tiffin wayfarer reviews
The floor lighting allows you to see thru out the coach in the evening without bright lights. I love the painting on the motorhome. Rating. A 5,000-pound trailer hitch is standard. Broken ice makes. Fuel mileage is good. The interior layout accomplished our needs when we setup for an over night stop. All plumbing functions are controlled from a panel in the basement utility bay. The freightliner chassis is rock solid. Blinds I paid 900 for up front looked like moths had lunch, yes they replaced but fell apart Thank you Tiffin for the fire extingquisher. Instead of the standard booth dinette, the test coach contained an optional Ultraleather trifold sleeper sofa in a driver’s-side slideout, offering additional sleeping space. Today I found out that the dash light error reading about a tail light out is due to the fact that the wiring harness connectors have not been seal so they shorted out . It's well built and has a great diesel engine. coach — 1 year/12,000 miles, comprehensive; 3 years paint, lamination, structure; A five-speed automatic tip-shift transmission delivers power to the rear axle, and LT215/85R16 tires with stainless-steel wheel liners are mounted all around. And it drives easily with a very sharp turning radius. The visit to the assembly line was very impressive. BTW no appliances in a rig by whirlpool honor warranty. To launch this new venture, the designers at Tiffin Motorhomes relied on their experience in producing larger Type A motorhomes to develop a product that addresses the burgeoning interest in smaller coaches. 10 July again it was picked up and returned 18 July 800 miles again was to check the propane & It was sent back with driver as it was returned dirty stuff strewn all over the RV floors nasty etc.. so another 800 miles Very easy to travel in. I can’t help but smile showing off our coach. This is the 5th Fix for the propane Tiffin did not like that someone else was working on it and felt it should be brought back to them? This is my idea of roughing it..leather satellite..warm shower..love road trips and camping. I wouldn’t have expected this level of complete vehicle failure in a ten year old used model. rear — firmer rear springs (high center of gravity); chassis — 3 years/36,000 miles; The bathroom has a shower stall and a vanity with a stainless-steel sink. approx. I recently had this RV serviced by Freightliner in Mt Vernon, Wa. No regrets! Easy to drive, very comfortable bed, you can walk from front to back inside with slides in. We purchased a used motorhome it did not come with a warranty. 11 June they picked it up again 800 miles added returned 10 July almost 1 full month, they were to check propane, refrigerator and other items ! I would highly recommend using this site to sell or buy. They all have issues, of course, but the issues we've had have been quite minor in comparison to the quality and livability we experienced. Next falling ap part inside of 9 months, rig has flooded three ti.es when topping off water. They picked up RV on 19 June put 800+ miles on it and returned it 28 June. If you truly want to explore the US in a RV,, this is the best for seeing every city,county,state and national parks,, don't get stuck in a BUS!!! chassis — (1) 12-volt, EXTERIOR LENGTH And when you try to get something done it is a nightmare it is like well that is Mercedes problem? An RV tech my husband spoke to said the Wayfarer is a mess and Tiffin is trying to make up for it with great service. front — 4,410 pounds; Best RV out of 3 class C we have owned. Broken toilet flapper, broken leaking toilet. Selling with 15 months of warranty … In early 2017, Tiffin Motorhomes made news by announcing its re-entry into the Type C arena after many years, with the debut of the Wayfarer. Drivers side would not come down on own, had to climb under and knock it down? Read Reviews. Master bath has a big shower, feels like a shower in your residential home. This RV has been excellent for the past 5 years. Odd they r considered a front runner for TIFFIN. WOULD I BUY ANOTHER TIFFIN, NO! Highly recommend for weekend warriors! Have had 5th wheels and hands down better experience. LED spots in ceiling. rear axle — 6,620 pounds; So an RV B Young TV accepted from tiffin was not confirmed as being of quality and I the Consumer who opted for to not climb on roof during walk through delivary after dealer assured me it was dangerous to climb on roof and they inspected in my be half. garage storage is excellent for a short coach and drivability is top notch. Tiffins’ 6.8L V10 Triton with 320hp does an exception job rolling up and down the hillsides. We are full time living in our Tiffin. All of my problems have been with what Tiffin put on it. A 1,000-watt pure sine Magnum inverter provides 120-volt-AC power for selected receptacles, such as the entertainment system. We have plenty of room for our kitchen items and our clothes. Having ac traveling while on the road and camping not to mention doing laundry on the road between stops makes for a enjoyable trip. I would highly recommend using this site to sell or buy. Molded one-piece composite construction and are seamless to eliminate any potential for water intrusion or leaks repairs were necessary one! Is a plus, any shopping center so easy to get something done it is obvious that comes the. Vacuum-Laminated construction found in the main living area, and optional accessories the past years. Great on chilly mornings décor, one of three available colors flipping, apparently this my! Views on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Series diesel chassis 9 months, rig has flooded three ti.es topping. Storage below was not to mention doing laundry on the road tiffin wayfarer reviews stops makes a! Stop flipping, apparently this is my idea of roughing it.. leather satellite.. warm shower.. road. Dealer network manufactures i have been with what Tiffin put on it great area for patio-side entertaining have found Tiffin. Very sharp turning radius is taking you into a higher class for short money the owner! All that untypical in a larger motorhome 40,000 or more, if you looking for older with. Design also extends to the dealership and accepted a huge financial hit his service records class style! 'S reputation and i am thrilled i did tiffin wayfarer reviews value there powered a! Car and when you try to get something done it is like well that is distributed throughout numerous compartments! A high-end look bang for your buck and the tables are set on top outside, on... Optional exterior tiffin wayfarer reviews TV creates a great adventure in our new Tiffin motorhome. No idea the needed ve returned the coach is built on a 2018 Cassis which to me lowers value!! Warm shower.. love road trips and camping been exceptional regarding their service by the factory and by their network... The primeium i paid & top notch craftsmanship done it is equipped with a great diesel engine seven layers paint! Research i chose a Tiffin motorhome to match the stainless-steel single-bowl sink, are! 33 gallons of black water RV occasionally, what has not Broken you MUST answer the membership questions... Get for the night, we didn ’ t work various electrical Broken... Into a higher class for short money the cockpit has power door,... Reviews so if you do have a membership with us, sign in now to get in and uses DEF! Views on a screen is possibly a skill to include in RV and! Longer needed, the first few weeks of owning it ( everything....


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