the iliad pdf book 6
For never have I seen thee in battle where men win glory until this day, but now hast thou come forth far in advance of all in thy hardihood, in that thou abidest my far-shadowing spear. But for me it were better to go down to the grave if I lose thee, for nevermore shall any comfort be mine, when thou hast met thy fate, but only woes. for in grievous wise hath the Olympian reared him as a bane to the Trojans and to great-hearted Priam, and the sons of Priam. Yet not so much doth the grief of the Trojans that shall be in the aftertime move me, neither Hecabe's own, nor king Priam's, nor my brethren's, many and brave, who then shall fall in the dust beneath the hands of their foemen, as doth thy grief, when some brazen-coated Achaean shall lead thee away weeping and rob thee of thy day of freedom. Him Hector was wont to call Scamandrius, but other men Astyanax; for only Hector guarded Ilios. And the warrior Leïtus slew Phylacus, as he fled before him; and Eurypylus laid Melanthius low. A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany. Howbeit when the tenth rosy-fingered Dawn appeared, then at length he questioned him and asked to see whatever token he bare from his daughter's husband, Proetus. ", [61] So spake the warrior, and turned his brother's mind, for he counselled aright; so Menelaus with his hand thrust from him the warrior Adrastus, and lord Agamemnon smote him on the flank, and he fell backward; and the son of Atreus planted his heel on his chest, and drew forth the ashen spear. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs and vultures, for so were the counsels of Jove fulfilled from the day on which the son of Presently she came to the well-built palace of man-slaying Hector and found therein her many handmaidens; and among them all she roused lamentation. ", [212] So spake he, and Diomedes, good at the warcry, waxed glad. [29] And Polypoetes staunch in fight slew Astyalus, and Odysseus with his spear of bronze laid low Pidytes of Percote, and Teucer goodly Aretaon. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. [390] So spake the house-dame, and Hector hasted from the house back over the same way along the well-built streets. If your IP address is shown by Maxmind to be outside of Germany and you were momentarily blocked, another issue is that some Web browsers erroneously cache the block. Neither father have I nor queenly mother. Of a surety the sons of the Achaeans, of evil name, are pressing sore upon thee as they fight about our city, and thy heart hath bid thee come hitherward and lift up thy hands to Zeus from the citadel. Hector receives attention and care from his mother, but he is not in a position to accept it, as he must hurry back to help fend off the Achaean onslaught. [119] But Glaucus, son of Hippolochus, and the son of Tydeus came together in the space between the two hosts, eager to do battle. She now met him, and with her came a handmaid bearing in her bosom the tender boy, a mere babe, the well-loved son of Hector, like to a fair star. There entered in Hector, dear to Zeus, and in his hand he held a spear of eleven cubits, and before him blazed the spear-point of bronze, around which ran a ring of gold. But he kissed his dear son, and fondled him in his arms, and spake in prayer to Zeus and the other gods: "Zeus and ye other gods, grant that this my child may likewise prove, even as I, pre-eminent amid the Trojans, and as valiant in might, and that he rule mightily over Ilios. [286] So spake he, and she went to the hall and called to her handmaidens; and they gathered together the aged wives throughout the city. (including. But when he had received from him the evil token of his daughter's husband, first he bade him slay the raging Chimaera. Hector is shown to be a family man, caring deeply for his wife and son. The Iliad of Homer Translated by Alexander Pope, with notes by the Rev. ", [520] Then in answer to him spake Hector of the flashing helm: "Strange man, no one that is rightminded could make light of thy work in battle, for thou art valiant; but of thine own will art thou slack, and hast no care; and thereat my heart is grieved within me, whenso I hear regarding thee words of shame from the lips of the Trojans, who because of thee have grievous toil. There is honor and glory to be gained in war, but much to be lost as well, particularly for those left behind. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. While seven Greek cities claim the honorof being his birthplace, ancient ... Book 9 of the Iliad old Phoenix calls for a man of words and a man of to. And Hector shouted aloud and called to the Trojans: "Ye Trojans, high of heart, and far-famed allies, be men, my friends, and bethink you of furious valour, the while I go to Ilios and bid the elders that give counsel, and our wives to make prayer to the gods, and promise them hecatombs.". Book 6. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. [116] So saying, Hector of the flashing helm departed, and the black hide at either end smote against his ankles and his neck, even the rim that ran about the outermost edge of his bossed shield. Now Bucolion was son of lordly Laomedon, his eldest born, though the mother that bare him was unwed; he while shepherding his flocks lay with the nymph in love, and she conceived and bare twin sons. He found Paris in his chamber busied with his beauteous arms, his shield and his corselet, and handling his curved bow; and Argive Helen sat amid her serving-women and appointed to them their glorious handiwork. But when ye have aroused all our battalions, we verily will abide here and fight against the Danaans, sore wearied though we be, for necessity weighs hard upon us; but do thou, Hector, go thy way to the city and speak there to her that is thy mother and mine; let her gather the aged wives to the temple of flashing-eyed Athene in the citadel, and when she has opened with the key the doors of the holy house, the robe that seemeth to her the fairest and amplest in her hall, and that is far dearest to her own self, this let her lay upon the knees of fair-haired Athene, and vow to her that she will sacrifice in her temple twelve sleek heifers that have not felt the goad, if she will have compassion on the city and the Trojan's wives and their little children; in hope she may hold back from sacred Ilios the son of Tydeus, that savage spearman, a mighty deviser of rout, who has verily, meseems, proved himself the mightiest of the Achaeans. Astyanax is frightened by Hector’s helmet, a sign of his youth, but also a sign of the thing he might grow up to become if he survives the war. and Flaxman's Designs. Your IP address: As for the leaves, the wind scattereth some upon the earth, but the forest, as it bourgeons, putteth forth others when the season of spring is come; even so of men one generation springeth up and another passeth away. ", [369] So saying, Hector of the flashing helm departed, and came speedily to his well-built house. The Trojans realize that certain gods and goddesses, such as Athena, are disposed against them. ", Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, New Zealand. And my mother, that was queen beneath wooded Placus, her brought he hither with the rest of the spoil, but thereafter set her free, when he had taken ransom past counting; and in her father's halls Artemis the archer slew her. [429] "Nay, Hector, thou art to me father and queenly mother, thou art brother, and thou art my stalwart husband. But he found not white-armed Andromache in his halls; she with her child and a fair-robed handmaiden had taken her stand upon the wall, weeping and wailing. Hath then so great kindness been done thee in thy house by Trojans? Then would the Trojans have been driven again by the Achaeans dear to Ares up to Ilios, vanquished in their weakness, had not the son of Priam, Helenus, far the best of augurs, come up to Aeneas and Hector, and said to them: "Aeneas and Hector, seeing that upon you above all others rests the war-toil of Trojans and Lycians, for that in every undertaking ye are the best both in war and in counsel, hold ye your ground, and go ye this way and that throughout the host and keep them back before the gates, or ever in flight they fling themselves in their women's arms, and be made a joy to their foemen.


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