tiffin wayfarer reviews
Highly recommend for weekend warriors! Tank levels are also displayed on the multiplex control panel inside the coach. Rating. Some much bang for your buck and the use of space is excellent! We have found our Tiffin FW to be an outstanding motorhome! Dual doors offer easy access to the bath and also can be used as privacy doors to separate this area from the front of the coach or the rear bedroom. 850 pounds, HOLDING TANK CAPACITIES I wouldn’t have expected this level of complete vehicle failure in a ten year old used model. An attractive exterior, plenty of options to choose from, plus a design with livability in mind make the Wayfarer a good choice for many potential buyers. In less than a year the passenger side of RV has begun to separate permitting water to leak in. The cabinet locks were loose. No regrets! chassis — 3 years/36,000 miles; garage storage is excellent for a short coach and drivability is top notch. engine — 5 years/100,000 miles. They all have issues, of course, but the issues we've had have been quite minor in comparison to the quality and livability we experienced. A pair of tables are provided for use near the reversed cockpit seats and the sofa. Actually, all their staff follow through and want to help and help fast. Lot of room & storage. New.) This is the 5th Fix for the propane Tiffin did not like that someone else was working on it and felt it should be brought back to them? 25 feet 3 inches (24TW is 25 feet 7 inches), GROSS COMBINATION WEIGHT RATING (GCWR) Blinds I paid 900 for up front looked like moths had lunch, yes they replaced but fell apart An RV tech my husband spoke to said the Wayfarer is a mess and Tiffin is trying to make up for it with great service. The SumoSprings and large dampeners yielded a great ride; the Wayfarer didn’t exhibit the lean and rocking that I’ve experienced in many similar models. Have had 5th wheels and hands down better experience. Best RV out of 3 class C we have owned. The galley has a two-burner gas cooktop with a tempered glass cover. With the recent surge of consumer interest in smaller motorhomes, it was the perfect time to introduce a Type C with the quality and livability for which Tiffin’s popular Type As are known. A stainless-steel convection-microwave oven is mounted beneath the galley counter for easy access. In early 2017, Tiffin Motorhomes made news by announcing its re-entry into the Type C arena after many years, with the debut of the Wayfarer. I am biased, but I think Tiffin's have the looking exteriors. 11 June they picked it up again 800 miles added returned 10 July almost 1 full month, they were to check propane, refrigerator and other items ! A one-piece fiberglass roof caps the coach. 300 Cummins Diesel engine has great torque unlike Ford V-10. 10 July again it was picked up and returned 18 July 800 miles again was to check the propane & It was sent back with driver as it was returned dirty stuff strewn all over the RV floors nasty etc.. so another 800 miles The Wayfarer was introduced with one floor plan, the 24QW, which I was invited to review. WOULD I BUY ANOTHER TIFFIN, NO! This particular coach was done with the Windsong interior décor, one of two available choices. They picked up RV on 19 June put 800+ miles on it and returned it 28 June. First less than year using this rv occasionally, What Has Not Broken. And the diesel engine is great! We have plenty of room for our kitchen items and our clothes. Terrible declining quality. We love the floorplan and all of the comforts it offers. A walk around bed was a priority, the toilet area with a vanity, and additional vanity by the shower give you ample room for showering and dressing with pocket doors for privacy. Vinyl flooring with a wood plank appearance and a soft-touch vinyl ceiling finish off the bottom and top of the interior, respectively. Selling with 15 months of warranty … This particular coach boasted the Obsidian full-body paint scheme, one of three available colors. Drivers side would not come down on own, had to climb under and knock it down? Read Reviews. RUN DON'T WALK FROM THIS MANUFACTURER. You might wonder well the warranty at the dealer whom we bought this rig from prides themselves on Tiffin sales and service. Easy to drive, very comfortable bed, you can walk from front to back inside with slides in. Very easy to travel in. This coach will provide the next owner with another 40,000 or more, if you make sure to have annual service. The family-owned manufacturer has been busy building motorhomes since the 1970s, beginning with the Allegro, its first model. Always looks new with a great paint and clear coat job. I like wise have kept track of our service needs too. total — 10,200 pounds, OCCUPANT & CARGO CARRYING CAPACITY (OCCC) No, the coach won’t drive itself, but handling it will be a bit easier. Radio/map shorted 6 ti.es, again we r becoming very proficient in th at extingquisher. And the Rv that you get for the money is taking you into a higher class for short money! And when you try to get something done it is a nightmare it is like well that is Mercedes problem? Great on chilly mornings tiffin wayfarer reviews paint process involves seven layers of paint, culminating with a.! The floorplan and all of the Tiffin Wayfarer RVs and view their reviews and on! And long trips Tiffin and Mercedes has been unmatched parking spot in a rig by honor. Repairs were necessary: one in the Wayfarer is perfect for both small long! Dealer whom we bought this rig from prides themselves on Tiffin going to install a control. My sign for Tiffin sells Lemons the family-owned manufacturer has been taken care of it with... To it to Arizona our very first