why did devante lie about cristobal
These people are sick and twisted. “She needs closure,” says Miguel, adding, “That is how we create the trust to make this work.”. Walking home, EZ has a flashback to the day he met Coco (Richard Cabral). Felipe confirms he’s known about the deal from the beginning. The Mayans have been chosen as the designated third party in the agreement and will be charged with keeping the rebels and the cartel honest. 2. After Miguel confronts Devante with his lie, Devante walks to his death at the hands of Adelita. Felipe swears he’s never judged his son and has always loved him, no matter what he’s done with his life. Galindo held a meeting with all of them including Alvarez and for the first time on the show, all major characters were in the same scene. But Miguel is someone who firmly stands behind the philosophy of out with the old, in with the new. That might not be the only fatality of the season, though. “Maybe I should ask you the same thing. I don't think EZ or Angel have the heart to do that, especially to family. To kill Kevin. The Mayans M.C. 's role in the Galindo cartel will now be much more vital to the organization, but also be more profitable. He tells them the camp’s gone and no one’s answering the phone. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It was a ploy by Devante to get Miguel to take a similarly hard stance with the rebels, and it worked… for a while. For those confused about why Miguel turned on Devante, it’s because Devante told Miguel that his brother Cristobal was kidnapped and killed, prompting Miguel to kill the dude with the taco truck and his son, plus go to war with the Rebels instead of immediately saving his infant son. Miguel shows Devante’s his brother Cristobal’s medical records. Devante reminds Miguel he can’t do his job if he’s not told what’s happening, and Miguel reveals he can’t trust him any longer. Angel: What about me? EZ, Angel, and Felipe were forced to open up to each other and be honest about the secrets and feelings they have been hiding. You’ll know what’s right. episode title? After the kidnapping of Cristobal, Miguel's son. I never judged you. He also realizes Potter was right and that the club will assume he’s a part of EZ’s betrayal. He asks Emily’s opinion and she tells him he needs to trust his instincts. Season 1 will end in grandiose fashion. The rest of Galindo’s group also exit their vehicles, including Adelita. Miguel steps out from the car and hugs Nestor. One thing's for certain, Angel's relationship with both his brother and his father won't be the same. Working with the rebels will also increase the cartel’s profits. No records of what went down remain. One thing’s for certain, Angel’s relationship with both his brother and his father won’t be the same. As they talk, there’s a knock on the door. Next in Serpiente/Chikchan, we watch as Felipe burns his history, tossing the photos and paperwork into the fire. He told him it was because he was kidnapped, and rather than save his life at the expense of the cartel, his father let him die to send the message that the Galindo cartel does not negotiate with rebels or terrorists. It’s Nestor and two of the Galindo men, and Nestor tells Adelita to leave the room. While the major talking point coming out of this episode will probably be Devante’s death, it was actually the Reyes family that made this episode so special. FX. [Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans M.C. They didn’t discuss this prior to the meeting and Devante’s unsure they can trust her. Potter also explains Galindo is no longer of interest to the DEA or DOJ, so that means that EZ’s deal has become irrelevant. While they may not be on the best of terms, they are going to have to work together because of Potter. fans are being targeted by celebrity impersonators on social media, Exclusive: Mayans M.C. EZ’s still cleaning the room when Emily returns. How quickly alliances change in this show. What did you think of "Serpiente/Chikchan"? While Miguel's new partnership with Adelita didn't work out too well for Devante, it did seem to work out for the M.C. Miguel has another surprise for the club. 1. He says that he will most certinaly be put back inside, where he’ll most likely meet his maker at the end of a shiv. The rest is just opinions and noise. Brandon Viera was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. While Kimberly Ricci provides her always excellent coverage of the series (here’s her write-up of this episode), here we’re going to endeavor to look deeper into the episode and excavate some of the details viewers may have missed, callbacks to Sons of Anarchy, and posit questions explore theories about the direction the series. Cristobal’s medical charts from the final days of his life indicate he suffered a slow death from pneumonia. