vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley
The Pegasus program was written in a low-level language and had taken months, if not years to write and text. It was then preserved at RAF Cosford as part of the British Airways Museum collection. The conversions were undertaken by FR Aviation Limited based at Hurn Airport, near Bournemouth. One saw further service with Air Malawi, being retired in 1979, and another was sold to the Sultan of Oman as VIP transport and was preserved at Brooklands upon its retirement in 1987. The VC10 is often compared to the larger Soviet Ilyushin Il-62, both aircraft having a rear-engined quad layout, the two types being the only airliners with such a configuration (a configuration that they shared with the earlier, but smaller Lockheed JetStar). "The last day of 1963 nearly brought the stalling programme was in G-ARVC. On 18 December 1997, Royal Air Force XR806 was damaged beyond economic repair in a ground de-fuelling accident at RAF Brize Norton. It had a generous wing equipped with wide chord Fowler flaps and full span leading edge slats for good take-off and climb performance and its rear engines gave an efficient clean wing and reduced cabin noise. All was well except for one particular 3. Now safely in the West Country (of England) and at 42,000 feet we were After a few minutes we had to leave to catch our bus home. The VC10 was a new design but used some production ideas and techniques, as well as the Conway engines, developed for the V.1000 and VC7. One asked us if we would like to go inside. 21. I remember a few things about the flight. He told me that he had cut that bit out and only showed the the Senior Observer, Chris Mullen, who was looking at the tail through his The VC10 would have needed an entirely new double-deck fuselage, which raised emergency escape concerns, and the design failed to attract orders. from the BAC Flight Test Centre at Wisley. to an abrupt end. Technology from the V.1000 and later Vanguard programmes included structural parts milled from solid blocks rather than assembled from sheet metal. There was a reluctance to spend money on this at the time as it was not seen as important. the engine. The bay that was not extended is visible behind the VC10 in the center of the image. Finally, a lovely smooth stall was carried out and we returned to Wisley in the late afternoon. Note: Remove the last section from the e-mail address before The nearest houses can be seen in the distance on the left showing that the people who lived nearby (amongst them Brian Trubshaw) had to have a bit of patience when late night engine tests were needed. (Military VC10s also had this engine arrangement.) [19] In 1991 9 K2s and K3s deployed to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman as part of Operation Granby, the UK's contribution to the campaign to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait, during which they flew 381 sorties.[19]. been sitting out on airfields unused for several years. always been remembered as my day trip to Nigeria. All I had to do now was fill in my 'test flight expense form'. The intensive flight test programme, including tropical trials and route proving, and involving the three subsequent VC10s off the production line, will be conducted from nearby Wisley. 10 Squadron beginning in December 1966 and ending in August 1968. The tracks in the concrete show where the hangar doors used to be. I was a 'guest' on the flight as I worked for IBM at the time. here to view the Well, things could have been worse! I managed to reduce Whether this would have provided a safe exit for the flight Articles with dead external links from November 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, List of active United Kingdom military aircraft, "Vickers VC10 jetliners fly last mission from RAF Brize Norton",,, "Updated: British Armed Forces launch strike against Libyan air defence systems",, "FARNBOROUGH: RAF squadron commander details VC10 retirement plans",,,,, A little VC10derness - a website dedicated to the VC10,, The Government of the United Arab Emirates, On 28 December 1968, Middle East Airways 9G-ABP was destroyed at Beirut Airport in the. Then we left and that was the last we saw of G-ARVA until I saw it again at Heathrow in service with BOAC colours. The south end of the Brooklands runway came up to the perimeter path and cycle track that ran from one side of the airfield to the other. gone out when the door was jettisoned, so it was as well nobody tried to use it Of these, one was destroyed in a take-off accident at Addis Ababa in 1972, and the other four were retired in 1977 and returned to BAC, subsequently being purchased by the RAF. Retirement of the BA Super VC10 fleet began in April 1980 with use continuing on less-travelled routes until 1981. Type 1101 fatigue test specimen (unidentified cockpit/forward fuselage section only) is preserved at, Type 1101 (registration G-ARVF) is on display in United Arab Emirates government colours at the, Type 1101 (registration G-ARVM) (fuselage only with a comprehensive VC10 Exhibition housed in the rear cabin) at, Type 1103 (registration A40-AB, formerly G-ASIX), originally owned by British United Airways before being sold to British Caledonian, it was later sold to the Omani government where it was used from 1974-1987 by the, Type 1151 (registration G-ASGC) is on display in, Type 1180 C1K XR808 "Bob" was earmarked for preservation at the. The government intervened again on Vickers' behalf with an order for Super 200s, placed on 23 June 1960. In 1981, 14 former British Airways Super VC10s were purchased, and these were placed in storage and some were used for spare parts. The performance of the VC10 was such that it achieved the fastest London to New York crossing of the Atlantic by a jet airliner, a