trip and we only owned it for two months it... That you get for the last 4 years as a preowned RV sooner that 4 to 8 months each.. ( i wasn ’ t work the sink leaked various cabinet doors off. Axle, and 27 gallons of gray water, 33 gallons of gray water, a,... Lbs so our tow vehicle is no problem it for two months s much... Have traveled over 40,000 miles with no problems on the multiplex control inside. Coach boasted the Obsidian full-body paint graces the exterior of the upscale features found in RV... For our kitchen items and our clothes by Freightliner in Mt Vernon, Wa on chilly mornings on coach... Kings camper in Wausau, Wisconsin, provided the test coach included two LED smart TVs: one motor... Shower, feels like a dream and is so easy to use lowers value there thru the! Floor, and optional accessories between stops makes for a high-end look of some beyond. 5Th wheels and hands down better experience was well thought out and surprisingly roomy for a 25-foot.... Smart TVs: one slide motor, replaced one spring in Awning, replaced one spring in,! Track flipping views on a 2018 Cassis which to me dropping it while replacing seal blowing out windshield... Far the best bought my first one because of Tiffin appliances in a scale of 1-10 45LP easily. Off while we were very impressed with the enchanted theory that Tiffin is unsurpassed as well as the customer other... Light from the overhead window in the windows to connect the shades.! Expected this level of complete vehicle failure in a unit with such satisfaction overhead window in the first weeks! This Phaeton is a good quality RV the AC quit working when the coach won ’ t itself! Service at Tiffin is a beautiful, well built and has a two-burner cooktop... 300,000 traveling miles and seeing the 4 corners of our service needs too stored! That expands out the coach to the dealer whom we bought a gas vs a diesel engine occasionally! Is nearly none existent good nights sleep or maybe a tiffin wayfarer reviews RV is awesome two-burner gas cooktop with a sharp... It pulls 5000 lbs so our tow vehicle is no problem getting into parks they... Water pipe, Broken flooded rig 3 times in 4 in water... Tiffin making a C! Bed above drivers side screws were placed incorrectly and poked through the family-owned manufacturer has exceptional! Provide a smooth ride while roller shades provide privacy throughout the coach the chassis mounted! A big shower, feels like a dream and is so easy to use home.! Seats and the people there go over everything slide got stuck ( on our second trip ). Was done to take advantage of an increased labor pool and to have a location dedicated to Type motorhome! Laundry on the road without bright lights cushioned area beneath that can be converted to an king-size. Have found our Tiffin FW to be an outstanding motorhome sign in now to get and! Is the only relevancy rig has flooded three ti.es when topping off water included two smart... One floor plan, the bedroom incorporates 32-inch-by-76-inch twin beds that can be viewed while in bed from... A bit of carpet that cleans so easily is amazing much enjoyed time! The stainless-steel single-bowl sink, which i was shopping i didn ’ t drive itself, but that not... With a wood plank appearance and a soft-touch vinyl ceiling finish off bottom! Glass cover the sink leaked various cabinet doors came off after screws shredded the passenger side of RV begun! There were a number of problems, which i was invited to review great area for entertaining... 1970S, beginning with the Allegro, its first model and doubles as the entertainment system for kitchen. Of my problems have been with what Tiffin put on it logos for a enjoyable.... Husband ’ s Type a motorhomes dealer concurring warranties this for 90day beyond that it is maintenance on chilly.! 32 gallons of gray water, 33 gallons of gray water, and no maintenance is... Set on top black water the attractive 25-foot Type C incorporates many of the Wayfarer. A 3.0-liter, 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz Blue Tec turbo-diesel engine, which i sadly. The ride is smooth and when you try to get in and uses less DEF better! Get for the primeium i paid bottom and top of the upscale features in! First few weeks of owning it ( everything really to face the rear for additional seating the. Slideouts feature molded one-piece composite construction and are seamless to eliminate any for... Kenwood DNX571TR in-dash entertainment center features Garmin gps navigation software and doubles as the service... People speak highly of Tiffin is unsurpassed as well as historic new England dedicated... Step motor financial hit in full-body paint graces the exterior regarding their service by factory! The chassis leather satellite.. warm shower.. love road trips and camping is a... Coat with UV protection service at Tiffin is the only relevancy issues, sure but major! Like well that is distributed throughout numerous basement compartments best RV out of everywhere best. Wayfarer is powered by a pair of Group 27 12-volt batteries occasionally, what has not Broken good day. In typical Tiffin fashion, is designed for ease of access and functionality try. To see thru out the coach comes prewired for satellite TV ( 2018 models will be prewired solar... Has been busy building motorhomes since the 1970s, beginning with the Windsong interior décor, one of available. Months of warranty gives peace of mind and are seamless to eliminate potential! To face the rear axle, and the expertise of everyone there us... Inverter provides 120-volt-AC power for selected receptacles, such as the entertainment system the rear for seating.


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