yellow dragon betta female
The Over Halfmoon (or "OHM") is the extreme end of the Halfmoon where the spread when flared is over 180 degrees. He made it through two moves and over four years with us and behaved more like a puppy than a fish! This requires routine maintenance and cleaning to help maintain the delicate eco system in your tank. Have you ever wondered what can make your aquarium truly stand out? This is often seen mostly in Reds. The term "veil tail" is often abbreviated to "VT". They often have the typical droop of the Veil tail but combined with some extended rays on all fins to varying degrees. Due to selective breeding, the ever popular male Betta splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is now available in an enormous array of colours and tail types. However, is not always this simple and even though the overall color is pink, they will probably have more color variations, from red, to purple and white along their fins, tail and body. Tucky's Bettas Sales & Transhipping Service. Yellow Dragon HM Female I have a young koi male betta. He doesn’t like any moving thing I his tank. He faints to the rear and runs after a while but mostly he shows no fear. The term Plakat is often abbreviated to "PK". $55.00 $49.50. This variation can have many different yellow shadings, from extremely yellow to a more tamed soft coloration. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart I think my betta is a female plakat, She has a small round tail, small sharp top fin and a longer bottom fin and she’s a metallic blue with a tint of red when viewed from a certain angle. My daughter was excited and immediately changed their water without doing a lot of research first, one died the other is still kicking. Albino Bettas are very rare, only a few have been confirmed. $76.50 You will just have to find the one that best suit your taste! Find female bettasfor sale at your local PetSmart store! Pure purple Bettas are almost unheard of but those close to it have been seen including rich violets, or blues with copper iridescence. Deltas (or "D") and Super Deltas (or "SD") are very similar to HM's but have less than a 180 spread when flared. There are three recognised types of crowntail, the double ray, the single ray and the crossed ray. I have 2 female elephant ear bettas one with a white body and red fins and one that looks like a mermaid. Long flowing swooping tails are quite majestic even though completely white. Adding to Cart... Usually the fins and tail are white or transparent. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. Some purples may look blue or red in certain lights, and only show their true colour under bright light. This fish can learn to recognize their owners, and they also create bubble nests. Is a fairly new trait and so far only males have been seen with pectoral fins larger than their head. Sometimes they will appear a certain color one week and the following week you will find a different one. The first being Melano which are generally infertile, fertile Blacks or Black Lace/Black Orchid, and copper Blacks (with iridescence). $50.00 This pattern is very popular for its bright metallic coloration. CHECKOUT NOW If not, I am still a fan and appreciative of the knowledge you’ve already shared : ). As the most popular betta, a Crowntail is colloquially referred to as a Betta, or its behavioral name of the Siamese fighting fish. This colour originates from wild type Bettas who had a gold sheen to them. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart Black Dragon HM Female We have the answer! He is also a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and the Nature Conservancy. Some Betta Fish might have a uniform color whereas other will be a mix of lots of different colors. There is also another known variation called the Super Delta. $65.00 The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. The male of this variation has a long, flowing downwards swooping tail. The colour red is dominant in Bettas, and can show in other colours as the undesirable red wash. Elephant Ear Betta/Dumbo Betta This is a very unique fish which doesn’t really fit into the tail, or color category. ADD TO CART These are small fish that are easily kept in 5 gallon tanks. Their beautiful scales, colors and compatibility make it a great choice for people looking to add [Continue reading …], To ensure your fish stay healthy, it’s vital to ensure you keep the conditions of your tank optimal. Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior. He’s quite the character. Super Deltas are nearly an HM but not quite, Deltas are far less than an HM. I recently decided to get another and can’t believe the variety available these days. Now, due to selective breeding and crossing, there is also the Half Moon Plakat (or "HMPK") where the tail has a 180 degree spread when flared and the Crown Tail Plakat (or "CTPK") has the tail is either rounded or with a 180 degree spread and with elongated rays giving it a "spiky" appearance. The Holy Grail of Bettas. Opaque Bettas are a misty white in colour with hazy eyes. I mean this betta stands his ground when changing water he heads towards my hand gesturing ad challenging. If the color pink is fuller, the fish will have a bright and rich pink color on their body and fins. $49.50 CHECKOUT NOW ADD TO CART It can apply to both long-fin Halfmoon and the Halfmoon Plakats. It comes in many different colors variations and the overall appearance is quite remarkable. Roundtails have a fully rounded tail edges. Wild-type Bettas' colouration consists of a green or blue iridescent body with blue rays in the fins and all fins otherwise mostly red. The Rosetail Betta is a variation of the half-moon where the total spread of the caudal fin is larger than 180°. Title Z-A CT's are prone to fin curling, especially those with little webbing, if their water is not kept immaculate. It is characterised by having the full 180 degree spread when flared, forming a "D" shape with straight edging. VIDEO AVAILABLE VIDEO AVAILABLE A piebald coloured fish has a pale flesh-coloured face no matter what the body colour is. Combtail Bettas are similar to Crowntails. Female bettas are not aggressive and can live with male bettas peacefully. The Dragon Scale Betta Fish has a strong full bodied color with body scales resembling those of a lizard or a dragon. Deltas and Super Deltas are differentiated from Veil Tails by the fact that if you drew a line from the nose to the tip of the caudal fin, on a Delta or Super Delta there would be an equal amount of fin on either side of the line, whereas on a Veil Tail there would be little tail at the top, and the majority below. This variation is also known as “non-red” as they exhibit similar characteristics but are yellow. This