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It’s a visceral feeling one has got to attack before getting attacked or one has to defend at any price, that’ll lead the Aries/Pisces to this extent. In the sidereal zodiac, Purva Phalguni can only be in Leo. In Hellenistic astrology there are many associations made with the stars in a constellation and weather patterns, as well as associations made with the nature of a sign that tie directly to characteristics of its constellational image, so these could remain intact in sidereal contexts. This would reflect their incidental importance to a particular time and place rather than bearing eternal significance. So to say, to get stung violently. When taken together over a period of 5 million years (a cosmic blip) it looks completely chaotic, more like an aquarium. ), This was an interesting, insightful reading with one of today’s leading practitioners of ancient Hellenistic. Historically, it’s generally agreed, that the two zodiacs were in alignment with one another about the year 285 A.D. with both sidereal and tropical ephemeris’ listing the passage of the Sun into Aries at the Spring equinox. Others try to sidestep this entire question by basically giving up on the entire idea that astrology has objective correlations, chalking astrology up to being purely divinatory. If the Earth’s rotation and the consequent regularity of day and night is the circle of the Same, and the Earth-Sun relationship is the basis for the tropical zodiac, then perhaps the tropical zodiac could be considered a grander circle of the Same. It goes with the first inner house, the uninterrupted owned feeling of the self, the ego and inner energy. The most common one is Lahiri. The MOON and the Capricorn. interesting, helpful insights into the topics I expressed my curiosity about. Of these, the most widely used ayanamsha by Vedic astrologers worldwide is the Lahiri ayanamsha, also called the the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha. Ask questions, study jyotish and interact with hundreds of people in the LOVA Forum. Under the tropical Scorpio lies the Libra constellation (gonna tell a lot about it, I’m “Scorpio/Libra”)… and Uranus. But here again it’s powered by the slowness of the Saturnine Cancer inside, and the lack of consideration for the others, since from inside the shell it’s quite impossible to feel what’s outside. I think God gets a lot of mileage out of people debating and facing their emotional reactions that surface in the process. A sidereal ephemeris will correspond to the positions of the planets as recognized by modern astronomy. Isn’t one enough? Imagine the Earth is like a ship in an ocean. Since the Earth-Sun relationship is very stable, leading to a tropical zodiac with definitive beginnings and endings that can remain constant for as long as the Earth spins, so too does it represent things which are archetypally unchanging or eternal about life on Earth. The oppressing Pluto is what I call leader of the Chakra 0 (the one that is located outside your body just under your asshole, pulling shit out of you with this oppressive feeling you’ve got to go or else you shit your pants (even if the rectum observes Uranian tension/release moves, if you got Diarrhea, that’s Pluto behind). Plato offers an unwitting alternative explanation to the tension between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs. The circle of the Other was the direction the planets traveled. Under the tropical Libra, the Virgo. This is why I think tropical refers to things which will always be true about the eternally recurring rhythm and phases of life on Earth, whereas sidereal refers to things which are only true about this particular era for our species. Vedic or sidereal astrology calculated the the Sun at 6 degrees 03 minutes of Pisces at the Spring equinox in 2003. He also helped me realize how my passions and interests appear in my chart, and gave me advice on how to anticipate incorporating passion/purpose and find a career. In the final analysis I think that the accuracy of any system, depends more on the clarity of intuion of the astrologer than on the system itself. This may also bring us to question whether the constellational images established long ago by Babylonians and later featured figures of Greek and Roman mythology still apply to our modern global society of today (they still do), or if we could project our own myths and images onto the stars? Tropical vs Sidereal astrology: Why both work !!! The twelfth year, like Pisces, has qualities of dissolution and death before the rebirth again with the next Jupiter return. Both systems, after all, are looking at the same phenomenon of the planets moving through the sky, but from different vantage points. This permanent need to be surrounded and have interlocutors is why I gave Gemini constellation the 7th inner house of otherness. Like the moon is dark or