record still held to date for a sub-sonic airliner; only the supersonic Concorde was faster. Looking back towards the entrance to the site, from the one bay that was not extended and which housed the VC10 structural test airframe. Abingdon was closed and a new facility was built at RAF St Athan, in South Wales - "1 Air Maintenance Sqn" (1 AMS). and we were told no aircraft were within 10 miles of us. Click here for attempt he just caught the wing downwash and went safely below the engines. the two right-hand engines had rotated 2 inch and in doing so pulled off The decision to land in Rhodesia seemed to be taken fairly late. The Super 200 extension was cut down to 13 ft (3.9 m) for the final Super VC10 (Type 1150), the original design retrospectively becoming the Standard VC10 (Type 1100). a list of abbreviations, Click The IBM data centre in Johannesburg was the only place where processing of the test data could be done. aircraft services. Vickers VC10 (G-ARTA) taking off at Weybridge 29-06-1962 The last of the Vickers built designs was the Type 1101 VC10, the first of which (G-ARTA) flew for the first time from Weybridge on 29th June 1962. This procedure did include some additional risks that were not present with landings at other airfields. For more about this airfield, have a look at this page on UK Airfields. G-ARVB and G-ARVA are the two development VC10s behind a BUA 1-11. A BOAC Super VC10 (probably G-ASGG) and a Royal Air Force Transport Command VC10 (probably XR806) inside the larger hangar at Wisley late 1965. The stories below were related to me by Ian Kirby, ex VC10 flight engineer. Although privately owned, Britain's aviation industry had been government-managed in practice, particularly during the Second World War. Although only a small number of VC-10s were built, they provided long service with BOAC and other airlines from the 1960s to 1981. Armstrong. On 27 November 1969, BOAC G-ASGK had a major failure of No.3 engine, debris from that engine damaged No.4 engine causing a fire. After a few minutes we could see an unusual shape on finals and realised that it was a VC10. detailed record of the trials in Jo'burg in 1965. The BAC 1-11 prototype G-ASHG was lost in October 1963 - just months In April 1964 flew in the last route proving flight before the combination and one hatch (the one forward on the side), when the man flew into Wisley under Mayday conditions and soon realized that I had lost half the the VC10 and also to the BAC 1-11 (and perhaps other types of aircraft but I'm 1963 and the department I liked best during my apprenticeship was the Wind A Ghana Airways VC-10 at Heathrow Airport in 1972. carried out some automatic landings. This was attributed mainly to the storage method used prior to conversion, whereby the wing tanks were defuelled but then filled with water, in order to add ballast to the aircraft during storage. In 1977 BAC and Hawker Siddeley (by then also including Avro) were nationalised and merged to form British Aerospace. Military Tattoo. It is very easy to damage a navigation light and we would have to replace it from stores.”, “Also, I suspect that after such an incident, the guys involved would be quite thirsty.”, “OK. Ranjit Bhagat subsequently applied for, and got, a job with IBM.". An overview of where the photos were taken. I can't remember exactly but it might have been for the tanker version. [2] In October 1952 Vickers were contracted to build a prototype which they designated the Type 1000 (Vickers V-1000), followed in June 1954 by a production order for six aircraft for the RAF. The escape system was fired but the aircraft hit the ground All servicing of the RAF fleet of VC10s was undertaken at RAF Brize Norton in a purpose built hangar. I could A VC10 flew across the Atlantic to Montreal on 8 February 1964. [21] The VC10 and Lockheed TriStar tanker/transports are due to be replaced in RAF service by the Airbus A330 MRTT Voyager under the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft Project. The reason I was necessary was that the program ran on an IBM 1401, which was a commercial system not designed for scientific and engineering work. Later VC10 design developments included testing a large main-deck freight-door and fitting new wing leading edges featuring a part-drooped, four-per-cent chord extension over the inboard two thirds and a drooped, extended-chord wing-tip that allowed more economical high-altitude flying. The first three aircraft had escape hatches for the flight test crew and one On 3 March 1974, BOAC G-ASGO was hijacked and landed at Schiphol, Netherlands, where the aircraft was set on fire and damaged beyond economic repair. When BOAC ceased VC10 operations to South America BUA took them over, purchasing Ghana Airways' cancelled third aircraft in July 1965 (a Type 1103). 20. two or three times a week. This is also where the other taxiway leads back from the middle of the runway towards the apron and hangars. K2 and K3 aircraft were classed as three point tankers, consisting of two wing mounted HDU and one centre fuselage HDU. sending! So the first attempt at a The VC10s were named after Victoria Cross (VC) medal holders, displaying the VC holder's name above the forward passenger door. A Certificate of Airworthiness was awarded on 23 April 1964 and the plane was introduced to regular passenger service between London and Lagos on 29 April. A British Airways Vickers VC10 still in BOAC livery. This ended the type's airline service history. was still based there. In the case of the K2s, there was no forward freight door and it was required to dismantle a large section of the fuselage roof structure for the insertion of the five upper fuselage tanks. Of these, five were leased to Tayaran AlKhalij (Gulf Air) until 1977-78 then purchased by the RAF. The larger runway at Wisley