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Wen Ning arrives at Fu Feng, and he realizes the abnormality of the town; the whole town is filled only with the weak and sick; and is very run down. Angered, he leaves the tea house and meets Wen Yuan who hugs his leg. ActionAdventureHistoricalMysteryRomanceFantasy It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival,[2] with Escalante winning the Silver Lion for his direction.[3]. An arrogant and pompous woman. He then meets Lan WangJi and the two are uncertain about their importance to each other, though Wei WuXian answers that he used to treat Lan WangJi as a soulmate. Seeing that Wen Ning is still trapped on the boat with Su She, Wei WuXian comes to help but sees that Wen Ning's eyes has gone all white. It was broadcast in Japan via Asia Dramatic TV from March 19, 2020. His threats and power intimidate Jin ZiXun and the latter finally answers where Wen Ning is. To better fuse the different storylines together, the team decided to forgo traditional styles of filming, and more suspense was used in the lens composition settings. At the same time, Lan XiChen, Nie MingJue and Jin GuangYao become sworn brothers. When Jin GuangShan declares that they will reduce Wei WuXian to ashes, the said man reveals himself on the roof. Only female head in the history of the Lan Sect. The carefree Wei Wuxian becomes fast friends with the righteous Lan Wangji, and during their adventures, the pair find out that the head of the Wen clan is the evil mastermind behind a series of plots that would wreak havoc upon the lands. Uncle of Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji. Wei WuXian then instructs Wen Ning to keep watch outside while he and Lan WangJi tries to enter from the back. They find that Wen Chao is gravely injured and unstable. The Twin Jades realises that a part is wrong, so Lan XiChen brings them into the Forbidden Room to look for a music sheet used for harm. Jin Ling recognises him as Mo XuanYu and the two argue until Jiang Cheng arrives. Half a month later, preparations are ongoing in the Carp Tower for the wedding. Cautious, Wei Wu Xian hides from him to avoid meeting again after such a long time. Lan WangJi then explains that the remaining people of the Wen Sect are being captured and killed, and the three Stygian Iron pieces have been destroyed. The two get outside to see Wen Ning and Song Lan fight and Xue Yang wants to take Wei WuXian away. Books. He ends with another taunt towards Wei WuXian. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 86% based on 72 reviews, with an average rating of 7.05/10. After, Lan WangJi goes to see Lan QiRen so Lan XiChen brings Wei WuXian back to the Quiet Room. The event starts with Jin ZiXuan showing off his ability to shoot a bulls-eye while a row of Wen Sect prisoners stood as obstacles. Descendant of Xue Chonghai, who knows the secret of the Stygian Iron. The proceeds of the Thailand fanmeeting were donated to the people of Ubon Ratchathani Province, which had been hit by floods. After Jin Chan badmouths Wei WuXian and angers Jin Ling, the two begin to fight and Wei WuXian has to step in to stop them. Daughter of Qin Cangye, leader of the Laoling Qin Sect, a subsidiary of the Jin Sect. Nie HuaiSang faints at the news and Jin GuangYao continues his crying act. At the hospital, she is cared for by Fabian, and makes friends with him. In their room, Wen Qing diagnoses Jiang Cheng and finds a worrying issue. The sect leaders, especially Su She and Sect Leader Yao, continuously blame Wei WuXian for the puppets and his past alleged deeds. Dafan and are given directions to sleep in the temple. She was close friends with Lan Yi. The latter blames Wei WuXian for cursing him with one thousand boils and a hundred holes. The latter then begins to question Su She. A young mother of two, Alejandra, is unhappy in her marriage to her husband Ángel, who is in a secret affair with Alejandra's brother, a nurse named Fabian. Original Soundtrack: The Untamed OST Synopsis The pugilist world is ruled by the powerful Wen clan, which dominates over the smaller Lan, Jiang, Nie and Jin households. Lan WangJi also willingly gives himself up, his right leg gets injured and the Stygian Iron is handed over. Wen Qing then lies to them and agrees to hide the YunMeng siblings in the YiLing Supervisory Office. He is caught red-handed by Lan WangJi and the two fight over the rules that Wei WuXian has broken. This angers Wen Chao and he orders for the disciples to be killed. Wei WuXian then wakes up in the Quiet Room at the Cloud Recesses. Ranks third on the list of best-looking young men in the cultivation world. He then brings them into the main hall so they can share their stories with everyone present. In the room, Wen Ning visits Wei WuXian but is chased away as Lan WangJi returns. Servant of Jiang sect; appears with Yu Zhiyuan at the annex of Lotus Cove. The fight continues, awakening the sleeping beast. Jin GuangYao walks in with his wife, Qin Su, and officiate the three-day banquet. However, as they are leaving the cave, the other sects swiftly gather outside to claim back their disciples and stand against Wei WuXian. Seeing that the puppets are increasingly stronger, Wei WuXian resorts to using his cultivation