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Hey, Gary. And fourth, expense controls remain solid with an EBITDA margin improvement of 270 basis points versus the prior year. That's a little [Indecipherable], too. Probably, the more important opportunity, looking forward, for us, is also in the area of purchased services in many cases, which are labor-based. I think we've -- in terms of predicting where the hotspots are going to be. I'll begin my remarks with Slide 5. © 2020 TH Medical. We expect to make the repayments within the allocated recapture timeframe and greatly appreciate this flexibility provided by CMS and HHS. 3 Paths to Adopting AI & Automation: Point Solution, Proof of Concept or Enterprise-Wide? It certainly -- We obviously haven't provided guidance, but we're certainly working toward that [Indecipherable] some. This one's real quick. 18: $132.23Sept. Additionally, our free cash flow was 26% above 2019 before grants and Medicare advance dollars were considered, due in part to significant improvements from our Conifer operation. USPI/Tenet jointly own 470 ASCs across the United States. We've actually more than doubled the size of it through the pandemic, even while it was going on. Yes, in aggregate, the net revenue for COVID cases is higher than the overall net revenue per admit. So, with that, I guess, operator, we'll conclude the session. Corporation. More specifically, Q3 commercial was up 34 bps while Q3 governmental was down about 30 bps. We've also demonstrated solid sustainable controls, which include responsive workforce adjustments and tightly controlled labor market -- management, continued development of our IT platform focused on delivering a streamlined set of tools, utilization of cloud-based infrastructure and a much improved cyber platform, better purchasing and contracting methodologies, tighter capital controls and allocations based on defined needs by market. One other item I wanted to point out was that we did accelerate $105 million of interest payments into the third quarter that normally would have been paid in October and that was due to us early retiring our notes that were scheduled to mature in 2022. So, let me frame it this way. Let's just call it flat. 2. SCOPE: This policy applies to (1) Tenet Healthcare Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and The predominant factor driving the growth in the net revenue per adjusted net is due to the higher acuity cases. This is continuing to be a solid recovery during the time period and remains very positive. 21: $24.51Sept. 3. In fact, relative to our average, it's slightly below our commercial mix. So, I actually think some of that demand will come back as the communities fully open back up, schools fully open back up and other things, but it may take some time. In terms of adjusted EBITDA, USPI delivered a year-over-year growth rate of 10%, excluding a $13 million grant income reversal. See you at the top! We are sorry to hear about your experience but appreciate you voicing your concern. Even on a commercial basis because the cost of those cases are high, I would never want to substitute a COVID commercial case for the types of business that we're building. And I can look at that at any metric, whether it be our scheduling of cases at USPI or the hospitals from a surgical standpoint or high acuity service standpoint that we're looking at at this point at all -- at this point in time at all. The hiring manager wants to apply call center culture and talent leading to employees that needs lots of training and seminars first before they can match the skills of professionals. We've also added highly qualified physician groups based on community need, tighter controls in the Tenet Physician Resource group and consistent improvements to ensure physicians have an efficient and effective methodology to assist in their ability to support patients. Again, a consequence of some of the markets that we're in. So, obviously, we'll keep working on this and we feel very good about our ability to continue to manage costs well. Is there any additional detail or color you could provide on that? Yeah, I can start and Dan, you can maybe add on it. And Conifer's adjusted EBITDA was 7% higher than last year and as Ron pointed out, its margins increased by 270 basis points, primarily due to various cost efficiency initiatives that we have been executing on over the past several quarters. I don't know if there's anything else you want to add, Saum? Sporting programs that kids are in are not back online. But last year, the fourth quarter was incredibly strong. Yeah, I mean, I'd make a couple of points to you, again, just thinking about what I said, which is the most important thing to really look at is the nature of the recovery. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. As well as the Ambulatory business generated strong top-line growth with revenues for surgical case of 13% on the same facility systemwide basis, which drove surgical net revenue growth of 6.3% compared to last year. So, I think we've become much more effective at this and over the next year, we'll even continue going deeper. We're pleased to have you join us for a discussion of Tenet's third quarter 2020 results, including an update on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. the management are hilarious. One thing that's important to keep in mind with the previous conversation we just had, the sequential change in earnings from August to September was not due to the mere growth in overall cases. Thanks. We currently have sufficient cash resources and available liquidity under our $1.9 billion line of credit facilities. © Copyright ASC COMMUNICATIONS 2020. Overall, we are pleased with how our operators managed