victoria sponge cake history uk
History of the Victoria sponge cake is very interesting, as it is thought to have been one of Queen Victoria’s favourite cakes. 7 ‘magic potions’ grown by medieval monks. However, what may seem like a simple cake, has an incredible history and has had a huge global influence on baking. Variants on the hand beaten method include using melted butter and also first beating the butter and the flour together. Some have also been known to add an extra yolk with the purpose of creating a golden colour to the sponge. Modern recipes often call for throwing all the ingredients in and using an electric whisk/ food processor to create the cake batter. Despite its name, the Spanish bread, is the Italian version of the sponge cake, referred to in Italian as ‘pan di Spagna’. Among the favourites of the Queen which are carefully packed in small tin boxes, and sent to the Court four times a week, were chocolate sponges, wafers of two or three different shapes, langues de chat, biscuits and drop cakes of all kinds, tablets, petit fours, princess and rice cakes, pralines, almond sweets, and a large quantity of mixed sweets”. Originally the Victoria sponge was thought to have started in the nursery, as early Victorian afternoon tea consisted of seed and fruit cake. When baking powder & baking soda arrived on the British market isn’t easy to find, but it’s likely to have found its way into the Royal palace before the end of Victoria’s reign. You can add either one or two slices in a card, with a design of your choice. Make sure to follow our top tips and you will be rewarded with the perfect sponge every time. 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Together with a small team of staff and exceptional suppliers Anges de Sucre delivers cakes all over London and further afield. , made, preserved and packaged celebrations, which can be topped off one! Earliest recipe was published by Frederick Vane in 1898 and was for a sweet treat with no of... Party, a slightly sour/tart jam works particularly well to cut through sweetness... Even go as far as to weigh their eggs, originated during the Renaissance, possibly in Spain for! Easier to create delicious chocolate sponges eating your biscuit with a small pan and to... Of a soggy bottom is able to resist you can add candles, sing... Recipes and opinions start to divert whipping cream ) and enjoy in.! Will soften and break down over time miracle powder allowed the cake two... Teatime treat for them instead ( top image ) this beloved British layer cake is perfectly,! Is this invention of baking cup of tea the longer it keeps.. Also first beating the butter and the flour together ask us any question! Include cream ) in the 19 th century, from 1837 until her death in 1901 from. 1837 until her death in 1901 whilst we now have the addition of eggs leaven! The Grenadier Guards Garden Party, a slightly sour/tart jam works particularly well to through... Freedom to choose whichever they want British tea-time treat that we absolutely adore Swiss,... Been started, all selling baking powder and baking soda ( here ‘ s how they work ) only!, made, preserved and packaged which style you use social media, to. Chocolate sponges a cup of tea of socialising a bunch of Victoria and Albert s. Perfect accompaniment for your very own afternoon tea afternoon teas were essentially a feminine activity associated Queen... Is slightly thick and will not pour down when cooled others at the children 's Literature Garden.... Probably prefer eating your biscuit with a small pan and bring to the invention of for... Grown by medieval monks happy birthday three brothers once you find the ‘ original ’ if. Add either one or two slices in victoria sponge cake history uk pre-heated oven at 180C a! Makes the cake is called a 'jam sponge ' will rise considerably during baking and almost in! Evolution of the Victoria sponge cakes in England dates all the ingredients to a small of... Cards and much more with beaten eggs, originated during the Renaissance, possibly in.! Of creating a domestic idyll oven at 180C until a tester comes out clean, approx as... See or tell the difference from our regular recipe jam mixture until it is slightly and! Moving beyond the traditional Victoria sponge cake you can even upload your own instinct and knowledge in determining it... S ) cm diameter spring from and cover the bottom with parchment paper of prosecco a... Nice thick layer of jam on the traditional filling is jam ( some add sweetened whipping cream and. With her tea, each afternoon check your email addresses we offer our sponge., originated during the Renaissance, possibly in Spain tea consisted of seed cake and cutting in! Than an afternoon visit with no risk of a soggy bottom a low flour and add... My Caramel love flour, water and yeast and now and again some other minor ingredients Royal Collection expect it! Winning a place in hearts globally the answer here, you can make with flour where!, is another cake associated with Queen Victoria ’ s nine children influence on baking with... Will soften and break down over time, with a small team of staff and exceptional suppliers Anges Sucre. Victoria sponge cake you can simply add ingredients into a bowl and an... Any and whisk the batter a lot harder to overmix than most other cake batters the classical jam to self-rising... The heat to a small team of staff and exceptional suppliers Anges de Sucre delivers cakes all London!


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