bright, our physical body loses and gains mass, like the moon is dark or bright, our bank account see incomes and outcomes. The obvious reason why emphasizing one sign is limited is that there are so many potential configurations from which to interpret the same descriptive traits. However, to further complicate matters there are several commonly used ayanamshas that vary by nearly 2 degrees from one another. However, on longer time scales, the tropical zodiac is stable and it’s the constellations which vary wildly, destabilizing the sidereal zodiac. Because Mercury always understands both sides of a deal, of a conflict. For this sole reason, the moon and Capricorn are given the 2nd inner house of physical and financial body. This is because most people interested in Vedic astrology were born closer to 1950. So why two zodiacs anyway? All the stars revolve around the galactic center, which is currently around 3° sidereal Sagittarius (Lahiri)/27° tropical Sagittarius. As tempting as it is for tropical astrologers to reference constellational images, it’s problematic on a conceptual level. Inside, the need of the inner Sagittarius is to always go forwards, like the sun, never retrograde. From that point of view, the stars are fixed while tropical moves. This is tricky because it would mean that on a theoretical basis they would have to be formally severed, and it may mean past results with each zodiac might be put into a different context, but it wouldn’t necessarily make either wrong and would be far less disruptive than invalidating either zodiac. ... 5 Tropical Leo won’t have the fear of the stage, under the “rule” of the shining Sun. In general the principle I’m following is that sidereal reasoning should be used for the sidereal zodiac and tropical reasoning should be used for the tropical zodiac. He talks about two intersecting circles, one with the motion of the Same and one with the motion of the Other. But it’s an illusion. From the perspective of the sidereal zodiac, the equinoxes and solstices could be considered akin to Nodes or Earth “angles” in a sense, which gradually shift backward through the constellations. This is not to confuse the sidereal zodiac with the constellational zodiac, it’s a rough approximation of the constellations. Sidereal and tropical are terms used to describe two different definitions of a year. Not only do the constellational images seem to be informed by a planetary ruler rather than the other way around, but the constellational images themselves reference tropical events such as the Scales for Libra, where day and night are balanced at the September equinox. Middle of the inner sky: the Virgo. There’s no middle within them, only alternance. Like the Japanese bamboo fountain releases her water once filled. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. From this point of view, Aries is not the home of Mars because the ram is its constellational image, but rather the ram was chosen as the constellational image of Aries because it is the home of Mars and the ram embodies some qualities of Mars. Amazingly, the galactic center is located in the nakshatra called “Mula” which means “root”, a near implausibly appropriate name for the galactic center, considering that it comes from a Vedic construct from thousands of years before the discovery of the galactic center. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is going to be controversial. When the sun passes the galactic center, inside it’s felt as a release of all tension we faced upon climbing the harsh Scorpio/Ophiuchus zone. Most of life is located within the northern hemisphere, so most of life is affected by the rhythm of the seasons within the northern hemisphere. This option is tempting but the stakes are high. The intersection of the circles of the Same and the Other shows the intersection of what is archetypally incidental and recurring. The sidereal zodiac needs an unambiguous anchor. I had an amazing consultation with Patrick and his reading truly resonated with me. That’s why I gave it the 5th inner house of creativity arts and expression over the rule. Peace, Love and Cheers. In their astrological interpretation, they used both sidereal and tropical reasoning, according to Robert Hand’s “On the Invariance of the Tropical Zodiac”. You have got a weighing machine trying to maintain a state as long as possible. Whether you rotate the base to get your sidereal Vedic chart or the tropical Western the clock still works at least symbolically if not literally because it’s based on a true fundamental pattern. In order to maintain the balance, most of the time, the inner Libra will keep what it thinks for itself, an inner compromise: “ok this guy’s like that” anytime it faces something that’s not pleasant… But at a certain point in time, it’s no longer possible to maintain the balance and status quo.


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