakers. Between all 4 of these new bolt-action rifles, which one would you like to shoot and potentially own first? As such, the Venture II is chambered to all the usual suspects from .223/5.56 through .300 Win. The lever features a relatively broad, serrated square at the top, and the throw is fairly short. The company used a lot of the blueprint from its now-defunct Icon — the brand's first bolt gun, superb but relatively expensive — to design a great budget rifle: the Thompson Center Venture. I know what you mean Captcurt, but it's subjective. Mag., .350 Legend. Second, you can’t top off without removing the magazine—which can be inconvenient at best if things aren’t going well. “They’re comfortable to shoot,” Spafford notes of the stock’s ergonomics. is a new online platform dedicated to the diffusion of technical knowledge in the gun world. A little bit of research showed that some noted stock-makers, such as McMillan leave a small gap between the top of the pillar and the bottom of the receiver (McMillan’s is 0.035-inch) to “create a completely uniform bedding surface that is 100 percent consistent.” McMillan notes that, “By not allowing the aluminum pillar to come in contact with the receiver, we have eliminated one possible source for unwanted stress. Thompson Center has upgraded and introduced quite a few rifles rolling into 2020 with their Compass II, Compass II Compact, Venture II, and Compass Utility. In my experience, cartridges such as the .308 Win. The rest of the specifications, pricing, and cartridges offered can be read below as presented by Thompson Center: The Thompson Center Venture II is offered in 9 popular cartridges including the newer 350 Legend which is a straight-wall round more widely accepted across the United States for hunting. How this ultra affordable, feature-rich bolt gun performed on a Wyoming prognhorn hunt. I think an economical rifle should shoot economical ammo well. This makes the bore easier to keep free of copper or other deposits. This was followed by another 60 rounds of position firing, with only a hasty cleaning once I was finished for the day. Lane Tobiassen, President of Smith & Wesson, had these words to share about all of the new rifles they are unveiling for 2020 which we will definitely get our hands on more at SHOT Show in a few weeks: “Tbone-AZ” posts in a popular shooting forum that his Venture “shoots way better than I could hope for,” while “Dotson” writes that his Venture, “[p]laced the first three in 1 1/4 inches, the next three at 7/8, and the next at 5/8 of an inch. Here is a link to that article: This has been a great thread so far and is helping me a lot on choosing a hunting rifle . The term “flooded” doesn’t even begin to describe the state of the budget-rifle market, and many of these inexpensive rifles shoot accurately and have good-to-great triggers. Overall, the rifle proved to be a solid performer, both from the bench and from field positions. Did Dirty Harry Use .44 Specials in his Model 29?! There was a tiny bit of copper fouling ahead of the chamber, likely from test firing. I didn’t find that at all, at least in the 6.5 Creedmoor chambering, and I liked how the slightly curved recoil pad fit my shoulder. The T/C Compass II Compact features a 16.5” barrel with an interchangeable, extended butt pad for length of pull adjustments from 12.5” to 13.375”.


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