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Regardless I still enjoyed the film a lot. Awards For a description of the different acting role types we use to categorize acting perfomances, see our Glossary. | I also liked the way they presented the love story. As a leading 'boy' in a relationship with Sophie Turner? All Time International Box Office (Rank 10,501-10,600), All Time Worldwide Box Office (Rank 15,501-15,600), All Time International Box Office for Comedy Movies (Rank 2,001-2,100), All Time Worldwide Box Office for Comedy Movies (Rank 3,101-3,200), Home Market Releases for January 8th, 2019, Limited and VOD Releases: Running Down the Long Road to Limited Releases, All Time International Non-Sequel Box Office (Rank 9,701-9,800), All Time International Box Office for Original Screenplay Movies (Rank 5,701-5,800), All Time International Box Office for Live Action Movies (Rank 8,801-8,900), All Time International Box Office for Contemporary Fiction Movies (Rank 5,401-5,500), All Time International Box Office for PG-13 Movies (Rank 1,701-1,800), All Time International Box Office for Lionsgate Movies (Rank 201-300), All Time Worldwide Non-Sequel Box Office (Rank 14,301-14,400), All Time Worldwide Box Office for Original Screenplay Movies (Rank 8,201-8,300), All Time Worldwide Box Office for Live Action Movies (Rank 13,001-13,100), All Time Worldwide Box Office for Contemporary Fiction Movies (Rank 7,801-7,900), All Time Worldwide Box Office for PG-13 Movies (Rank 2,501-2,600), All Time Worldwide Box Office for Lionsgate Movies (Rank 301-400), Untitled Spider-Man: Far From Home Sequel, Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). See the Box Office tab (Domestic) and International tab (International and Worldwide) for more Cumulative Box Office Records. I wasn't sure about this film but as soon as I watched it I found it very helpful in terms of reminding me it's okay to be imperfect as a human and we don't need to be in control of every single situation. This film tells the story of teenage physic genius who invents a time machine to go back in time and fix his relationship with his girlfriend to stop her splitting up with him. Add a romance to that and I'm often a bigger sucker. This is a fun lighthearted movie that reminds me of Being Erica or TNG episode called Tapestry - where you can go back in time and change past mistakes to produce an ideal outcome. (Romantiske(-ish))Filmer jeg skal se med Anitra. Physics prodigy Stillman is destined for great things, only to be derailed when his girlfriend, Debbie suddenly dumps him. Directed by Andrew Bowler. company. We can all relate to the idea of regretting past mistakes - but what if you could re-live those moments? Not only do the cast mesh well they give off potentially tearing emotions throughout. Once he succeeds the film takes quite an unexpected sinister and possibly unintentional turn. I was wrong. It's funny how the best cast member is listed last in the cast list of this movie (on this site)! International | IMDb Latest Updates: | BoxOfficeMojo.com by IMDbPro - an It is too late for the summer blockbusters to come out on DVD / Blu-ray, but too soon for the fall hits or Oscar contenders. All Time | He finally goes a year back with his friend/advisor to fix the bad days. The whole complexity of changing the past and unexpected changes in the present seemed to be restricted just to his little world. But Stillman isn’t beaten, he does what any heartbroken genius would do… he invents a time machine to get a second chance at love. With each try Stillman, Evan and Debbie slowly realize that there may be no such thing as perfect, no matter how many do-overs you can give yourself. Terrible movie. However, the lead actor Asa looked like a kid and I couldn't really commit to his romance with the girl as the ultimate love story. Maybe. Overall the movie seems like it was shot by a group of college kids from their college dorm. under which this service is provided to you. Lol. Comedy There is writer/director who can not write even semi decent story, can not direct, and he got some, let say it not nice, but I'm really not in mood to be nice - B grade actors, what means actually good actors + money to film unoriginal idea, absolutely nonsense and full with overdone, too long scenes (like that 'car chase' at the end) plot, extremely poor storytelling. Drama There does not seem to be any real chemistry between Asa Butterfield and his on screen girlfriend or his best friend or anyone really but maybe that was intentional. Skyler Gisondo, best aspect of this film, really saves it from being fairly irritating, adding a much needed comedy angle (as the rest is just some guy being terrible at relationships with well anyone it seems, and just doing it over and over and over again, until he gets the response he wants, which sounds cute, but really is a tiny bit psychotic). I enjoyed listening to her pronunciations. Well worth a watch. User Ratings This includes The Front Runner and The Long Dumb Road, but out of all of the films on this week’s list, Liz and the Blue Bird is the one I want to see the most. So, 4 out of 10. Though I didn't expect such a poor performance from Sophie Turner. Some scenes were expected but I still enjoyed the movie. So he creates a time machine to go back and change all the times that he made her unhappy, with the help of his friend Evan (Skyler Gisondo). Time Freak. This means there’s very little in the way of contenders for Pick of the Week with only one release worth considering, a Canadian show, Frankie Drake Mysteries: Season 1. The movie was definitely low budget, but it wasn't glaringly apparent like it is with some indie movies. I want time machine to prevent myself from idea to watch this. and I want time machine to … Privacy Policy and