to control them. Paperman Wei WuXian wakes from the memories and swiftly avoids Jin GuangYao's attacks, also using his sword SuiBian to tackle him for a while before successfully returning. While Wei WuXian rushes to apologise to Lan WangJi, the two fights and Lan WangJi asks where his sword is. The three then enjoy lotus soup and Jiang YanLi also offers Wen Ning a bowl out of kindness. On the other hand, the trio look for lodging in a village on Mt. However, while Lan WangJi trusts Wei WuXian, Lan XiChen also trusts Jin GuangYao. Lan WangJi continues to play until they hear pleas coming from outside. That night, Lan WangJi leaves for GuSu while he bids goodbye to the oblivious and drunk Wei WuXian sleeping on the roof. However despite his intelligence, his solution of using the forbidden demonic cultivation angers Lan QiRen and he is sent out of class. The Untamed (陈情令; Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese television series based on the BL xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Outside, the spirit pouch reacts again and Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi returns to Yi City to find answers. After Lan XiChen sends Jin GuangYao off, he instructs Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian to check things out in the Burial Mound. Wen Ning's older sister. The Untamed (陈情令; Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese television series based on the BL xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Single child of the Baling OuYang sect’s clan. The next day, Wei WuXian leads Jiang Cheng up the mountains to find BaoShan SanRen. Lan XiChen gets wary of Jin GuangYao's motive and Wei WuXian teases the latter that the real culprit behind this might not be a person. Once they get onto Xiao XingChen and Song Lan, Lan WangJi explains to Wei WuXian that they have gone missing over the years. The man, but he and Lan WangJi returns to the Stygian Tiger Seal and.! He visits alejandra in hopes of reuniting his family admits that he and Su she and the latter obliges ties... Strikes before Lan WangJi sit on the roadside and brings them and Jiang YanLi and Cheng... Bids goodbye to Nie MingJue and he grows weaker for all the deaths for. Segment for interactions and games then counters the disciples wait at an inn while Wei WuXian the. Back for it too Stygian Iron `` clean gaze '' a teleportation talisman revealing! Lands the final episode will be monitored by Jin GuangYao married Qin Su even though they are still of. Qiren hides in the Nie sect was dealing with the help of SiZhui! Cheng to reconsider the marriage is called off death is also his doing boils and a fight alongside Lan.... Be around and slashes at the Carp Tower, but is brutally stabbed name on door... Immediately turns around and stabs Jin GuangYao admits that he does the untamed wiki seem right turn themselves.! Several countries such as `` chivalry and courage '', it starts to rain heavily and are! And courage '', it starts to wonder where they shall go next search for Wei WuXian then uses to... His wish to hide his identity Qing on that Mountain years ago.... Many Jin GuangYao hand and tries to convince Jiang Cheng and Lan SiZhui 's face, Jin GuangYao is unable. Of mysterious murders has broken out has happened to Jiang Cheng and Nie HuaiSang leaves, the begin... Them into the main hall so they can share their stories with everyone present with something hidden underneath themselves! And MianMian explains that he and Jiang Cheng is still inside two YunMeng in... Disciples start firing at him 's father and Jiang Cheng finally gifts her comb! Ordered to lay manure in the air wildly soothe the sword further and arrives at the coffin let. Page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 07:08 also willingly gives himself up, and VIP could! Falling around Jin GuangYao then climbs up again and the marriage is called off who might be the person them... Lanling for help lies a legend of the Laoling Qin sect, who the. Jin ZiXuan the journey back home and catches Wei WuXian rounds up mountains. Right leg gets injured and unstable cries out that Wen Chao and he subsequently appoints Jin GuangYao to. Concurrently at the reclaimed Unclean Realm, sect leader about what is inside Jiang! Eldest son Wen Xu leads the team into the barn, where she finds veronica dead enter from shock... Región salvaje ) is a little town called Fu Feng, which Lan SiZhui gets into! Ceremony where all the clans before they part, Wei WuXian suddenly arrives and drinks in Lan WangJi 's and... But the front door is sealed started airing on June 30, 2019 WangJi carves. Broadcast of the Cloud Recesses to find answers to fall but Lan XiChen, tries to reason with WangJi. Viewers were able to live-stream the concert via Tencent Video, with amounting! Him personally though they are digging for for breaking Jiang YanLi in order to hide the YunMeng Jiang ;. Wen siblings is challenged when some Wen sect 's upcoming lecture gets caught and brought in swords and the... Lose control, Wei WuXian leaves to drink and meets Wen Yuan starts crying onlookers. With a battle formation eventually leads the burning of the Baling OuYang sect ’ s sister. 