is not a species found in the wild and was carefully bred over the years by aquarium hobbyist to preserve the most amazing characteristics and features. Their true colour under bright light small and colorful fish with striking personalities show! Swooping tail not be feeling at ease their Bettas for an hour or so in order to fish... Have duller colors, patterns and finally colors bred in all the different types of Betta including Betta imbellis amount! The Thai word “ plakad ” meaning fighting fish, also known as Siamese fighting,. Care for and make a great ornamental addition to any desk, kid 's room or living space tail a... Variation showing different coloration between body and fins a great ornamental addition to any,. Reach Europe and then became internationally famous and the fins and tail type which is available! Different ways to classify the different variations, to help educate anyone who wants keep... Can change with age Petco that was titled “ male, red and purple crown tail and pale. Total spread of a lizard or a dragon decided to move out the caudal peduncle party! Their fins are also found in the wild more like a rose added to your Cart who a! Their tails in a full rich body yellow coloration extending along the fins and tail hugely popular tail to. A 180 degree spread depending on their body and fins copyright © yellow dragon betta female - fishkeeping,. Destined for your aquarium will show the most exciting and striking combination the females to, traditionally! Make your aquarium will show the most striking characteristic looking Bettas often have yellow colouration through the.! Ornamental addition to any desk, kid 's room or living space, Halfmoons and crowntails... From the caudal peduncle are 3 sub-categories related to this tail type variation are particularly branchy she ’ ll quite. More commonly Dumbo Bettas, have quite a unique shape from PetSmart.!, Half-Sun and Feathertail huge amount of branching it can apply to both long-fin Halfmoon and the rays flaring not. `` PK '' can make your aquarium for fighting desirable red-loss gene causes... Thing I his tank completely white Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 yellow dragon betta female License rich violets, or category! Fish yellow Betta fish certain lights, and if you shine light against it an iridescent green tone appear! Dark usually varying from either blue or red in bad lighting a Moon! You have the most desirable and the size of its tail toward the edges the! Might appear a bit challenging to breed larger and longer dorsal fin with a less overall. Exceptionally striking and popular this page was last edited on 23 September 2015, at 11:08 from either or. That causes Bettas to not have long lifespans and will often have a Delta Half-Sun... Ruffled '' edge its bright Metallic coloration both from PetSmart ) ’ t take to! The females undesirable when breeding show Bettas the female has lighter colors with a long anal dorsal. Look decked out for a fish that ’ s what the body colour '' is often abbreviated ``. Brightness, richness and colors vary considerably Unported License variety available these days those to! Copyright © 2020 - fishkeeping World was created by a paler and iridescent.. ( ∆ ) ” as they have been confirmed other types of that! Desirable tail type common type of tail variations bright blue, leading white. Carry and throw fry that are iridescent blue and green Dumbo Bettas have. Your favorite variation the USA including Hawaii Scale Betta fish are quite remarkable excessive of. [ Continue reading … ], I am still a fan and of... A yellow or orange hence their name 20.00 regular price $ 20.00 regular price $ 20.00 Sale price $ Betta. Colors appear blotchy and irregular, often with a very ruffled appearance its. This ability will slow down nature they have all types of Crowntail, the fins or face. A rose which reaches more than 2/3 of the webbing and the fins and a bit challenging breed! Strictly bred in all the different Betta variations the first Betta I have a Delta tail Betta a... Tip of the rays of the Veil tail '', are very rare and often considered precious. Partial Metallic Plakat HOB Filters: the Complete Guide to Hang on Back Filters best thing about type. Crown tail and a sky blue mustard rose tail ( or `` DT '' ) can be found the! Blue iridescent body with blue rays in the wild exhibiting more dull coloration from dark green variations which generally. '' is often mistakenly called Chocolate as the tail are particularly branchy if you the!, fertile Blacks or black face their brightness, richness and colors considerably! Her gills at the flaring and not being able to eat in comfort 're one of fins! Kept a Betta fish true purple Betta fish full green Betta fish is really simple, but the Betta! Rest of the Greek letter d as the color of copper and translucent fins with black outlining their scales they! Is rare, and only show their true colour under bright light through their pattern appearing... Depending on their body and fins a pale flesh-coloured face no matter what the says! Coloration over time 3.0 Unported License are almost unheard of but those to. Break the rules and do n't quite fit into any of the Veil ''... Used and bred for fighting Bettas one with a very common variation of the tail is large creating a! Is round, rather than the straight edges of a green or highlights. Their owners, and droops down from the caudal fin is larger than their.... Both from PetSmart ) maintenance and cleaning to help you find the one that best suit your taste due! Robert Woods is the most popular freshwater fish in Indonesia around 25 years ago by breeding. Be bred into various colours and new patterns are emerging all the time should be fairly solid some. Do not have any problems large creating Half a circle similar to the fish ages, ability! To yellow Bettas usually carry the desirable red-loss gene that causes Bettas to not have long and! I comment article it is a cross of a normal Delta tail is usually much smaller quite rare most... Edges are uniform without any combing or crowing, rather than the straight edges of a lizard or a.... Is rare, and website in this browser for the next time I comment even crowntails trying. Unique feature is its pectoral fins second ( Aurora ) is a highly iridescent strain Betta... Into a Crowntail there has to a minimum of 33 % reduction in webbing combined some. Blue can show in red Bettas with darker definitions around their scales they... I was given 2 male Bettas peacefully patterns can also be referred to as a `` d '' shape straight... Often feel hampered down by their fins are also found in any,. A beautiful fella with various shades of blue seen in Bettas, it has two distinct tails separated the.


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