Stillman, a heartbroken physics student, builds a time machine when his girlfriend breaks up with him. This does mean I get to give out a Puck of the Week, for best Canadian release. if it weren't for him this would have been pretty boring. More... Full financial estimates for this film, including domestic and international box office, video sales, video rentals, TV and ancillary revenue The main idea behind the story was good and interesting. The DVD even includes the earlier film in its entirety. It has some good or at least interesting jokes. Showdowns. © IMDb.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I'm a sucker for time travel movies and trying to fix what went wrong. FAQ I wrote my honest opinions in the following questionnaire hoping that maybe some changes could be made in post-production. Not sure what the producers were thinking putting these two together in a supposed romance. You can't change past but why would you want to? See it! Financial analysis of Time Freak (2018) including budget, domestic and international box office gross, DVD and Blu-ray sales reports, total earnings and profitability. The power of regret, the importance of living in the moment. Not a convincing narrative not moved The cast looks too young for the part they play. Romance Great cast, sharp and honest writing. Conditions of Use Daily | Could you fix them? There is no explanation about how he can time travel apart from lots of maths and formula. I'm a sucker for time travel movies and trying to fix what went wrong. In theatres if you can - it's beautifully shot and the score is tight. A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. Metacritic Reviews. He invents a time-machine and tries to fix the break-up repeatedly. Maybe im being too cynical, I did watch it to the end...so i guess not that bad right? not very scientific but brilliant and a awakening. Sophie's American accent is also getting better. he brought a 17 again'' kind of vibe to this movie. More heart than mind - not much Sci-Fi to see here. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. We are still in that awkward time on the home market we have to deal with every year. And it often malfunctions, showing the silly "busy" signs (whatever happened to the good-old sand-watch? I saw the pre-screening of this film more than a year ago and was incredibly disappointed at the time. There are plenty of comic moments with his friend Skyler Gisondo who I think steals the film. Zero chemistry and boy....does it show. When I rewatched it, I was disappointed to see everything was exactly as it was. He is fun to watch. Put this on not expecting a lot but also because I enjoy time travel movies. Asa Butterfield (nerdiness overload) has no chemistry with Sophie Turner and their scenes together were a pain to watch.. Sansa's beauty and talent have been wasted on this movie. There's so much more here than meets the eye. A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. Good comedic element bad acting spoiled everything .. Underrated Movie. There are not many limited releases on this week’s list, but there are some that have earned louder than average pre-release buzz. First of all .. Sophie Turner (Debbie) she was absolutely atrocious not funny not the top noche acting that one is accousumed in game of thrones very very disappointed all the pieces where there they never clicked no chemistry whatsoever.. overall all the remaining characters where decedent With Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner, Skyler Gisondo, Will Peltz. A boring awkward mess....prepare to roll your eyes. The first half of the film is your classic going back in time and trying to fix something and failing. Good idea although nothing new. Poor casting. Though, the movie started a bit odd, as they just threw the time machine at us without having explained some things first. It is a Great movie for teenagers and specially for those who are in a relationship. I don't know what to say about this movie except this is entertaining enough to sit through the whole time. A boy-genius meets the love of his life. Sci-Fi. I think that in this movie, you can feel engaged in the characters (like in Stillman) in the decisions sometimes, like creating a space and imagine, if I do this and this it will be so different, and sometimes a feel like the decisions made by Stillman was so exaggerated. I am sure there will be people who didn't like it ot will spell out all the problems with the time travel theories. For more information, please contact us at research@the-numbers.com. But it's terrible. First the philisophical and moral implications of what our antagonist does and secondly just how incredibly creepy the whole thing is. | as we improve, learn and grow we have to have our own flaws and it's a okay to make mistakes! He invents a time-machine and tries to fix the break-up repeatedly. The plot got messed up towards the end, with no meaning and not plot. The plot got messed up towards the end, with no meaning and not plot. Really don't get how someone invests money and energy in such abysmal idea for movie, like in this case. :). Box Office Mojo and IMDb are trademarks or registered trademarks of IMDb.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Enjoyed Sansa Stark as well. In the bonus track of the DVD of "Time Freak," writer-director Andrew Bowler described how his film was an expanded version of a short film of the same title that was nominated for an Academy Award. News | Good time travel film with comedy moments. Most of all awkward to watch. I would say watch it freely without a bias and see if it pulls at your heartstrings. Overall this is a good film about time travel with some laugh out loud moments. He finally goes a year back with his friend/advisor to fix the bad days. are available through our research services. This Flick is one that pulls at the chest when you are least expecting it. Asa has always been a good actor and Skyler's humor added a spice in the movie. A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. Time Freak is so close to cleverly playing within the more troubling aspects of its story that it becomes disappointing when it completely punts on confronting these issues. Yes, it is a time travel movie. This modern-tech take on the "Groundhog day" with a touch of "Back to the Future" starts interesting.


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