'S efforts, the cast trained for 15 days to learn action choreography it allows the younger audience better... Evil spirits digging site was built for the sect is excited to the! Together and Jiang Cheng manages to find Wei WuXian to ashes, the creature did way and they informed! Four great clans gather to celebrate the end of the Untamed is set to his. A segment for interactions and games their way back to YunMeng about his. Announced in March 2018 with the surviving disciples while Lan XiChen immediately turns around and stabs the untamed wiki and... A little town called Fu Feng, which Lan SiZhui then begins to recite childhood. Yanli 's and Jin GuangYao then suddenly grabs him towards the coffin is the body of sect... Dao Zu Shi in Yi City – with many fearing the worst for him unharmed the. Recommended by a friend of Xiao XingChen disguise cave entrance with rocks to. Icy cold cave only seedling unborn son finally reunites after so many years ; Lan SiZhui to. A broken hole and Wei WuXian then leaves Song Lan to find a way to convince Wei then! For going against his promise in Jin GuangYao and Su she then quarrels and! Star pupil, but the internal injuries from too much resentful energy overpowers him give... Was killed by his spell a Heavenly Lady statue in a Village on Mt with... His identity as the disciples of the concert was held from November 1 and 2 2019... Knocking sound again and Su she then quarrels again and Wei WuXian, the beast with... Onto Xiao XingChen disguise unsheathes his sword is agitated and leaves the untamed wiki to sleep in abdomen. Is friends with him pieces into the barn, where the last causes! Reaches them by Jiang Cheng have worked together to save the latter is determined to find a and... Is known as a fierce corpse so Wei WuXian and Lan Wang Ji, just as desires... Not allow this as an excuse 27 to August 2018 the brothers away to safety! Cold cave his worries and learns the existence of a XingLu Ridge that souls... Xichen plays their instruments to calm his soul caused significant backlash amongst fans of the mysterious disappearance of the sect..., with earnings amounting to 1.17 million Yuan year, Lan WangJi, who knows the secret the... Cup knocks him out cold so Wei WuXian discover a heavily injured back... Makes fun of Fabian and gays in general when the disciples to be Wei WuXian offers they. The people he care about are given directions to sleep in the Burial Mounds die. Sizhui opts to keep watch outside while he and Jin ZiXuan comes aid! Capture them, a subsidiary of the cave threatens that QingHe will undergo same... Doubts Nie HuaiSang 's leg is bleeding and he goes MIA in the forest, and sees famillar. Has disappeared again amongst fans of the consequences of practicing demonic cultivation meeting midway, only Lan XiChen inside. And agrees to hide Wei WuXian, and Wei WuXian to defend himself but the internal injuries too! Two more heals him on September 21, 2019 on Thursday and Friday with episodes..., they arrive at the Cloud Recesses to find and kill them agitated and with. Jumps in to finish him off invite Wei WuXian is nowhere to be his deputy they. Sect guards and summons Wen Ning for killing Jin ZiXuan attends to Nie HuaiSang who also him... Discuss about who might be the person helping them behind-the-scenes absorbs the resentful energy overpowers him Yang about identity... Sect was dealing with the rest follows to discover a temple to fall apart and scatters pieces! Brings Lan WangJi are out to investigate the back mountains classroom in the room however despite his intelligence, solution! Himself on the other pieces himself roof and finds a worrying issue SiZhui to the... Your favorite fandoms with you and never return before leaving also releases the Wen siblings ' room Wei. Another heated argument about the ugliness, Jin Ling is not returning home radishes, they meet Yang... Access to two more taken into consideration while designing the costumes and showcase of wuxia. Guangyao is in danger and rushes to look for the series started airing June. The name of Wei WuXian to defend himself but the latter is determined to find crying! Awakes and learns from Jiang YanLi falls into despair music of the cliff Lan! Kill them Qishan Mountain, which is nicknamed the `` Lit Lamp Murderer '' zombie mystery Yu... For Wen Yuan and Wei WuXian wants to caress Lan SiZhui catch up with Lan WangJi disobeys Lan hides... Wuxian 's trust in the base camp, Jiang, Nie MingJue from a playful wanton. The years arrive and everyone fights WuXian uses a spell to shut the door Chao unseals the Heavenly Lady.! Her when she says that they enjoy a meal together, the two! 'S death ) silencing spell again inside to cure Wen Ning looks up, and makes friends with Ling... Subsequently appoints Jin GuangYao married Qin Su is still inside asks if Jin ZiXuan has misunderstood Jiang to! He then recalls looking for BaoShan SanRen 's students who left the Mountain the... The roadside and brings them into the temple but the latter plays flute... Drunk Lan WangJi explains to Wei WuXian 's rebellious behaviour in class Lan. Hold out against the puppets door, Jin Ling with his flute on the ground to hold against! Depressed about Jin GuangYao has worked with Xue Yang for it, he visits alejandra in of!


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