accomodated more heavily loaded VC10s (though still restricted to around 266,000 pounds take off weight), which also led to it being renamed 'RAF Wisley' for the 1969 Daily Mail Transatlantic Air Race. The BA Super VC10, whilst undergoing major maintenance and fuel leak rectification facility of a forward freight door had! Or whether he was pulling my leg or whether he really did edit the film..... £4.10 per passenger-mile while the VC10, Victor or TriStar tankers fleet of VC10s was a dinner Heathrow. Aircraft and Boeing scrapped them at Heathrow airport in 1972 but by then government... K3 and K4 tanker role of the British Airways Vickers VC10 '' hangar, back. G-Arta started shaking violently at RAF Mount Pleasant in the late 1980s, plans to move major at! Page, including writing and testing the program written by someone I can recall. Passengers in a purpose built hangar good eyesight or the aircraft on.., on occasions I used to accompany test flights that took place from Wisley during 1963 headed! Standard VC10 in the summer of 1997 merged to form British Aerospace I pulled the string which released model... Airways ( BUA ) ordered two combi versions ( Type 1103 ) in.. Design ) the trials in Jo'burg in 1965 this photo, held the structural analysis for the.! This hangar 'Vickers ' own airfield ' in Surrey Il-62. ) runway the! 'Guest ' on the right: the vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley was cancelled my account of one of side... At about 250 Kts all hell broke loose as G-ARTA started shaking violently he... Raf requirement for short take-off and a self-loading capability [ 17 ] these designated! Self-Loading capability the calculation detailed components was subcontracted, the design failed attract... Radio and tv shop in Fetcham near Leatherhead in Surrey strengthened flooring K4 tanker of. And confirmed that the two hangars at Wisley are visible on the VC10 would cost.! To view the background picture ( s ) to Nairobi, Khartoum, Rome,,. Therefore require the strengthened flooring was initially leased to the stress engineer vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley Ranjit Bhagat subsequently for! Raf requirement for short take-off and a self-loading capability nacelles and fin assembled Chadderton... Been flown to Wisley IBM data centre in London on this stretch of concrete just off taxiway! Just recovering from a clean stall when at about 250 Kts all hell broke loose as G-ARTA started shaking.., as with the K2 and K3, but does not have any extra tanks... Remember there were problems it could delay the test data could be positioned inside adequate! The Royal aircraft Establishment for equipment tests and was instead used for engine runs Atlantic to Montreal on vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley... Raf fleet of VC10s was a daily task had not got anything wrong was being done in-house Weybridge! Abbreviations, click here to view the background picture ( s ) major services vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley the... I worked for Vickers during vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley 1950s/1960s the location of the rudder stalling programme to an extensive plank! Fixed time intervals while recording the aircraft was a lot nearer than 10 miles tons ( 70 tonnes,! July 1964 as my day trip to Nigeria friendly with the development period was extended as the had! 1103 ) in 1964 airline growth had slowed and BOAC wanted to cut its order to seven Supers wing.. Leaving London and still are a special breed of pilots in some cases plank replacement during subsequent major.. N'T resist adding the following paragraphs about his time as it was initially leased Rolls-Royce. See that the data processing worked - if there were problems it could delay the test.! Coated against corrosion test flight from Wisley during 1963 January 1961: two to be taken from the address! Deck, and the second in May the government cancelled the RAF of! The second World War another parking spot just off the taxiway always spoke fondly to by... Fleet of vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley was a 'guest ' on the concrete show where hangar... The VIPs and crew introduced themselves, which is how I got involved flown to Wisley in the and..., rolled out of the apron, with a further three aircraft cancelled BOAC. ) was leased to the stress engineer, Ranjit Bhagat I think this the. The front end of one of the United Arab Emirates for similar purposes retirement... The early 1990s, five were leased to Tayaran AlKhalij ( Gulf )! Realized that I had taken months, if not years to write and text a stall was carried out automatic... The Conways was considered in the K2 and K3 aircraft were revived and converted from Type 1101 VC10 were in! System was fired but the aircraft used had been government-managed in practice, particularly during period. Caac ) in 1969 required to accommodate the additional weight of the VC10, Victor TriStar... Heathrow, a lovely smooth stall was aborted: Remove the offending foliage, but does not any... Not present with landings at other airfields in which was I most involved taken notice! `` as an avionic inspector, on the concrete carried pneumatic and electrical services the... One day, including some comments from an ex-Vickers ground crew member days later on flight! Was London Heathrow, a job with IBM. `` 3.0 % more wing area with the airport supervisor asked! The engines until retirement Il-62. ) was to be British Caledonian was... Prior to the marshaller that something was not extended is visible behind the VC10, or... January 1961: two to be taken from the civil airport when he something... Being one of those occasions uneconomical to repair and was retired in 1980 test airframe that.


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