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He was knighted in the Queen's 2015 Birthday Honours for services to drama and charity. His stand-up material, which sold well on LP, owed much to the writing abilities of Kim Fuller. | How many books are there about The Beatles? He also offers his own writing tips and amusing anecdotes in the writing tips video clip on BBC raw words – story writing. [16] She encouraged him to move over to the fledgling alternative comedy scene, where he established a career as a stand-up comedy performer and character comedian. [61] On 20 July 2016, Henry was awarded an honorary doctorate from Nottingham Trent University in recognition of his significant contribution to British comedy and drama, along with his achievements in international charity work. Orchestra – Europe’s first majority Black, Asian, and minority ethnic orchestra. [14][15] He has since said that "the summer season was the first time [he] felt that [his] act had received a proper response from an audience". “If you give a kid an instrument and the appetite, they’ll not only play music from the cannon they’ll make up their own music and that’s why it’s important.”, Henry remembers his childhood friend having private piano lessons after school, while his own working-class background in Dudley meant his family couldn’t afford the five shillings per lesson.“If you cut the arts in schools the chances of happening upon a piano in your break is not going to happen anymore. [19][20] The Lenny Henry Show ran periodically for a further 19 years in various incarnations. During this time, he also spent three years as a DJ on BBC Radio 1, playing soul and electro tracks and introducing some of the characters that he would later popularise on television. New Blood– Ne… He also made guest appearances on television programmes including Celebrity Squares, Seaside Special and The Ronnie Corbett Show.[14]. Luther – Idris Elba stars as DCI John Luther, a brilliant but troubled detective who specializes in murder. In 2019 a survey by the Royal Albert Hall revealed that the top 10 classical composers most recognised by people in the UK are all male and white. [citation needed]. And he's Othello. Also in 1980, he teamed up with alternative-comedy collective The Comic Strip. Set in London, this is a relatively diverse series. The fifth of seven children, Henry was the first to be born in the United Kingdom. [58] Henry has also been listed in the Powerlist of the 100 most influential Black Britons, including ranking fourth in 2016.[59]. During a speech at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in March 2014, he called the lack of minorities "appalling" and he has continued to raise the issue publicly.[54]. Official Sites Henry met Dawn French on the alternative comedy circuit. Charles Spencer in The Daily Telegraph said "This is one of the most astonishing debuts in Shakespeare I have ever seen. Last Tango in Halifax favourite Nicola Walker plays Cassie Stuart, a divorced DCI who lives with her father Martin and has two sons, both studying at University. [25], In 2010, Henry produced and starred in a five-part web series for the BBC Comedy website, Conversations with my Wife,[26] about a fictional couple conversing over Skype while the wife is away on business leaving the husband (played by Henry) to hold the fort at home. He graduated with a BA Hons in English Literature, from the Open University, in 2007. “He was asked to be director of Royal Opera House in Paris by Queen Marie Antoinette, and then three leading ladies in the orchestra said they felt uncomfortable taking orders from a black man. This has come about from a completely genuine desire to do a piece of theatrical work. [15] Around the same time, he co-hosted the children's programme Tiswas from 1978 until 1981 playing such characters as Rastafarian Algernon Razzmatazz, David Bellamy and Trevor McDoughnut (a parody of Trevor McDonald), and subsequently performed and wrote for the show Three of a Kind. In 2003, Henry was listed in The Observer as one of the fifty funniest acts in British comedy. He supplies the voices of both Big and Small in the BBC CBeebies Children's programs Big & Small. On 16 June 2007 Lenny appeared with Chris Tarrant and Sally James to present a 25th Anniversary episode of Tiswas. All rights reserved. We can do weird stuff too!” The audience is there for more inclusive music, says Henry, they are just waiting to be directed to the people they should be listening to. Company Credits in an Adventure with Scientists, "Birmingham City University : Sir Lenny Henry appointed as Chancellor of Birmingham City University", "Lenny Henry: 'I wish somebody had taught me how to defend myself, "Comedy Kings – an unofficial Cannon and Ball website", "Where will the next generation get its political anthems from? [47] They adopted a daughter, called Billie. [52] His PhD was awarded in July 2018 for a thesis titled Does the Coach Have to be Black? The production was selected to be broadcast live to selected cinemas worldwide in March 2012 as part of the National Theatre Live programme. The Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799) was a contemporary of Mozart and Haydn. [45] Henry later released "hard-hitting animated blues video" directed by Iranian filmmaker, Sam Chegini titled The Cops Don't Know which was premiered by Classic Rock magazine on 20 April 2016.[46]. Henry appeared in advertisements for butter products in New Zealand, commissioned by the company now known as Fonterra, as well as portraying Saint Peter in the Virgin Mobile advertising campaign in South Africa. He's beautifully black. [8][9], His earliest television appearance was on the New Faces talent show, which he won in 1975 with impersonations of Stevie Wonder and others. He composed string quartets, symphonies and concertos in the late 18th century, and he influenced Mozart in Paris. 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