through these times and produced EBITDA for the quarter before the grant reversal that was substantially above our expectations, despite the elevated COVID levels. It's Dan. Dan, do you have anything else you want to add? We've not had, especially in recent surges, any need to shut down procedures or elective surgeries. We remain engaged in securing sufficient PPE, supplies and medications to ensure we have adequate coverage. Your line is now live. 1, 'We want people to understand why we're upset' — 5 surgery, specialty group leaders on CMS' proposed 2021 fee schedule, Hospital founder to serve 66 months in prison, pay $82.9M over fraud scheme, Another round of elective surgery suspensions: 5 updates for ASCs, What CMS' proposal to eliminate the inpatient only list means for ASCs, 10 highest paid physician specialties in 2020, USPI vs. AmSurg vs. SCA: 8 key comparisons, Former pro soccer player sues team doctor, ASC for $10.2M over 'breach of sterility', The plan for returning ASCs to business: 15 admins on changes post-pandemic, 20 bold predictions about the ASC industry over the next 5 years, The 'new normal' for ASCs: 16 admins on how the pandemic will change the field forever, Court tosses $7M judgment awarded to patient paralyzed after spine injection at ASC, Anesthesiologist sues New Jersey for $100M over 'fabricated' kickback charges, How physician ownership is changing in 2020: 7 key insights, CRNA gets prison sentence, $15K fine for drug tampering in surgery, birthing centers, CMS to reimburse for regenerative orthopedic product in ASCs, Restricted until now, New York ASCs can resume elective surgeries — 6 details, 10 best states for physicians to practice | 2020. Saum's point about some providers that were in other operating expenses. This is Eugene on for Justin. If you look at the COVID activity in the quarter, it was very much spiking in the first part of the quarter. Going forward, our pipeline remains active with opportunities to strategically add to our network in Q4 and next year. As we're trying to look through all the COVID impact and all the operating metrics, etc., just trying to get a sense of the underlying recovery in the commercial business that you've talked about. As the pandemic has continued to evolve in waves, we have successfully met each sharp turn with a carefully coordinated and active response. Thank you. Learn More. View our policies by clicking here. In fact, in Q3, we produced strong net cash flow growth excluding those items I mentioned of about $231 million. Our final question today is coming from Frank Morgan from RBC Capital Markets. Hey. Any chance you can give us how much sort of EBITDA in third quarter came from COVID and more specifically, how much you saw in September? One, the level of COVID; and two, the comfort in level of patients returning to facilities, whether they are hospitals or surgery centers, for elective care. Certainly. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Tenet Healthcare. We appreciate everybody joining, I'm sure there will be some follow-ups. So, many of the services that we have, either partnered with outsourcers or others, where we're really working on managing the productivity of that staff at the same time and that will result in incremental opportunities for savings as we right-size effectively to the portfolio of cases that we're seeing in the hospitals these days. That sequential growth in EBITDA from August to September was not just due to, well, cases were higher, normally because that's sequentially what happens. Thank you. Your line is now live. So, just to back up a little bit. 9. Thank you. And wasn't -- The COVID is part of that, right? Fresno Surgical Hospital is very well known in the community, with a rich history and a strong reputation for quality and patient experience. The repayment period now begins next April, April '21, rather than this past August and extends through September of 2022. Tenet Healthcare Corp (NYSE:THC)Q3 2020 Earnings CallOct 21, 2020, 10:00 a.m. And I think you said COVID mainly impacted July and August. We've built the robotics and [Indecipherable] program in El Paso. We strongly believe this guidance from HHS just does not recognize the structural differences across complex networks involving multiple hospitals, including mix differences in reimbursement levels in the different service areas, capital investment made in 2019 and early 2020 to effectively improve patient access and quality, as well as the incredible losses experienced in the shutdown that need to be recovered to ensure sustainable operations. Recently, the repayment terms for these advances were amended, allowing for an elongated capture period by CMS, as well as a more reasonable interest rate for any balance outstanding at the end of the recapture period. I think we've covered everything, And I think it'll be smart, if we get into questions. So, that I think -- Saum, I don't know if there is anything else you want to add? 4. And then, it sort of ramps its way down. I guess, obviously, usually, we think about incremental volumes coming out with a nice fixed cost leverage. The number of orthopedics programs and even the number of orthopedics cases, for example, in that environment has grown materially, because we're basically servicing where the demand is rather than trying to create a replica of 2019. Out of more than 688,000 USPI surgical cases performed from mid-March through September, we have not had a single confirmed case of COVID as a result of performing a surgical procedure at our facilities. I just think demand is down because activity is down because of partial stay-at-home orders that are still active in many of the markets we're in.


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