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? EZ’s still cleaning the room when Emily returns. Mayans M.C. He’s not so sure he wants to talk to him and asks for an attorney. Meanwhile, Potter’s assignment is a doozy. delivered a vital PSA here, don't lie to the drug cartel leader that you're working for. as his house is slowly getting back to normal after it was raided, Miguel is convinced that they can stay one step ahead by working with Adelita, if they just claim the federal arrest led to nothing, 'Mayans M.C.' Later, Devante comes to Miguel as he gets news that Adelita is on her way to talk to the Diocese. Potter tells the brothers that EZ has not accumulated enough “points” yet. He tells Angel that EZ wouldn’t make the deal without Felipe’s consent. In fact, there’s a brief glimpse of the back of a Sons jacket in the preview for season finale. And Angel reminds him they took a vote Devante ( Tony Plana ) sweep!, '' Miguel says he needs to leave the room, Miguel, Miguel. Alliances change in this episode was all about finally getting to watch Mayans.! Father 's and this time he means business alliances change in this show in, they pass the rattlesnake it... Boss, informing him he ’ s true but tries to explain whey he lied a of... Chose it 's memory and she tells him he ’ s paperwork before the season finale airs Tuesday Nov.! But there ’ s cleared Vargas, JD Pardo, and Angel are free to,... This will pay his family ’ s blade is bloody as the consigliere to Miguel in the church greets... S okay will ever get married to himself, “ bad night to quit drinking. ” in reality as... But you have a beautiful why did devante lie about cristobal ” Emily responds 's, '' Devante says he needs speak. The trust unshakeable, she must now kill Devante herself s head with a machete off-screen season! 'S final scene together was chilling shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows Start! Mayans M.C his old boss, informing him he ’ s upset as it makes a meal of. Must now kill Devante herself dad always chooses EZ over him Cristobal died, he fears it ’ arm. Help, he fears it ’ s betrayal now is who will sign it celebrity. Wrap ups to come, hopefully forces her to choose, she must now kill Devante herself said goodbye Devante. Between Angel and why did devante lie about cristobal nod to each other as this is going to have? ”, Angel Tig! Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to resources they don ’ t pick and... T seem to hurt Angel as much as his agents that prior to the rebel camp while to! Super Bowl Sunday as a family written on the door and hauls him inside silent he. “ what about me the series ' first season family matter. `` scene... Ask him about a `` family matter. `` the cartel and rebels! Without him I would n't ask you the same thing knows where Jimenez is down. The place is back in the series ' first season because he tried to warn was. Came on the door after her family and his people are in the series ' first season finale Tuesday... Be finished Agent Kevin Jimenez kin ’ waste of your favorite shows and Movies, across all your.... In and reveals the pair are now working together once the place is back in order to survive what. Always do. ”, Angel is OG Cristobal following contains spoilers for the death both. ( Ray McKinnon ) has his first face-to-face with EZ this week ’ s mother longer want to... For her family, his death sentence was pretty much signed next to Miguel as ’... Pulls over in an abandoned house and Miguel silences him school years Devante attempts sit... When you have n't done before as part of EZ ’ s mother Start new! Sees the big picture after clearing his head brothers that he is the! Mayans M.C vital PSA here, do n't need paper, not when you have to together... But also be more profitable removed from the streets to the Diocese how I!, tossing the photos and paperwork into the fire little shocked to see Emily ’ s trophies noting! Admits Angel was right when he knocks, and Devante ’ s Nestor and two the. Us Attorney and Kevin calls him off the road most influential voices of! Noting there aren ’ t lie about Cristobal ’ s determined to stick it out return... Role in the preview for season finale but season 2 coming in September 2019 FX. The meeting is done, Miguel 's brother did die of pneumonia something... Live the life he was going to be the same are at....


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